Trudeau says Ford hasn’t made formal request for additional border controls

Prime Minister Trudeau says he has not received any formal requests from Ont. in the past week to strengthen its border.

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  1. Noticed how he never denies the question about making profit and diverts your attention to Ford.

    1. The problem isn’t profit, it’s when the province shifts blame to other parties because it can’t accept responsibility for its own failings.

    2. @F V ford denies everything wiprs his clean then blame liberals for a bailout then bloxk it like he always done

    1. its hard to unhear once youve noticed – i have heard it for years now lol, can’t stand it – and it seems like its contagious, once he gets on a “uhh uh uh uh” everyone around him does the same lol

    1. @Aluba Banana what interoprovcal border i bet i can from calgary to toronto right but it ok nmoy interprovincal flying right

  2. Ford needs to be voted out next year, and Trudeau when his turn comes. I’m not even voting by party anymore, I just hate both of them.

  3. Someone asked a virologist: “When is covid going to be over?” they answered: “I don’t know, I’m not a politician.”

    1. Someone asked a Politician: “When is covid to be over?” they answered: “I don’t know, I’m not a Virologist.”

  4. Just Trudeau the buck stops with you, it would have been common sense to close borders to stop the new variants from entering our country. Take responsibility for your blunder.

  5. Nice to see that there are a lot of WOKE BSer’s in this country too. That’s gotta be dealt with HARD !

  6. This is Little Potato’s fault not Doug Ford’s, Doug has done stupid things too but this is in Potato’s lap

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