Tribute for Victims of Bog Walk Fatal Crash | TVJ News – June 17 2021

A group of people this morning laid a floral tribute to honor the memory of the victim of last Thursday's fatal crash in the Bog Walk Gorge in Saint Catherine, Jamaica our reporter Krista Campbell was on location and filed this report.

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  1. I have seen the carelessness of drivers on the roads and the reckless way they continue to overtake in the gorge makes no sense especially when the get near the lights at the bridge. They act as if they are the only one going somewhere.

  2. Bridges far far bigger than this have been built in countries that are smaller in size than Jamaica,case in point would be Singapore the government is one big joke,its quite simple raise the bridge,expand the area use dynamite if you have to and make the zone more wide with solid concrete enforcement

    1. Where is the money coming from? Roads need fixing, there is coastal erosion that needs amending, jobs are being lost due to the pandemic, crime hindering investments, children needing computers and tablets to learn from home, hospital crises such as Cornwall Regional Hospital and its issues, a whole plethora of financial needs. You give a solution that I’m sure others have thought about but the best solution you can give is to let us know where Jamaica could get the money from to do what you said?

    2. @Mandark Astronomonov big big pay cut from all political groups, them would find 300 mill right now if a by election was to be called, plus so many other sector office that obsolete but still collecting big pay.

    3. @SpartzFX I hate how ppl can ask where money coming from you see man . If these politicians werent stealing it amd managing our economy properly, Jamaica wouldnt be in the condition that it is in. The law need to be enforced amd stricter penalties given for those who dont comply. Anyone who recklessly drive like that and causes another to lose his/ her life should do a few yrs behind bars and have their license suspended for many yrs. But, Jamaica Jamaica, usually a slap on the wrist is given no matter what the crime is… so, how can Jamaica get better.

    4. @Monika Anjelica Brown one day its gonna reach a tipping point and the system will be close to collapsing I mean cost of bread soon reach 800 dollars based on how the economy in shambles,smh migration ago pick up even more cause life just so hard down here.

  3. Either widen the bridge with barriers on both sides or have a mandatory speed with limit and install speed bumps along 100 meters on both sides of the bridge!

  4. That bridge needs to close down for good. It take too much people’s lives. It’s so so sad. I hate that bridge 😭

  5. March on the government and force them to fix that damn bridge, and put heavy duty sides on it, and widen the bridge at the same time .

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