Tropical Storm Threatens Search For Survivors In Surfside Collapse 1

Tropical Storm Threatens Search For Survivors In Surfside Collapse


Vaughn Hillyard reports from Surfside, Florida as rescue efforts at the collapsed condo are being threatened by the incoming Tropical Storm Elsa.
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  1. I don’t want to be pesimistic, but who is still hoping to find survivors after so many days? They’re all dead. It’s a big grave.

    1. It has been a week. Anybody who may have been alive under there would likely have been injured and died from injuries within a few days. There was that “fire of unknown origin” early on that mustn’t have helped either. Then there is the debris flooding from hosing the fire and rain on top. The likelihood of getting to survivors before they die if there are still any indeed appears exceedingly small.

      At this point, this is definitely far more of a corpse recovery and site clean-up operation than anything else until they get to the lowest layers where experts will be brought in to document the likely root cause(s) before everything that is left gets hauled off.

    2. Yeah I kinda agree because incidents like this happens from time to time and there’s nothing we can do about it. Unless you can time travel back and prevent this from happening, otherwise we all just have to accept fate.

    1. @reality You’re a perfect representation of Trump’s America. So even if Trump was a decent president, his following was complete trailer trash. Byeeeee.

  2. I think blowing up the rest of the building hindered your search efforts more than anything.

  3. There are no survivors. None. Everybody caught up in the collapse is dead. Why even pretend that they’ll find somebody alive?

    1. @It’s All Good! Completely agree. Families getting closure and trying to find any survivors is most important. But the reality is that after 12 days, this is no longer a “rescue.”

    2. Only survivor I have heard of was that young teenage boy was pulled out alive…but don’t know the status of if he is still alive?? has anyone??

  4. You gotta find all the bodies, because if anyone is assumed to be there but they’re not actually there, that’s a double agent in the making.

  5. “I like people who don’t die in building collapse, because of my failed infrastructure week, okay?” – Trump, if he didn’t lose the election.

  6. Something like this would never happen here in the US, until it happens here in the US. Let’s just hope that this is a wake up call to inspectors and building owners who are downplaying the risks of ignoring a report that says “Severe structural damage means a collapse is just a matter of time.”

  7. Headline is almost comical for such a tragic event.
    To talk of survivors after demolishing the rest of a building and collapsing even more material on the pile is insulting

  8. This is what when the clown move to clown move to state all kinds of disaster are coming.. Justice matters

  9. If there are any survivors trapped they have to be completely clueless as to what happen. Unless they had prior knowledge of the structural problems with the building they would never think the building they are living would just suddenly collapse. They probably think there is a war.

  10. Are they going to identify the “individuals” they’ve found like they did during the first week?

  11. Acts 17:11
    [11]These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

  12. Why do the reporter and sheriff representative look like the have a green screen behind them?

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