Jamaican Teen in Desperate Need | TVJ News – June 17 2021

The touching story of a Jamaican teen who is so vibrant and full of potential but whose life is interrupted by a myriad of serious illnesses on top of that she is constantly fighting depression brought on by her deplorable living conditions.

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  1. Hearing her speak about the ailments she has gave me goosebumps. I hope she gets the help she needs.

    1. @Damario Wilson that is true because what she’s dealing with nuh normal none at all. Their living conditions can be improved though and it would somewhat provide a bit of ease off the pressures of life. Surely we can come together and help in that regards.

  2. It’s nice that the JA news media shed light on stories like these. One good thing I love about us Jamaican is, it doesn’t matter how hard our personal life is, we will give our last to help when possible. It would be nice if contact info is shared when these stories are shared by the JA media as well. I also give kudos to the family for allowing the media to air their plight so the right people can see and help. Please let us know how we can get in touch with this family! On another note, kudos to the guys on (Bog Walk River Road) who risk their lives to held motorists to end up in that dangerous river!!!

    1. This is so touching. I think persons who wishes to help could contact TVJ. They should be able to provide contact information for these person.

    2. @Natiesha Nelson Yes. Someone responsible who is close to the family, and who can be trusted to transfer the funds need to organize a Go Fund me account for this small family RIGHT AWAY.

  3. Where is the govt who say they care so much about our health that they are willing to force medication on us… this is one of the many times they fail us… it’s sad to see… and like any good mother Alicia is putting her daughter’s care above her own… hope she at least get good counselling and support to help with her suicidal thoughts…

    1. You call need jesus girl give him your life let him take control you need help yes but God

    2. Berry if you’re not helping shut up I know the government should help but this has been happening for decades so saying that now is like throwing kerosene oil on a burning flame and expecting the fire to go away if u can’t give cash or kine just pray that will cover everything i think you’re looking an excuse not to help….my opinion

    3. @king wilkie why are u taking it so personal? we dont have to be in a position to help in order to voice an opinion… the last time I check this was a free platform… I’m simply highlighting the hypocrisy in society bcuz later in the year ppl like u may chime in with the govt to tell that all that is happening is for our good and keep us healthy… if u have already contributed to her situation then good job…but dont be rude

  4. This broke my heart in many pieces right now Lord only you i can look to and ask for help for this adorable young teen Lord send help….i wish i could help sigh😢

  5. We take for granted what God has blessed us with and look they are persons out there who need help I pray she gets all the help that she needs

  6. Alot of the youths that turned to crime have health, mental and sentimental problems due to the conditions they have to succumb to or was borned into.. Jamaican people especially the political die hearted ones i hereby implore you all to stop surrendering your political rights to JLP & PNP and pay attention to your family structure. There are tougher times ahead which will manifest the year 2030 wake… Recently the government had the audacity to raise even flour prices etc….

  7. This touch my soul, where is the government???
    The stupid show these politicians put on and an laugh about it while our people suffer!!!

  8. Oh my lord, how can help be given? She’s is so intelligent and full of potential. May the Lord continues to be merciful to her and her mother.

    1. @Garfield Rowe The report mentioned the Glengoffe High School, if I’m not mistaken.
      Isn’t that in St. Catherine?

  9. She’s so smart and beautiful please someone help this young lady oh god please send someone with a big heart 🥺🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    1. @Garfield Rowe Yes. Afrin
      and her mom need a Go Fund me right away.
      I was searching for it immediately after watching this because I’d really like to help a little,

      Every mickle mek a muckle.

    2. @Garfield Rowe Were you a student at St. Jago High School in Spanish Town during the 70’s?

      I remember someone with your name in my class from 1st to 5th form. Marilyn Lawson speaking.

  10. I was waiting for a account number or something at the end where we can make donation. This brought tears to my eyes and as son I do understand the mother saying it’s not about her but her child. Seen my mother done that so many times.

    1. Please call TVJ and ask them how donations can be made (876) 926-1100 – 9
      I’m surprise that information was not made available in the video description or something!

  11. This made me cry. How can I make a donation? Getting some funds for my birthday but I’d like to give something to help this teen and her mom. That she’s not in school breaks my heart. So many wealthy people in JAMAICA and children have to live this way? SMH Thanks TVJ and Kirk for bringing this story to light.

    1. You are an angel sent Karen Taylor may the creator continue to bless your soul on every walks on this earth🙏🏾🙏🏾

  12. NHF need to step in and assist this young lady with her medications. All state agencies that can assist should be mandated to provide assistance to these 2 ladies.

  13. Omg 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭sometime we think we going through something in life people out there far worst, this have me in tears ..Prayers for you bby girl

  14. omg just when you thought things is worst with you someone else is in a far worst situation 😢😢😢😢

  15. So Mr Kirk why didn’t you asked the Mother for some kind of information, were people can help out?…

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