1. Leslie. I’m really happy too. I’m just hoping everybody can go home soon. Further .. I’m grateful that CNN has uplifted Joe Rogan’s podcast. I didn’t follow him and still don’t . But the story of cnn and Joe is a game changer

  1. That’s right! There were many of us besides just the government officials involved in this, many of orgs ALSO such as Amnesty International and others. I KNOW because I’m someone who has been on Trevor’s case. I’M an international prisoner and human rights advocate for 38 years.

    1. That’s funny, for such an experienced human rights advocate your name shows up exactly nowhere in any internet search…

    1. Sleepy joe biden had nothing to do with it. Sleepy was at home in his slippers, watching wheel of fortune and sipping his warm milk before bed.

    2. @Lana Wachowski It’s Troth Truth Senchal according to Trump. He renamed it while slurring through another dotard to mAGATs speech.

  2. It is amazing and wonderful that he’s home with you! But now what you really need to do is think that he has PTSD… Make sure that his mental health is taken care of above everything else!!! I don’t want him to come home and commit suicide…. thank you for your service! and it’s wonderful to have you home, welcome home!

  3. Surreal… but …doable, hallelujah!! US Marine, Trevor Reed is in San Antonio, Texas, where …the military has great medical places. (I once lived there in my late 20’s as a reporter and Colorado gal, and mid-30’s. My son Kris…was born …there at UT Medical Center. All the best, to Trevor’s family. ⭐️🌱Best story of the week. Yup…. that’s great. ⭐️💙🇺🇸💜🌻

  4. Wonderful news for this family. Let’s hope we can bring them all home. It’s going to be a long journey hope they continue to get all the assistance they need.

  5. Trump would be touting how HE personally did this. Remember when he got up at 3 AM for a photo shoot to make it seem like he gave a crap??

  6. “Mr. Trump tasked me to handle the negative press surrounding his medical deferment from the Vietnam draft. He claimed it was because of a bone spur, but when I asked for medical records, he gave me none and said that there was no surgery.” -Michael Cohen

  7. His parents and sister seem so kind. Keep up the good fight! Empathy is a strength; not a weakness.

  8. Trump: “Shows how stupid Joe is. He missed another great photo op. I would have held a celebration in the Rose Garden. For me.”

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