Trudeau government is 'clearing the decks' for an federal election: Nanos 1

Trudeau government is ‘clearing the decks’ for an federal election: Nanos

Nanos Research's Nik Nanos thinks that the Liberals are 'clearing the decks' in anticipation of a federal election.

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  1. Better not be an election!!!! We don’t want trudeau or ford!!!!! NOPE, NO ELECTION!!!! The corrupt politicians are at it again!!!!!!!

    1. we can get the PPC seats in government though… they wont win but having party members in government would help right now.. they dont have a voice in government currently and they are the only party with their own idea’s

  2. Remember how we could have had an election called back in October but the NDP sided with the Liberals in the non-confidence vote?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    1. I would also vote PPC but I have Pierre pollieve in my riding and the guy is the best politician in Canada.

    1. Please volunteer for your local Peoples Party candidate in your area now they will need help

  3. Peoples Party of Canada and Maxine Bernier are agents of change for Canadians and Canada.
    Volunteer for your local Peoples Party candidate in your area.

  4. Trudeau broke the bank, in order to get elected again, this disregard for the tax payer must not be rewarded if Canada will have any resemblance of life prior to Trudeau!!!!

  5. Hopefully we can clean them all off the decks and start fresh with the ppc party. Fix our constitution and never have to look back at the serious mess that the librano’s party, Treudeu and the do nothing ndp party has caused

  6. In requards to Trudeaus fish statement at the g7. In feel he is also now proved he is a bi-polar megalomaniac narcissistic with grandiose thinking who needs treatment because this statement also shows believes that he will magically be remembered over and above everything and everyone after the g7 summit is over as a world icon. Which is a symptom of bipolar disorder and explains his magical thinking like the budget will fix itself.

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