Why is NACI creating chaos in COVID-19 messaging and could it hurt the vaccine rollout? | TREND LINE

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Trend Line's Rachel Aiello and Nik Nanos discuss the conflicting messaging coming from NACI over vaccines.

As Rachel notes, it's not the first time the advisory group has given advice at odds with Health Canada, will the conflicting statements create more chaos in the vaccine rollout?

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    1. They report on them daily but there have been very few. Tylenol has a greater risk of complications than AstraZeneca.

    2. @Jay Kay, it’s less than that just in Canada. Now let’s also throw in the chances of getting a stroke and/or heart attack. Two other severe symptoms that are deadly and for some reason just keep getting ignored. They are just keeping everyone focused on this one symptom which is the most rare which is disgusting.

    3. @J J when I got that astrzenica shot…the nurse told me…it is 1 in 77.000 here in canada…and it seems to be effecting women right now,,,

    4. How could anybody trust the government or the big pharmaceutical companies,,, the cause of all our problems

  1. Yes naci feels canadians need the truth. If our pm trudeau does not feel this pandemic is not worth declaring a national emergency and putting a national standardized measures and not leaving everything up to the the provinces then they can call in their Draconian measures

    1. Some government responsibilities are provincial. The same is true in the United States. Some government responsibilities belong to the states. The federal government can make suggestions but can’t make the states/provinces follow the suggestions.

  2. I’m not sticking nothin I don’t want in my body, sounds horribly like a girl…

  3. It does not take much to knock something off the rails when your told it’s safe, but we know so little about this virus and you change your flip a coin guidelines daily .. lol

  4. How could anybody trust anything that comes out of our government’s mouth,,, and for the pharmaceutical companies,, all about the money,, not our health

  5. They should just stick with the mRNA vaccines. Both vector vaccines are showing too many side effects

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