WaPo: CDC Document Warns Delta Variant Spreads Like Chickenpox 1

WaPo: CDC Document Warns Delta Variant Spreads Like Chickenpox


The Washington Post is reporting on the details of an internal CDC document it obtained that warns the Covid Delta variant spreads as easily as chickenpox and causes more several illness than previous variants. We discuss that and more with Dr. Vin Gupta, Shannon Pettypiece, and Julie Pace. 
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  1. We need remote learning as an option for September! The amount of children sick and dying will be enormous 😪

    1. @Bryan Its useful politically. It’s what the teachers unions want. Follow the science unless it conflicts with what the teachers unions want.

    2. I’m afraid that you may be right. We don’t need anymore suffering and death in this world, especially for the little ones. Thank you.

    3. Turn off CNN and go look at a credible source. Children don’t die of COVID unless they’re already extremely ill.

    1. @Julie Utley I have made some simple calculations (see above in the thread if you haven’t read the post) based on the current delta variant average death rate and the number of days from now to the midterms and then 2024 elections, and assuming Republicans comprise 40% of the unvaccinated group in which over 99% of the death now occur. The death toll for that group is: By the 2020 midterms, there will be between 36,000 and 54,000 fewer GOP voters/Fox viewers. By the 2024 election there might be between 46,800 to 93,600 fewer.

      For the 2024 death toll I have used daily deaths lower than current assuming vaxx take up improves. If it doesn’t and mask burners keep to their stubborn ways, (let’s say daily deaths in the unvaccinated averages 350 per day for the period), then by 2024 the total Republican losses could be a staggering 163,800. If they comprise 60% of the unvaccinated group then even more will answer to Darwin, 245,700.

      If I can manage that very simple math, you’d think the GOP might have had similar advice by now. As the deaths are now practically confined to the unvaccinated they might try to reign in their own idiots like Desantis and maybe stop Fox broadcasting the same message as Carlson Hannity Ingraham are doing. It looks like that select bunch plus the conspiracy nuts want to revisit eugenics in an effort to improve the average IQ of the nation. To see how enthusiastic the MAH FREEDUM brigade are about this, their altruistic and self sacrificial views are to be commended.

      I keep reading anti comments that vaccinated and unvaccinated can all get the delta variant and spread it too, which is true, but they just don’t connect with the fact that, practically speaking, ONLY the unvaccinated are now dying from it. It’s a good time to have a functioning brain and not be enthralled by a perverted political message initiated by the pathological narcissist ex-president for his ego’s benefit, continued by the GOP adherents fearful of the fickle ‘base’, and amplified and embraced by the Fox media, conspiracists, and the demonstrably mentally inert.

    2. @Les I have a criticism. You say Fox news viewing folks are Republicans and they are dropping like flies?
      You say that like it’s a bad thing?!

    3. @Jonathan Mol Not quite, I have made certain assumptions about political affiliation, media outlet choice, likelihood of being vaccine avoidant and extrapolated all that to a death count.

      However, putting aside the pedantic scientist bit, yeah, great news isn’t it. The OP was about introversion being protective against covid, but it would be fascinating to do a study in a few years time (and totally unscientific this) and prove that being Republican shortened your life by twenty years. The insurers would love it.

    4. @Les wow, Les! Respect and salute, Sir! I had never seen it in that light, but I can definitely see what you’re saying. In light of Trumps fond impression of Hitler that is a scary possibility. In light of what I saw on a news feed about delta hospitalizing the unvaccinated exclusively right now it’s a little creepy and you know they can’t see it.

  2. I had the chicken pox back in 89 when I was little. (Apparently from what I’ve read before the vaccine for it was widely distributed here in the USA) My kids have been vaccinated for it, they’ve never got it. Vaccines work folks

    1. I had chickenpox as a preschooler and shingles in my 40s. It was HORRIBLE. Plain horrible. During my lifetime, I happened to have 7 surgeries, 5 of them major. And shingles was only the SECOND time I ASKED for the opioids. That’s how bad the pain was, especially during the night time. It’s a burning, twisting, agonizing, all-encompassing torture. I’m having my physical next month… counting hours to ask about the vaccine to prevent this from happening…

    2. ​@Desert Ranger Shingles are the WORST pain I’ve been in and I’ve had a kidney stone – it didn’t compare. I had shingles for an entire month and I don’t think I slept for an entire month – I was exhausted and in such pain I wanted to end my life. It lasted an entire month.

