Watch GOP senate candidate apologize for criticizing Trump 1

Watch GOP senate candidate apologize for criticizing Trump


Author J.D. Vance has joined the race for an Ohio Senate seat. The author of 'Hillbilly Elegy' has gone from criticizing Donald Trump to praising him, and deleting any negative tweets about the former President. CNN's Michael Smerconish comes on New Day to discuss.

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    1. @Muddy Water The fact you seeminly dont mind any of it, tells the rest of the world that republicans are in fact anti-democratic. Facist. Autocratic. In the Netherlands we’d probably call you NSB. Republicans, nothing more then neo-nazi’s.

  1. And they’ll still continue to gaslight the country that they “aren’t in a cult” Even Pence was ostracized when he disobeyed the cult leader

    1. @Civil Villain for the last time, it’s not an assumption. Google “assumption” if necessary but let’s call it what it is, a fact. You’re unemployed and stupid and I’m not… non debatable facts.

    2. @My Boy Cyrus
      No it definitely, definitively, is an assumption.
      You’re embarrassing yourself, but maybe embarrassing yourself is a full time job for you. Let me be the first to tell you, you’re excellent at your job.

    3. @Civil Villain you told me “go for it bucko” and I did. We haven’t gotten past the very first attempt at proving how much more successful I am because you refuse to admit how you pay your bills. For some reason, however, I’m the embarrassed one. Am I reading this correctly?

    4. @Admiral General Aladeen It’s pry the 6 years and counting of left wing fascist hate speech propaganda that taught you to hate your president and country. Have you notice yourself supporting socialism and hating America because mass propaganda? Did you hate your country 6 years ago? If this is ringing any bells, there is hope to save your indoctrinated sheeple person. Bahh twice if you are in destress..

    1. Hahahahahahaha!! A lot of Trumpsters her suffering from Trumpivitis. Keep following ur 1-term, twice impeached, criminally indicted *X* president (I guess). Man. Can’t make this stuff up………Q can. Cultists.

  2. Apologizing for criticizing Trump establishes a whole new low that’s hard to rival.

    1. @Mike Rafone
      “In capable”? Orange Boy said “I love the poorly educated” but we both know that he was lying. He’s INCAPABLE of loving anyone but himself.

    2. This REALLY just in——> right-ful President Trump files Class Action lawsuit against big tech anti-free speech companies.
      Yeahhhh Baby. Now we’re talking. Time to get out the Tar & Feathers for Comrade Rasputin Jr, Little Suck-er-buck, and Alphabet-soup Noodlehead.

    3. @Mark G. This REALLY just in——> right-ful President Trump files Class Action lawsuit against big tech anti-free speech companies.
      Yeahhhh Baby. Now we’re talking. Time to get out the Tar & Feathers for Comrade Rasputin Jr, Little Suck-er-buck, and Alphabet-soup Noodlehead.

    1. @Smiley change my mind to what? Crazy town? Trillion dollar spending? Free healthcare, free college, open borders so you can pay for free healthcare and college for millions of immigrants? Pfft. No. All it does is create inflation…it doesnt actually increase net purchasing power. I’m a financial analyst. I know a lot about these ideas and what theyll cost. If you make about 60k a year or less…you’re free healthcare and or college will outweigh your increased taxes. If you make more than that you will pay more in taxes than you’ll get back. Higher incomes will pay a lot more in taxes. Plus the progressive leftists have taken the party to a place I just cant go. I’m a Democrat that votes Republican for now. Probably for the rest of my life. I just cant see anything good in the Democrat party right now. I like balance…and I sense a great disturbance in the force…

    2. @Raptango_NA switch to republican then, if you don’t support Biden, and don’t support what Democrats stand for switch.

    3. @Raptango_NA if you work in financials you would know how much Trump spent golfing and wasting the militarys money on a wall

    4. @Stan Wilson Everyone steals land from everyone. Its about how republicans are anti-democratic, facist, autocratic, delusional, psychopaths, pedophile Paulis worshippers etc.

