Trudeau: Canada seeing rise in racism, intolerance

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned rising racism and intolerance, saying there's 'no place' for such acts in Canada.

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  1. Listen to him name every group he can think of and try to pretend he’s showing how enlightened and tolerant he is. Lol. Supply shortage on face paint JT?

  2. How about racism against the English by the French?!

    Everyone in subject to French language discrimination except in Quebec!
    Where it is illegal to put up a sign in English.
    French schools get federal funding automatically while all others suffer!?!
    Who are you kidding.

    1. I agree with you my friend, but the words you are looking for are “Oppression” or “Persecution”.

      NOT racism.

      Racism is a whole different thing.

  3. What about all the churches that burned? Never hear of him speaking about that. He’s the biggest divider ever 🤬

  4. You don’t care about Canadians, we all saw what you did to our truckers. I want my country back. It’s showing how Canadians are treated in their own country. Since your talking about racism

  5. Yet he has no such courage when it comes to Bill 21 in Quebec because that’s not politically expedient. Total phoney.

  6. Anyone supporting this dictator will get the same that Justin has coming to him.
    What goes around comes around?

    Don’t expect to control people’s lives and get away with it for long. The patient will prevail in the end.

  7. I noticed he didn’t say churches. You know because 69 churches were burned and vandalized. Oh that’s right he never called those acts of hate.

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