Dr. Hinshaw says Alta. reopening was the wrong approach 1

Dr. Hinshaw says Alta. reopening was the wrong approach


Alberta's chief medical officer of health has admitted the province's lifting of restrictions earlier this summer was the wrong approach.

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  1. I bet chief medical officer is embarrassed ..even the slightest direction change proves entire Medical Government has failed …bad numbers bad science

    1. Of course, Certainly you aren’t willing to go out of business or be out of work this summer without financial aid . Am I right?

    2. It’s like opening the beach when there’s a killer shark on the loose, only this shark can travel through air and spread through a population. And @ David Davis, we’re also not willing to let our relatives die to a disease. Government should never have cancelled financial aid

    1. Who is going to fire her? The anti-science government that pressured her into supporting their ill fated attempts to pretend a virus away?

    1. ya there’s got to a story here. I can’t imagine she was allowed to stand in the way of the OPEN FOR SUMMER campaign. Would have been planned long before her final input.

  2. Its been almost 2 years and you would have thought these so called politicians would have built some Covid Relief Hospitals to take the pressure off Hospitals.

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