    5. @Smiley I supported the wall. I’d support immigration laws more but congress doesnt want to fix them. You do understand whats happening i hope
      1. The democrats hoping to import as many future voters across the southern border as possible in order to turn flip states blue like California (done), Arizona, Texas & Virginia. They understand that latinos vote 70/30 Democrat (and first generation latinos higher). When Trump took office in 2017 apprehensions at the southern border were 30k to 50k per month. Currently, just six months into the Biden administration, we’ll import 2 million across the southern border this year. Thats more than twice the size of San Francisco in one year alone. Do you find this to be unethical, sneaky or underhanded in any way? Why are Democrats so focused on importing voters instead of performing for current voters? When you couple this with their attempts to weaken voter id laws and call anyone racist who questions it…its not hard to see the scam theyre trying to pull.
      2. In Canada they have robust social services while also having strong immigration laws and enforcement. You cant just show up at the canadian border and join their social benefits programs. You cant have open borders and free everything. It doesn’t work. But the Democrats don’t seem to care.

      This is just another reason why i hate democrats. They’re actually are so unethical and devious they make me want to vomit. I don’t like republicans…i just don’t like Democrats a whole lot more. And the only reason they get away with their awful policies and constant lies is because the Democrat controlled media covers for them. With the media on your side, you cant do anything wrong. With the media against you, you cant do anything right. Its this massive disinformation campaign that i object to more than anything else. In a functioning democratic republic the voters are supposed to decide on issues. The media has gamed this process by telling everyone what to think. Its disgusting. When Trump called the media the enemy of the people…i actually agree with him. They’re toxic

    1. @𝄆𝔽𝕣𝕖𝕖 𝕊𝕟𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕚𝅗𝅥 says a librard who wanted to defund the police for 4 years. Sit the hell down.

    2. @Heathen Hammer I’m pretty sure I’m not a lib & have a law enforcement flag right on my wall. Who is an insurrectionist to say anything to anyone at this point? Cop abuser.

    3. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 the stupid one are the ones who follow trump lies. First of all trump caused over 600k deaths in US with his lack of leadership, which cost us jobs, homes and more.

    4. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Bullshit. Going from 1.0 to .25 and then back to .75 isn’t 3x growth. You believe bullshit and only make a fool when you mindlessly parrot it.

    5. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Oh, right. So much better to toss 2 trillion dollars to the ultrawealthy and megacorporations so they can buy back stock and move more operations overseas.

  3. Many many years from now, parents will be telling their children the story of the gilded turd. What a legacy ?

    1. *Biden’s Plan to Lower the un-Employment Rate is much like Obama’s.*

      Force millions of Americans Out of the Labor Force,
      so they’ll no longer be counted as un-Employed,
      and therefore the un-Employment Rate Falls.

    2. @Albert Gront Bush was awefull, did terrible things, but what Trump and the republicans have done and are still doing are crimes against humanity. In my country, the Netherlands, which is also superior to america obviously, the people wouldve been in jail for life when storming the capitol.

    3. Long after benedict arnold fades into mythology, trump will be remembered as the face of treason.

  4. C-span asked 141 historians to rank TRUMP.

    He’s ranked the WORST president of the last 150 years. MAGA

    1. @Ticked Turmoil Potato , Let’s take a look at this. You’re pushing concepts have been disproved, you’re making claims that can’t be backed up with evidence, you’ve not seen “traitor” or “facist” in any of my posts and yet you just accused me of it (I’m not one that plays the name calling game). If I say that you’re delusional it’s because you’ve proven to be by making unsubstantiated claims and already proven falsehoods. You assume that anyone that doesn’t buy in on your mentality is automatically a leftist or a liberal or a Democrat (which is far from facts). If you’re so much more informed and intelligent and brilliant than everyone else, why are you on youtube conversing with the rest of us here? When you have provable facts, and not just “feel good conjecture”, come back again. Thus far, everything that you’ve pushed out can be debunked.

