1. You should read what they did before they had to dismantle the “gang task force”!
      This department has decades of deep corruption that should be made into a movie but I doubt people would believe it.

    2. @Lisa Johnson You should see “Serpico” …..it’s about NY Cop corruption…based on real events. Pacino goes undercover to try to expose it. They didn’t have cell phones in 1973,

    3. @Tina San I don’t need to see a movie to know it exists!
      Chauvin will probably do 15 years and then collect his $1,000,000 pension thanks to our tax dollars!

  1. Friendly reminder that the original MN police report said that Floyd died of “medical complications.” Didn’t know having someone’s knee on your neck for 9 minutes was a medical thing. 🙄

    1. @Belly Dancer Em The facts are the autopsy said no asphyxiation and a fetenyl overdose killed him. He was saying he couldn’t breathe before police arrived because he was having an overdose. These are the facts. YOU do not care about the facts. Here’s another fact. He got arrested on cocaine charges and for an armed robbery where he held a gun up to a pregnant women’s stomach.

    2. @No Show Joe Apparently the testimony of the medical examiner refuting your claims provided enough evidence for a jury to find chauvin guilty of murder. So you keep living in your fantasy world while the real world celebrates his conviction.
      You just keep focusing on the cabal of lizard people (FBI) who fed ballots to chickens then used Jewish lasers to incinerate them, as the reason for trump’s loss. Still don’t understand why the chickens had to die. Is it because they are magic chickens with the ability to speak and write and would reveal the plot if faced with the threat of a deep fryer?

    3. We all seen him overdose. But racist folk s would have rioted of they didn’t get their way

    1. @Larry Garland – The cicadas are a superfamily, the Cicadoidea, of insects in the order Hemiptera (true bugs). They are in the suborder Auchenorrhyncha, along with smaller jumping bugs such as leafhoppers and froghoppers. The superfamily is divided into two families, the Tettigarctidae, with two species in Australia, and the Cicadidae, with more than 3,000 species described from around the world; many species remain undescribed. 🤔🤣

    2. @Larry Garland – Chess is a recreational and competitive board game played between two players. It is sometimes called Western or international chess to distinguish it from related games such as xiangqi. The current form of the game emerged in Southern Europe during the second half of the 15th century after evolving from similar, much older games of Indian and Persian origin. Today, chess is one of the world’s most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide at home, in clubs, online, by correspondence, and in tournaments. 🤔

  2. The GOP would have Derek Chauvin speaking at a Blue Lives Matter rally if he wasn’t hiding from general population.

    1. What? What are you talking about? Stop trying to cloud the issue. Minneapolis in Brooklyn Minnesota are strong progressive Democrat controlled cities. There’s not a GOP in sight.

  3. The Klan has infiltrated that police department. Until you get rid of the Klan in that department you are going to get what you have been getting

  4. What many people fail to understand or lose sight of is that the ultimate authority over a city Police Department rests with the Mayor and the City Council. These elected officials have control over all city departments to include sanitation, streets, water, electrical, permits and inspection, fire and police departments, etc.
    These city officials are responsible for the heads of each department to include fire and police chief, the city officials also direct policy. The police department is the armed enforcement agent of the city and is expected to enforce the laws passed by the elect a representative. The elected city officials also negotiate police union contracts.
    If people do not trust the police department that also reflects negatively on the elected officials.
    All of this however, goes back to the inept Mayor and City Council of Minneapolis and Brooklyn, MN who should resign immediately.

    1. You seem to dismiss the power of the police union that those people have no control over and set the tone of acceptable behavior in the ranks.

    2. @Lisa Johnson I have not dismissed the power of the unions and you are woefully incorrect when you say elected officials have no power over the unions. The elected officials have tremendous power over the police unions.
      During union contract negotiations the union selects members to negotiate with the city. The mayor and city Council also select representatives to negotiate for the city. During contract negotiations the two sides negotiate wages, working conditions and benefits. When there is an agreement reached by both sides, union membership vote to except or reject the agreement, The elected officials discuss whether or not they want to except or reject the agreement. If the agreement is excepted by both sides it is then in contract form and signed by both sides. This is a negotiation process between the elected city officials and the police union.
      Because police unions cannot strike or stage a walk out, the city has tremendous power. The city can say that they cannot afford weight increases. He said he can say that they cannot afford a benefit package. The dirty little secret is that whatever salary and wages the city negotiators give to unions they are also able to obtain for the administration and management. So it behooves elected officials to continuously increase wages and benefits so that they too can gain.
      The city also has the ability to fire union members an Union officials. The city can label a particular member as negligent, or incompetent. That way the individual has no Union protection and can be stripped of City benefits and City employment. Union members are terrified of being labeled incompetent.
      You have to remember that the police are armed agents of government and essentially are controlled by the elected city officials. Blaming police unions is simply a smokescreen to allow incompetent city officials to escape care of responsibility.

