Linda O'Leary found not guilty in fatal Ont. boat crash 1

Linda O’Leary found not guilty in fatal Ont. boat crash


Linda O’Leary has been found not guilty in connection to a boat crash that killed two people in central Ontario in 2019.

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    1. There’s not. It’s plain and simple. There was an irresponsible boat owner on the water at night that did not take the proper precautions to make themselves seen.

    2. Yes there is. The boat was a gift from Trump who had an affair with Kevin’s wife. Don’t why that did not come up in the trial.

    1. They didn’t have there lights on …the other ppl . That’s there fault and yes she was drinking but she was under the limit so

  1. The rich will always win in criminal court, when their net worth is automatically considered, overwhelming evidence of their innocence.

    1. I do not understand your statement. It should not matter a person’s financial situation and in this case I see no evidence that it did matter. In today’s society, I would suggest those with finances are often victims of the left’s vicious and prejudicial attacks.

    2. @scary terrry Actually it doesn’t matter. Just because you are a failure in life doesn’t mean everyone else has to be.

    3. @Dennis Locking Marco Muzzo, family net worth 1.8 billion. He killed 3 children and a grandfather while driving drunk. The average person would receive a life sentence. He was only given 10 years and was paroled after serving 4 years.
      Brian Mulroney stepped down as PM after it was discovered he’d received a 1.1 million dollar bribe, deposited into a Swiss bank account from an Airbus lobbyist. No charges filed.
      Panama papers named 894 Canadian companies and individuals hiding millions in offshore accounts. Not a single charge was laid.

    1. @ken lompart I saw it in the vid. Thanks. I think though if it were anyone else found to have alcohol in their system, that person would be punished. It also helps when you can afford the best lawyers though. It’s a very tragic and sad story all around though, whether or not O’Leary had any fault in it.

    2. @Emerald Woodlands She was never charged with an alcohol offence to begin with because she passed a breathalyzer test, anyone else would not have been charged no matter if they were rich or not. She was only charged with careless driving but after the other boat operator plead guilty to not having his lights on there was little chance of convicting her, being rich had little to do with it other than making it front page news.

    3. @ken lompart I heard them say that she did have some alcohol in her system as it did show up in the breathalyzer test. I haven’t followed this story. I have only heard bits and pieces on the news including the alcohol aspect. I haven’t heard anything about how she was driving the boat though in terms of recklessness, only that the other boat did not have its lights on which is incredibly careless. Perhaps money didn’t play a part then, and she wasn’t at fault.

  2. all dui suspects “no officer you pulled me over and i had drink to calm my nerves, cops a scary” wtf who starts drinking after they just got into a motor vehicle crash and police are on their way. like wtf…

    1. @Just Working for the weekend

      Really? You think I would be accusing someone of murder or being drunk despite the evidence to the contrary?

      I can tell you that if someone I loved died tragically I wouldn’t be accusing someone of something they didn’t do.

    2. @Just Working for the weekend accidents happen. Need to accept personal responsibility. Suing is a way to say “it’s not my fault” when it completely is their own fault. Facts hurt

    3. @Just Working for the weekend

      They’re not going to miss their stuff anymore…. Why do I need cups and saucers? Sell it!

  3. remember that this is Canada, and civil cases get going because of criminal behavior deemed so by the courts. Linda O’Leary was deemed NOT guilty, therefore a civil case will fail.

    1. Well at the end of the day they might of avoided prison time but burning in hell forever once you leave earth is worse. PS Brian Greenspan will be judged also.

    1. Those with video footage can prove innocence. Watching the cottage cams, very clear how the boat lights were turned off making that boat almost invisible.

  4. Super shocking that someone worth $4-500 million was found not guilty. Any avg person in identical circumstances would be at least found guilty of something

    1. Everybody involved including the owner/operator of the boat with no lights on was fairly well off. With that said. If the lights had been on everybody would have made it home safe.

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