    3. @melissa cason “you just have to have the common sense to take the vac” – That’s the problem, it seems. Unfortunately, I don’t think science will come up with the vaccine that would be most needed – a vaccine against people’s stupidity.

    4. @Jens Raab it does no good to talk to them or present the facts, might as well be talking to the wall

    5. @Dave A You can do one Google search and find dozens of studies that prove the chickenpox vaccine cause shingles later in life. You disagree with science??? Be careful. You might be spreading misinformation.

    1. Not just the US, we’ve got them in Europe, too. Luckily, most European presidents / chancellors/ etc didn’t encourage this sort of a§§-hattery.

    2. 🤣 “Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.” — Socrates

    3. So this was a man-made pandemic?😧 Why are we not going after the man who made it?🤔 Or are we going to let him do it again and again and again and again?

    4. I thought we lived in a free society imposed is control once government gets control or makes a law its never repealed

  3. Mask mandates should have never been lifted. July 4th everyone was spreading COVID. That’s when we saw the uptick

    1. @Drought Tolerant False information. If we are spreading the virus, it is to the people who refuse to get vaccinated. I have worn a mask and self quarantined myself for the last year and a half while the anti maskers refused to do so which the were the cause of 1/2 million deaths!! I will wear a mask when it is mandated. Right now, so far for me, it is not mendated.

  4. I live in Japan – and am horrified over the debate over masking…in Japan, we all wear masks during the flu season – and for other reasons. If one piece of material will save your life, why the insane controversy? You wear seatbelts. You stopped smoking – secondary smoke can be more dangerous to those around you, right? Well, masks can prevent those around you from contracting a deadly illness – as well as yourself. So where’s the controversy?

    1. @Darwinsom You are so right. Where is this all going to end? These people are no better than the fanatical Islamists or any other fanatical convict.

    2. @John Wimmers The lie started in China. the CCP hid information,, said it was not transmissible to humans. They killed doctors who spoke out, let their people travel the world while literally blocking them from leaving Wuhan. And you really believe China’s death numbers? We need to come together as Americans, as the entire world and get justice from the Communist Party of China. Maybe if Fauci, while under Obama had not funneled money to a Chinese lab connected to the Chinese military and not covered it up, we wouldn’t be here.

      Can you articulate the “lie” of the GOP? Maybe if Democrats weren’t so busy with a failed second impeachment they could have seen the issue which I was ware about in October 2019! You’re government failed you. I know it doesn’t feel good to realize neither political party cares about you. So know you know this what are you going to do? I hope it involves uniting with your fellow Americans to seek restitution from the Chinese.

    3. @LG Roots I agree in the sense that medical experts on both sides of the Atlantic were decrying the use of masks when you only had to use your common sense and observe countries in the Far East who had endured epidemics like Sars, before. I even had arguments last March with doctors in my own family when I promoted their use. I think it was in part just to preserve the short supply of PPE to the medical and nursing professions which made me quite cynical as you obviously are. However, I did my own research online and with YouTube which reported studies on hamsters to prove airborne transmission. I don’t think the origins of the virus is relevant to the controversy over the vaccine. I am glad that I have been double jabbed and have no fear of dying.

    4. @Jacob Laughbon Youtube is erasing my comments. I wrote a long winded response with facts. Thanks Google for not letting me defend myself. What I want to know is it a bot or are you guys going through all of our Comms?

  5. The worst part is. all this crap could have been lessened or outright avoided. Oh Donald a disappointment from cradle to grave.

    1. @curly fries Failure to lockdown immediately; the denial and mockery of it; and delaying the assistance of medical gear to states, just to name a few.

      What rock have you been living under, imbecile?

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Actually, the flu isn’t recorded like Covid-19, it’s an estimation ( per CDC website). So, do we really have honest and accurate numbers ? Nope! But it sure does look SCARY if you can point to higher numbers of Covid and smaller numbers of the flu! C’mon people … Wake up!

    3. @Razian Amira Spare us the “both sides are wrong” nonsense. The GOP is literally stewing in their own muck and tried to grab the rest of the nation by the ankle to drown with them. Who’s cleaning up this mess again? Who pushed through the relief package again?

