Trudeau: 500 Afghan refugees have arrived in Canada 1

Trudeau: 500 Afghan refugees have arrived in Canada


PM Justin Trudeau responds to the conflict in Afghanistan and how Canada will help aid refugees.

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    1. On the ballot place your X on another party to vote the liberals out,keep the liberal square blank to vote them out

  1. Gotta love how he brags about a 5% success rate. The other 10,000+ will probably be dead within the week.

    1. Well. If they open up a Little Afghanistan district in every town complete with shops and restaurants it could be a bit of a tourist attraction.

  2. Why not talk about why this happened??? Oh that’s right, it’s Biden’s fault.
    Oh 20,000 Afghans? That’s all? I’m sure it’ll be at least 10x more.
    This guy makes me sick.

    1. @Cat in the Hat no there’s a big difference between the European settlers and colonists who built this country and the new free loading entitled immigrants. And to suggest otherwise is totally dishonest

  3. He’s importing voters, not helping Afghanistan or his own country. Deplorable. And he’s worried about the safety of Canadians when it comes to legal firearm owners? Get it together, our biggest danger is his leadership.

  4. OMG if this was so important why wait till now to bring them here now that we are in an election. Oh right Trudeau is using them as election props.

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