Tribe: ‘We Are Witnessing The Unraveling Of The Cover-Up’ Of January 6th 1

Tribe: ‘We Are Witnessing The Unraveling Of The Cover-Up’ Of January 6th

Constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the ongoing DOJ investigations into January 6th and why he believes “executive privilege won’t be available” to Donald Trump in many of the cases.
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  1. Attention, cultists: DOJ is coming. Leave the front door open, so they don’t have to take it off the hinges.

    1. That’s fine cause I’d like to see ALL of the Democrats in Congress charged with Treason! Then again I bet you actually believe the reason Democrats and Their Lawyers are doing all they can to Stop, Censor, Cancel, Obfuscate, Disinform and Prevent the Audit results from Maricopa County from coming out which will PROVE Massive Election Fraud because Dementia Joe actually won the election… They won’t even release the routers, Gee I wonder why? So do most HONEST Americans who LOVE their Country.

    2. @ImaHippyBurning that’s tough. The election and two Republican led recounts verified the results. If that goes over your head, the Democrats, the much hated Leftists, weren’t in charge during the election or for the recounts. What’s more; Maricopa County can’t swing the election for our favorite slum lord. Unless he can find three more herds of GOP hucksters, he can’t make up for 28 million votes. Just like his run against Hillary, he lost the popular vote because HE ISNT POPULAR. The reason for the turnout wasn’t voters laying around bored. They went to the polls because they didn’t like the person or the job he had been doing for almost four years.

    3. … and the other half prosecuting them – otherwise, all of them are obstructing

      The only “blue lives matter” thing they care about is covering for the criminals
      There are no good GQP, if there was, there wouldn’t be any BAD GQP

    1. Trump should be reinstated into his rightfully won seat in the Oval Office. And boot the imposter in thief out and send him to prison along with Pelosi, Swalwell, Schumer, and the rest of the democrat crooks.

    2. Are you going to write him letters once he’s incarcerated? Maybe you get on his conjugal visit list @Mark Altieri

  2. this is interesting. some republicans are now saying Pelosi is responsible for what happened. this means some republicans now acknowledge what happened and have moved on to blame. i’m guessing the committee will find different actors who are to blame.

    1. @Lloyd Carmelo Saying Nancy knew and did nothing is saying Nancy could see the potential for violence from Trumps claims about the election. That holding a rally based on those claims, on that date, was dangerous enough to require the National Guard .

      That would mean Trump also knew his actions could lead to violence. That means Trump held a rally filled with people who believed him, knowing it was dangerous enough to require the National Guard. Yet he held the rally anyway. He repeated his lie anyway. Then he sent the threat you want Nancy to have prepared better for, to the Capitol, to stop the Senate from completing a fair election.

    2. @Matt1147 you must’ve missed the part where he said march and protest peacefully? That alone makes him immune from responsibility. Unless your the type of person when someone says watxh out that stove is hot but you touch it anyway. People like you wanna blame the guy who warned you not to touch it. Not the fool who actually touch it. For you to try to make trump responsible for every persons actions on January 6th is beyond stupid. Use some common sense kid

    3. I think Republicans need to watch a few episodes of school rock, to see how government works, blaming the house speaker for security is beyond dirt stupid.

  3. Criminal charges for any of these people involved- no matter which side of the aisle they reside on. Stop slapping on the wrists and stop looking forward.” This is serious and accountability should be serious.

    1. @Scott Harrison Oh my, you really are a total nutjob. Addressing a Democratic voter as a traitor! You do not deserve anger, or any emotion, since you choose to behave so unhinged and indignantly. Your problem and your shame.

    2. @Scott Harrison Excuse but you behave totally delirious. In the delusion of your self-created bubble. No former, present or future US president deserves what you seem to inflict on yourself. trump do want you to be that delusional, for his own sick reasons. But it does not mean you have to abide by this insanity. And fyi, President Biden has garnered quite a lot of respect worldwide. His recent tour has been successful. And at least, he behaves sanely and respectfully. So, cut this insane BS. It does not lead anywhere. And time has its own rythm, something you have absolutely no control about. Since you do not come accross as a nice and honestly concerned person, I do not wish you good luck. Get help.

