Trudeau has heated exchange with heckler in B.C. 1

Trudeau has heated exchange with heckler in B.C.


CTV’s Michel Boyer discusses how Justin Trudeau was heckled on the campaign trail in Burnaby, B.C.

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    1. @OugaBoogaShockwave, I haven’t watched TV in years. There is so much junk programming on it now, it’s not worth my time.

    1. it might backfire in about 2036. Trudeau has now beat the conservatives 3 times…the blues just don’t have an answer…

  1. Justin is just more and more disappointing and less and less impressive every single day.
    Can’t vote Liberal. Just can’t do it.

    1. At least they had the terminology on “heckler” right because Trudeau is nothing other than a comedian, albeit a very bad one…

  2. The universe clearly has an amazing sense of humour.

    Twisted Sister – ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It” is playing in the background.

    1. Why not listen to law abiding citizens?
      They firearms community doesn’t fall for the gaslighting campaign speaking points when it comes to “Assault Weapons and their Variants”

    2. @Punky Buddy not sure why guns don’t mean love when used responsibly. I love spending time with friends and family hunting and target shooting.
      Assuming guns are only for violence is ignorance.

    3. @Punky Buddy 0 crime ever committed with AR-15s in Canada , yet for political reasons Trudeau the holy , banned them

  3. Little bleep out everything the protestor said, and put captions for Trudeau. It’s hilarious how paid off the news is.

    1. @Dan J seriously that has to be the least intimidating thing I’ve ever heard! Who tf is scared to get in the ring with him?

    1. @F Youtube protecting them by doing what the govt tells you to do regarding medical treatment ? When the bill of rights says we can refuse medical treatment… can’t fix stupid and your kids are probably more dumb than you

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