    3. @T. R. Campbell you are woefully misinformed!
      The people in the union vote the president of the union in, city can’t do anything about it! People have been trying for years!
      Chauvin is going to get nearly $1,000,000 in pension benefits despite being fired, having an abysmal public service record, also including murder, yet had very little consequences thanks to union protection and despite going to prison for murder and misconduct,
      The last 2 chiefs won major lawsuits suing the department for discrimination…yet none of them could get rid of bob kroll and I know they wanted to!
      He finally quit a few months early because it was in his best interest.

    4. @Lisa Johnson it is you who were informed. Of course the union membership votes for the union presidency as well as some of the other officers. You are attempting to deflect. Both the union and the city are bound by the contract for both entities negotiated. Everyone within the union follow the provisions the union contract.
      It makes absolutely no difference who the Union President and union officer are. They negotiated the contract and approved by city leaders. , In most cases the city and all union officers are on friendly relations with one another. Kind of line a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.’
      Remember, the police are armed agents of government employed by the political class.

    5. @Lisa Johnson. Concerning the pension benefits, this was negotiated by elected city leaders and Union officials. He will receive contract benefits. Thanks for making my point that the elected leadership is corrupt, inept and must resign.

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  6. Minneapolis Police Department would be a great place to start learning about the culture, beliefs, customs, mind, and practices of racism in a institution of the United States, despite the US constitution and Federal laws absolutely being clear that racism, and bigotry in Institutions is unlawful. This would shed some light on how racism and racists are getting away being protected under not so comprehensive anti racism state laws against Federal law provisions that mandates against racism, and bigotry in Institutions in the US. Federal Laws are well accomplished toward creating justice and fairness in the United States, it is States and State Laws which are lagging far behind and need to be challenged so they don’t have the legitimacy due to lack of outreach and authority of federal laws, or due to lack of oversight, or enforcement of Federal laws to break the objectives, visions, and protections of rights under the constitution, and United States Federal Laws. The movement toward creating a more perfect union is far from over. But, of course now States are trying to take over laws of the Federal Government, by appointing corrupt Supreme Court judges who can alter the actual meanings, scope, and applications in intended purposes of the decrees, and directives of the constitution as well as passed amendments and laws as well as corrupt Tea Party GOP whose next moves will not only be expanding bigotry through subverting national law in areas where Federal laws do not have outreach but even abrogating and removing major provisions of laws that protect rights, freedoms, and protections under the law for equality, justice, fairness, and Democracy in society. In another word creating an autocratic state while still calling the United States a republic of Democracy while it has actually turned into a republic of plutocracy (still power of the people by the people, but of not all people; in fact only a few) where the whims and desires of a few become the law instead of needs of the people and country and directives of the constitution for advancements and progress of society. It is States and Authority of State laws that are continuing to violate the ideals, and objectives of the constitution and rights and protections for all under Federal Laws. These provisions of authority for unequal laws and practices must be abolished. And if Federal Agencies and Institutions themselves are manipulating Federal Laws to breach them, these institutions must be investigated and scrutinized, and such provisions must be tightened so abuse can not take place. Just as people can not abuse the authority of the IRS to dodge taxes, there legal watchdog should have real authority so that violators either state or Federal agencies and institutions can not get away with abusing law.

    1. @rick is there any proof he isn’t?
      I don’t even think that is as much of an issue as this was just another day on the job for Chauvin and this is how he treats those he took an oath to protect and serve…and it’s not the first person he’s choked out or even killed on the job. Just the first caught on camera by the people he is responsible to while they pleaded for his life.
      All over a $20 incident.
      Look in his eyes and he doesn’t acknowledge anything wrong with what he is doing.
      Ask him how many drug dealers he’s gotten off the street and I’m willing to bet none because they don’t even bother with the drug dealers because “they’ve got to good of lawyers” (quote from another cop in the same precinct).
      That precinct was know for going rogue and victimizing those in the neighborhood because nobody cares about poor people and their problems.

    1. I’d personally settle for ending qualified immunity. But as long as people are fighting about which issue belongs to what side, nothing will ever get done. And that’s how they want it.

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