  4. McConnell Never-ever imagined this conundrum in denying Obamas’ SCOTUS pick … Merrick Garland …
    Yes, Mitch you had it All, Then went all in with Your Agenda … So turns the tide … Can’t wait till the Barr redactions are Lifted on the Mueller report …. Hmmmm ….

    1. @Catrasho A quote from unknown ” Karma has a restaurant there is no menu you only get served what you deserve”. Some are about to get 2 scoops up side the head of that Karma

    2. @RuRdy2RK Karma is much more complex than what y’all are discussing here, but okay I also hope Karma comes for Donny and his goons

  5. If the insurrection is so serious & we need to have accountability. Then why are the convictions sentences not mirroring that?

    1. The foot solders are being charged with easily provable offenses. The ring leaders have yet to be charged.

  6. “He’s a very slippery eel.” Why insult the poor eels? Even Cthulu would be upset if you compared Trump to him.

    1. @Jeff Heyer how could you compare the anti christ to trump. He deserves more respect then that . Had to edit to make it clear the anti Christ deserves more respect lmao

  7. I still find it funny that these so called “patriots” and trump supporters were so quick to look past trump’s excuse of having bone spurs to dodge the draft

    1. @Chief Joseph my party? Which one did I claim? My family was murdered in concentration camps on one side and walked the trail of tears on the other. Try again.

    2. @Barbara Washington Biden applied for that deferment status, as did Trump. Same classification. Why such a double standard. No difference. You have not personally, not have I done a medical exam on either. Why deflect and deny. Neither served………
      .Ok not like Father like son. Beau served… Hunter discharged Drugs… Joe no show.

    1. @Nameless Progressive Clone Oh the investigations are real, Chud. You’re going to see what you and the rest of your Trash party have been supporting. Fox won’t be able to spew fast enough to keep up once the subpoenas start. They’ll have to distract you pillars of mental fortitude with another fake culture war.

  8. This is a gigantic problem for America. The future depends on how we handle what had happened to America. Those that committed the crime must be held accountable.

    1. They sure should be held to account … this turning a blind eye to all this, sends a message that anyone can get away with this kind of thing … What happens if a richer, smarter, more sinister Trump type gets in the White House & we find ourselves all
      starving, living in a dictatorship tomorrow , because people today refused to stand up for our democracy??

    2. if the DOJ & the committee don’t prosecute, we may as well stamp a swastika on our heart. the repukes constantly push their luck and democrats beg for more and apologize. we have to put pressure on them to convict…or we are done!

    1. Why bother to subpoena Drumpf , we know everything he says would be a lie.! That’s all he knows to do , is lie. He learned that at a very young age

    2. They intended to murder enough Democrats to change control of the House and then use that majority to throw out the election and install Trump as president even though he lost the election.
      The Republican Party is a criminal organization and not a legitimate political party.

  9. Trump repeatedly stated that the penalty for treason is the firing squad. We need to live up to his standard.

    1. As a private citizen back in 1989, he called for the death penalty of the centralpark5- who were later found innocent of all charges- he never issued apology or retraction

    2. @hopeless Of course he didn’t. When has Chump ever apologized for anything? He thinks it makes him weak, when in reality it shows humanity, of which he has none.

    3. I whole heartedly Agree , right out of his own play book , hes killed enough of our real American citizens he deserve imprisonment and we would be doing America and the world a disservice to let him escape this fate .

    4. The problem is that the American constitution’s definition of treason was supposedly crafted to convict exactly one man: Benedict Arnold. Basically, unless you’re helping our enemies *in a time of declared war* it isn’t treason.

  10. When Trump appeared that day behind huge bulletproof shields to give his rallying speech. He knew that the crowd were armed and dangerous.

    1. That would have been something — one of his more deranged cult members sliding into a highly manic state and shooting at Trump. Then the angry mob ripping that loony into bloody shreds.

  11. So, the devil may get taken down by civil torts: intentional infliction of emotional distress. Sign me up!

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