Blanchet: Told to 'shut up' on French topics during debate 1

Blanchet: Told to ‘shut up’ on French topics during debate


Blanchet recalls federal party leaders refusing him to speak on French topics during the English language debate.

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    1. Bloc is Quebec National Party but have seats in Canadian Federal government.Let them take all their seats in Quebec and wthdraw all other political parties representatives there.

    1. @Résistance I have a few questions for you:

      1) Why should Quebec become independent?

      2) What does an “independent” Quebec mean?

      3) How will an independent Quebec make more French voices in Canada if it is no longer part of Canada? Won’t that make LESS French voices in Canada?

      4) What issues are you referring to that Canadian politicians can no longer ignore?

      5) How will Quebec becoming independent be able to help Canadian francophones outside of Quebec?

    1. @Carol Weideman English debate is a total joke and French dabets are total waste of time on Quebec. They know hoe to play he game. Just let them have everything themselves in Quebec.

    1. @Ahmed Elsaidi Iceland is a country with almost 400k population, they have their own money. If they could survive, Québec could.

  1. Why is he even allowed to participate? He should run for king of Quebec if he cares so much for the province.

    1. He is not even expecting to participate ! Only Canada keep pushing him to do so.But in doing so they blasted him with systematic racism in his own province !

    1. @Daniel C lol the Conservatives don’t care one iota about the West. They pander to Ontario and Quebec just the same as any federal party that wants to keep getting votes. The only federal parties that have expressed even the least bit of concern about western alienation are the PPC and the Maverick Party, and the Maverick Party is the only one that plans to fix it.

    2. @Halbinoni Conservatives don’t care about Alberta cause they know that no matter what they do, AB will always vote for them.

      They target areas that would be gainful to them…not the ones they already have.

  2. He is far too sensitive! No one told him to shut up. Poor baby! 2 French debates, he had the floor, then the rest of Canada has the audacity to want an English debate without all the attention once again on Quebec……far too precious! The rest of Canada has been pandering to Quebec whims long enough. Stay or go, but stop WHINING! Grow up!!

    1. @T Dioxin He and the Bloc have been campaigning to separate Quebec from Canada to become an Independent country for more than 50 years. The Bloc Quebecois is literally a Separatist Party lmao

    2. You’re right about that. Levesque, Parizoo, Bootchard and Blankshit never smile even after death. Sorry, after det.

  3. Kind of like how they didn’t invite a party with more pull percentage than both the Bloc quebecois and green party. They just don’t agree with what their political stances are. Very eye opening.

    1. I get what your saying but the idea is wrong, they weren’t on the stage due to the other parties disagreeing with their political stance but because they don’t qualify as they don’t hold a single seat in parliament as bernier failed last election to get a single seat, they weren’t polling at the minimum 4% of the vote 5 days after the election was called coming in at roughly 3.2%, on the national level and they failed to break 4% of the national votes cast during the previous election. If they do manage to break that this time around they will be allowed to participate in the next election debates regardless of what any other party’s opinion of their political stances are.

    1. @Michel Chartrand Don’t take loud mouths on the internet as representative of anything.
      Ne prenez pas les bouches fortes sur Internet comme représentatives de quoi que ce soit.

    2. @Hug With an H have you not known that most English speaking citizens in Quebec are loyal citizens of Canada and see Canada as their own country. Most French speaking citizens of Quebec see Quebec as their own country and have no ties to Canada as their country. That’s why there’s so many language laws against the English community because they are not part of Quebec society , you must be pure lain to be quebecoise.

    3. Could you imagine, they leave at their own peril and yet they’d try to dictate terms to Canada.
      Oui wan all da curd da fry and da gra-vee. Dar non wai u geyz get da res-pee fer da poutine.

    1. @Maxime Dupuis Gottcha Maxime beauty name ! My grandmother was from gasbe region , her name was margaritte langios , so that makes me half french , half Irish !

  4. Lucky he even got an invite. The fact that the rest of Canada has their own problems and have better things to do than pander to Quebec. Like a spoiled child you can never give them enough, they will always want more, no matter the cost.

    1. @Music Playlist Exactly….this Country is Full of whining “Victims, Snowflakes, and spineless Jellyfish”!!!….the debt is expected to hit 1.8 TRILLION….and nobody seems to give a Rat’s arse about that….we are a “Failed state”….just brutal, is the level of STUPIDITY!!!.

    1. @Boogey Woogey Why can’t we be friends, Why can’t we be friends, Why can’t we be friends, Why can’t we be friends.

  5. They didn’t say “Shut up”. They said: We are not in this section, this is about cost of living sir.

    To me, it sounds quite different.

    1. @gurka321 I wonder what he expected as an answer. It was off topic, and kind of awkward. Were they supposed to skip cost of living?

      My point is I feel like pretty much all answers were wrong answers, and would be seen by him as a “Shut up”.

  6. Why would I pay any attention to a party that has one provinces interest in mind and to those that say well we need them for French representation, they aren’t even leading in their own province…

    1. i kind of agree, still the bloc Québécois did stuffs for citizens of other provinces. Among some topics agriculture problems where some ontarians (not sur, i think they were milk producers and english speaking) their representatives did not find the matter important enough, turned to the bloc, to bring the matter to the chamber. However, these are rare occurences.

    2. @Toxinomist I just personally find it ironic that he says he has the Quebec people’s interests at heart yet he’s not leading the polls in Quebec kinda funny

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