    2. @watchin’ it Well, you got me on the name calling aspect, calling someone delusional isn’t exactly the same as some of the more heinous things I’ve gotten. It’s just in the wheelhouse of Bidrn lovers. Furthermore, I haven’t made any of this up, if I’ve misremembered some of the facts, you can have you Gotcha moments and I would acknowledge that, but just because you haven’t seen it, or bypass it, don’t make it go away. As for me not being a Youtuber, not my thing, and those that remain do it well enough, faults and biases acknowledged. The good stuff is off site. Court records, yearly statements and action comparisons of government entities, what’s actually going on on the planet, yeah, YT ain’t so reliable for that anymore. I now think you find me not creditable simply because you have no idea what I’m talking about, so go look up my points. Go see how close I came to sharing some good knowledge with you. Please DuckDuckGo or Firefox, Google will bury or just remove links. WayBackMachine could render benefits as well, if it’s still around anyways. But about these falsehoods, you assume you have me by the balls. Care for a quick break down? If you have something to help me correct my error, by all means. If you’re full of sh*t, don’t worry I’ll smell it, or just look it and see if you maybe from information outta context. Either way, it’d an interesting learning experience.

    3. @Ticked Turmoil Potato , We obviously are not of the same opinions, which is fine (to each his own). Regarding me getting info from youtube, nope. Youtube is nothing more than a communication tool for me. I come here just to read opinions and express my own. I peruse many websites for info, to research, compare info, and try to sort it and verify. Regarding “being in the Biden camp”, you’ve pegged me incorrectly again. I’ve expressed more than once that the last two election cycles (2016 and 2020) have had two $hit candidates to choose between. If you truly believe that Donnie was a (as I’ve seen in here) “the best president ever” and/or “in modern times”, then there in is the delusion. Read some of the comments made by people that were on the merry-go-round (revolving door, if you will) of that administration. He was an absolute embarrassment for the country. Some very smart and capable people left the administration being amazed that there needed to be pictures and/or video for him to comprehend some of the simplest concepts (and that’s when/if you could get him to pay attention). He didn’t take time to read critical information (per Rex Tillerson and even flip flopping Lindsey Graham). The allies were literally laughing at him. I could go on, but let’s just agree to disagree, and move on.

    4. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Europeans created more vaccines than Americans.

      Do you understand math?

  5. I think God is listening and he ain’t Trump. Good Grief!! It seems the GOP is more afraid of Trump than their souls.

    1. @Twindad93 Republicans don’t even own the Truth about the Insurrection but still cry BLUE LIVES MATTER & BACK THE BLUE, give me a break

    2. @salbeik weeks? I’ll hold you up on that. The facts are CNN has lied to you. The radical left has been “looking to get” Trump for the past 5 years and now all of a sudden they got him? You people believe anything cnn feeds you.

    1. @Albert Gront In fact Trump is partly responsible for the attacks in Israel, by placing the embassy in jerusalem, which caused a lot of harm…

    2. This REALLY just in——> right-ful President Trump files Class Action lawsuit against big tech anti-free speech companies.
      Yeahhhh Baby. Now we’re talking. Time to get out the Tar & Feathers for Comrade Rasputin Jr, Little Suck-er-buck, and Alphabet-soup Noodlehead.

  6. Apologizing to Trump? Why?
    He speak lies, conspiracy theories, insult everyone, particularly women, etc and never apologize.

    1. @DodoBirdie im not the one that was dum enough to vote for a whispering child groping incoherent baked potato

    2. @Htate sil If he lies in his dreams that’s fine, he doesn’t hurt anybody. Trump in the other hand…

    3. Cause he wants to win the support of Donnie’s base. In other words, self serving political expediency.

  7. If he believes this then he is definitely not the person Americans need. We need open and honest people to get this Country back on track. Not someone with a ego and no know how!

    1. I bought that idiot’s book five years ago, I thought he was a great man…… BOY, was I wrong smh

    1. @carolyn boyce we ain’t laughing anymore nope, glad more like, deliriously happy more like, completely satisfied more like, get the picture.

  8. To paraphrase VP Dan Quayle: what a waste it is for a party to lose its mind; or for a party not to have a mind is being very wasteful.

    1. well, he knows how to evade them (or more accurately, his lawyers and financial advisors do)

  9. Quote:
    “I can never consent to being dictated to.”
    -President John Tyler
    End of Quote.

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