      Another paid actor.

  6. If only there was some kind of shot that could have stopped the mutation before it got this bad…

    1. @Larry Ames Certainly would. I’ll go and ask him although I might be a bit silly to do the engagement bit again – perhaps a brandy after dinner instead.

    2. @Gordon Peacman They think Fox’s Alt-Right Taint aka F.A.R.T. is the only real scents. Tucker and gang were facing a social security cap tax hike when CDC told them 80% of the covid dead were over 65 aka on FICA. 500,000 FICA recipients will not be collecting and no need for a payroll tax hike.

    1. @hopeless Repeal of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act. Look it up. Then you’ll understand propaganda. 👍

    2. @hopeless Yep!
      And the steps to genocide are:
      to divide the people into 2 groups.. blame one group as the problem..use media to socially engineer hateful sentiment toward said group..eventually group 1 sees group 2 as inhuman/animal-like and expendable…further created chaos is blamed on group 2…until authorities begin removing group 2 while group 1 calls for it and supports it…slow removal and censoring of group 2…then mass genocide of group 2…then leadership denies the genocide until history studies it later.

    3. @Ali D – I’m asking for a single name – do you have the name of a dissenter who’s being silenced? Also, how do you know there are scientific dissenters if they’re being silenced?

    4. @Ali D – anyone that came out and said “trump was right” should have no credibility. Trump obviously had no idea what he was talking about, and he just babbled about possible treatments for drugs he had never heard of.
      You’ve shown your hand. I don’t believe that you have any formal education on the subject.
      I’ll listen to the advice given by my doctor.

    5. @Ali D – it’s a logical fallacy to say that the information from a particular source can be trusted if they claim to not have an alterior motive. I’ll let you figure out why that’s the case.

    1. @Caleb Rosenbaum Wyatt Gibson
      From Georgia died from covid – Delta He was 5 years old, with no underlying health conditions. Passed away July 23rd, 2021.

    2. Our local School board said they will not require masks or proof of vaccination when kids go back to school in September. They say, “It is up to the parents”. Kids already have enough problems with peer pressure. So sad and potentially tragic!

    1. @Ali D Roman 13: 1Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. 3For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. 4For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. 5Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake. 6For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God’s ministers attending continually to this very thing. 7Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.

    2. @Time Surfer that’s an interesting stand point and I’m just more interested in why you say so. I’ve never heard that view point before and would love to hear more. And don’t worry about the other dude he’s the annoying atheist who looks down on other religions most of us atheist typically just let people believe what they believe as long as it’s safe for themselves and others.

    3. Depends on who that advice is coming from. Talking (snakes) serpent’s have always been a plague to humans.

    1. @cc Rider did you really just blame Obama for 9/11!? What year did Obama become president again…smh

  7. I love wearing a mask. It’s like a sign telling people not to talk to me and stay the f away.

    1. I love you wearing a mask too. We don’t have to hear the bull—- that comes out of your mouth. Keep it on indefinitely please, thx.

    2. you don’t need a mask for that just spray paint your hair a really bright neon colour, everybody will avoid you like your the plague then

  8. All this mess could have been avoided .
    Only if we had a responsible president in 2016.
    This is the fall out from the trash dump administration and his cult members.

    1. *RIDICULOUS! Trump closed air travel from China Jan. 31, 2020 just ten days after Dr. Fauci said we had nothing to worry about from coronavirus! Biden called Trump a racist and a xenophobe at the time! If Biden were president, more people would have died from Covid!*

  9. I’d be furious if I found out someone working with my 86 year old father in law @ the VA was unvaccinated. He was one of the first in our family. No way should they be allowed. Nursing homes PROVED that time & again!

  10. I’m fully vaccinated and I’m pretty sick with symptoms I’ve never had, including lung cramping, throbbing headache, sweats, overall severe body aching and much more… Idk

    1. Do you have a way to get a COVID test? At least it might relieve your worries if it is negative.

    2. Please go get tested. There are other viruses out there.

      Do not assume it is Covid-19. If you are vaccinated and feel that sick, chances are it isn’t Covid-19.

      The only I’ve heard of fully vaccinated getting Covid-19, is when they get two variants at the same time.

      Go get tested.

  11. ” The war has changed…… This seems like a totally different virus……” *Interesting*

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