Tropical Storm Elsa Leaves Flooding Across Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - July 5 2021 1

Tropical Storm Elsa Leaves Flooding Across Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – July 5 2021

There is some good news today for junior medical doctors in Jamaica as more than 30 of them whose contracts have expired last week, had them extended by the Ministry of Health & Wellness.

Introduction – 0:00
Residents Appeal for Help to Clean Gully – 4:24
St. Mary Fishermen Happy They were Spared – 8:43
Vaccination Blitz to be Resumed – 14:13
5 Jamaicans Confirmed for Monaco Diamond League – 18:44

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  1. I cannot believe this is happening to doctors. Ridiculous! Omg I meant , are doctors really being sent home? Wow

  2. Jamaicans need to pay more attention to their environment and how they dispose of garbage, look at all those plastic bottles in the gullies and rivers. These debris did not get there by themselves.

    1. look everything they blame the government who threw those bottles in the river or road. Dem same ones Dem need to take care of their environment because they’re the ones complaining when natural disasters occurs.

  3. JPS staff too lay back.if you called them about trees they not coming and it threat to the community and it will save them money to repair their wire .
    About the gullies with garbage the Pple need to clean the gullies themselves and discard their garbage properly.nasty .
    Dont wait until rain fall to see that the drains are clean.

  4. Prime Minister needs 2 SERIOUSLY put in to action the disposal of plastic bottles and garbage. No man it need fi deal with like yesterday. It a mash up our paradise. Recycle.

  5. People need to try and dispose their garbage in a better way. Because it’s all garbage that were dumped in the wrong place that caused the flooding

    1. Some place trash collection is a no go. The place is so violent . No truck a go round there. So people just throw garbage ina the gully. Or on a empty lot.

  6. Stupidness….brain drain can’t stop…look, I feel better on a contract working elsewhere Making more money than being in a Jamaica on a contract Making little to no money… whatever Jamaica Government, you are more for foreigners…. look out for your own health care workers because, Jamaican health care worker feel better off overseas… need to do better

  7. Junior Doctors need to think outside the box as to how, to build their business without depending on the government.
    So many persons need health care service and can’t afford it.
    Junior doctors need to ask the Government/politicians to stop spending so much of tax payers money on security, body guards and security surveillance systems for themselves, families, homes and travel.
    Instead use some of that money to pay the junior doctors and keep them employed.

  8. St. Thomas drainage issue demonstrates how we live and act comes back at us. Garbage are to be placed in designated areas and not gullies and drainage

  9. Anytime I’m watching the news or listening to the news and the reporter mention those people from the parish council I am so happy mad I’m not far from Bellevue if you ask me I do not like to hear nothing from local government

  10. LOOK AT BOTTLES….Wow every company could name out their bottles in that gully. offer a $10 cash back return on bottles you would never see one bottle left on the road. Recycle the flask bottles.

  11. The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different stream of income that don’t depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard .

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  12. Why should the government even think about getting rid of Doctors ,when the health care sector is so lacking. Persons have to spend hours at hospitals and lets not mention the health centers in urban and rural Jamaica. The dunce them in government needs to engage the persons who does the work

  13. Doctors, if the short sighted people who say they are government cannot train and retain and pay their doctors, my message to them is to form a self employed body of doctors and set up private system. A system in which reasonable fees can be paid by people for their care.
    This brain drain thing is not funny, having all your professional people gone a broad to work, better pay yes, but sometimes they are not appreciated.

  14. I am pleased how the Jamaican Doctors cope with this imported virus, more lives are saved compared to so called rich countries. Pity the Govetnment cannot recognise and appreciate their efforts.

  15. Look at our housing scheme, you will have someone that get a house lock it up, you as neighbours to that hose on the left or right or in front have to live along side these over grown property for months on end even years without been cut.
    Should the Government MP and other employees come and clear and clean these properties.

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