What, exactly, is Mike Pence doing? 1

What, exactly, is Mike Pence doing?


Former Vice President Mike Pence has remained steadfast in his decision to defy Donald Trump and certify the 2020 election, but at the same time is trying to fully embrace his legacy with Trump. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza tries to dissect Pence’s tightrope walk to set up his political future for 2024.


Pence contradicts Trump on January 6, calling plan to decertify 2020 election 'un-American'

‘Almost no idea more un-American’: Pence breaks with Trump on Jan. 6

Fact check: No, Pence can't overturn the election results

New timeline shows just how close rioters got to Pence and his family

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Producer: Moira Donohue
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Michelle Cho

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    1. @gacj2010 The Truth getting out to the American People, But the evidence is so overwhelming with massive fraud! I wonder how MSM going to spin the truth when you know you’re caught?

    2. You don’t know a thing about me or my friends and as far as knowing what is going on “behind the scenes” I know enough not to subject myself to your delusions.

    3. This guy was bumping elbows with pelosi, he doesn’t stand a chance of running as a Republican… it’ll be Trump or DeSantis

    4. As of now I would vote for him. I think he would be a great candidate but I do not think he will make it in the primarys unfortunately. If he does somehow become the republican nominee he would win IMO but I do not see him getting there.

    1. @Sharon Harris yes I’m definitely no scholar on communism socialism or Marxism but I am well versed in freedom and I know these three things take away our individuality stifle religion tell you when and where and how and that is not jubilee

    2. @Sharon Harris I may not always know what I’m fighting against but I know what I’m fighting for

    3. @Sharon Harris even though it appears we may have things to disagree on I would fight for your right to disagree with me and still pick you up if you were to fall

    4. @Nobody Knows Guess you never got th word those cages were OBAMA’s cages … pics were dated by NYT and everyone saw it but I guess you .. 200,000 a month. Border patrol numbers … easy for anyone to access …. no numbers need to be pushed around .. Compare the same months 2021 to the same months for the last 2 decades.Close to 7000 a week. From 150 different countries …Who are these people … do you even care ? Why dont you care ? Do you just follow the line because you like a big D in front of your name. well I have a D in front of my name BUT I dont follow this line for my country

    5. @J. Gaulke No Liz Cheney’s father was that war monger … Oh .. she too… Got big friends in businesses that make bullets

    1. @Daniel Buman It’s crazy how youtube lets POS hackers like you get to post porn malware links, but yet I don’t even know how many dislikes a video has, lol.

    2. He doesn’t stand a chance. For the maga trumpers he is a traitor.
      He could tell what he knows on Trump’s big lie and be useful.

  1. pence going back to kiss trump’s behind after trump’s mob wanted him dead, is all you need to know about the guy. i can’t imagine anyone voting for him for anything

    1. @Robert Daly 5 people died during that attack. FIVE PEOPLE. And not only that, it was treason. They attacked the government. Also I love how you said that Harris had ‘43%’ approval ratings and that she will ‘never beat trump’. You do realise Trump had below 30% approval ratings at the end of his term. You’re an idiot

    2. Show him the tape again of Trumps MAGAT’s yelling “HANG MIKE PENCE” and when they stormed the Capitol building “WHERE’S MIKE PENCE?”
      I’d be telling Trump “Paybacks going to be a b*tch you orange COCKROACH”!!

  2. As a “Christian” Evangelical, shouldn’t Pence ask himself the question: What would Christ do?

    1. @My Friend Think Why should @Martin Hover rethink his comment… is he going to suffer eternal torture for it? Pence seems to think HE speaks for christ… do you? Evangelicals say a TON of garbage things and their superhero christ said a lot of garbage things too. Like, ‘cut off your own hand if it offends you…” or “.. have NO CARE for tomorrow… ” The entire, ‘believe in me or I’ll burn you forever,’ ethos is nothing but patently outrageous extortion… yet evangelicals call it love. It’s believers in such primitive nonsense as human sacrifice and atonement who need to rethink their world view.

    2. @BubbaJones liberal, conservative, we’re all just people. This has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism. It’s about what’s right. What’s moral.

    1. @Rocket Eighty Seven Biden and Harris are the source of embarrassment for us all around the world. You simply have to read in a couple different languages. Heck, Aussies are having a field day with Biden’s idiocy, every day.

  3. To directly answer the video title,
    He’s trying to figure out what exactly went wrong without having to confront the fact that he made bad choices.

  4. I don’t know about the front he’s putting up, but from the Jan 6th footage, he’s certainly had experience running.

    1. biden can’t even hold a rally or a press conference without pre rehearsed questions and answers. How are those gas, food and electric prices treating you since biden waddled into the WH? They are on a continuing climb. Yeah biden 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    2. @M Hall
      7 month old crybaby disinformation account. Keep posting fake Biden,
      pro-Trump, bullcrap talking points.

    3. @oltedders 👈. Hey look everyone it’s the you tube account patrol oltedders. A little history, Oltedders was the little tattletale in grade school that needed attention so he ratted on people to get it. It was the only way he could get the attention he needed. Some things never change. Maybe they will give you a big boy badge for your efforts oltedders. Good luck with that 👍🙄

  5. “A bold new course for America in the 21st Century.”
    Yeah, the iceberg set a bold new course for the Titanic, too.

    1. well the iceberg opened up a completely new dimension of direction of movement. the titanic discovered there are indeed 3 spatial dimensions

  6. The only redeeming portion of his speech is where he tells people that the VP doesn’t have the constitutional authority to overturn electoral votes – that is not how the process works, and he knew it, whereas Trump and his cult followers did not.

  7. The real reason Pence went on his endless coach surfing after leaving office: he knows he’s not getting reelected in Indiana, he was trying to figure out where he has a chance now that he’s lost MAGA vote…. well, lost Everyone’s vote.

    1. @Mark G. lol ironic considering you put a bribe taking racist and a dirty cop in the white house because they dont send mean tweets…but tell me more about how others are in a cult you kneepad wearing DNC puppet.

    2. I care. And I’m not even american. Because he could tell that trump lied about the fraud and is a pathetic loser. Perhaps, all these trumpers all over the planet would shut up for a few hours.

    1. To Pence that means exfoliating with a high quality product, for the liberals it means “moulting”.

    2. @James B Yea, joe byeden is an expert at rubbing up against things. Just ask the girls we saw on CNN…

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