Trudeau, Singh heckled during heated question period | “These bells ringing are not ideal for me”

During question period, opposition MPs heckled NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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  1. I wish all sides of Canadian government would stop acting like children on national television it’s so embarrassing as a Canadian

    1. @Mark Green We’d probably see significantly less of that if the gov’t actually answered questions in question period. But they haven’t since 2015. A fact that hasn’t escaped the British or the Europeans. That is the real mockery of parliament, and a staggering embarrassment for the whole country. The elected dictatorships we suffer after each election are supposed to be tempered by the gov’t answering opposition questions. As in maintaining some semblance of accountability. That’s what parliament is for, and really the only operative democratic function there is after the vote. So, can you really blame them? Frankly I’m surprised they bother to show up anymore.

    2. It would be nice if the speaker would hold governments accountable for not answering questions. It would also be nice if some mps lost their minds and called out the other party instead of whining about it.

  2. Taxing the big companies meanwhile the big companies pass it on to the consumers. Get ready for higher taxes. Thank the NDP and liberal voters

    1. @R_P_M it is sad that there is’nt a smart leader for them right now as if the current leader of the regime is any smarter.

    2. @R_P_M just like there wasn’t one liberal smart enough to beat Harper for 9 years. You were crying then too.

    3. @R_P_M it makes me laugh that the current conservatives poster child is a life long politician with zero accomplishments 🤣🤣🤣

  3. This is a major problem. I hate when Politicians state, we’re investing to programs for Canadians. When they should be stating “You are investing”.

    1. @Shadow Civilian No it isn’t, it’s the Bank of Canada’s who is basically owned by the crown of Canada (The Queen).

    1. @Garrett Nelson the conservatives can’t even stand themselves let alone stand with any one elf

    2. @Alan Cadieux I’m sure Quebec and Ontario will love an “axe the carbon tax” environmental policy. Name me some accomplishments of Poilievre’s 18 years (and most of his adult life) as a member of parliament. His career is literally heckling and name calling. Sounds like a real ray of sunshine 🤣🤣

    3. @gordon gilchrist well lucky for them standing up with sellouts is not something I would condone personally

  4. What horrendous behaviour. It’s like the last week of school in a classroom, a children’s classroom.

    1. They just had another coule of weeks off & another pay raise. Getting pretty tired of this merry go round. We should be voting on their remuneration. After all, it’s our money they’re paid with.

  5. As they should be. Neither care about this country. It’s all about power, money and self preservation for both.

  6. I don’t see you politicians have any hesitation to raise your own salaries while the rest Canadians suffer from the inflation caused by your policies.

    1. @Authentically Odd Right! they need to take a pay cut. And should have to prove their worth to taxpayers prior to being even allowed to seek a raise in pay. We should be voting on their pay rate.

  7. The only problem with this logic is when you raise corporate costs through taxes, those costs are passed on to the public through higher prices.

    1. @Kangaroo hell id be fine with the russian military removing trudeau from office.. bomb his personal residence like we did to gadaffi

  8. This is like watching a wrestling match, it’s not a real debate between liberal and ndp, it’s a show

    1. Harpers reform party Pc party merge after saying during the election that they wouldn’t Harper Jack Layton coalition go cry in the corner !

  9. Well that was a ridiculous show of immaturity. And could ‘Mr. Speaker’ be any weaker? I doubt it.

  10. What a circus and this is what we our taxes are paying for? Maybe one can tell me what authority the House Speaker has to control such unacceptable behaviour by both sides. If they want to act as children then they should be disciplined the same way and removed from the room. The same applies to the PM who certainly has a difficult time verbalizing his flowery speech when the opposition rightfully opposes his consistent disregard to answering even the most simplest of questions. Absolute GONG SHOW.

  11. Not because NDP doesn’t have the finances to run another election Doesn’t mean they have the right to throw Canadians under the bus with this joint coalition. What happened to a fair and honest election giving Canadians The Choice

    1. You make it sound like this is a rarity in Canada’s parliamentary system, when in fact it has occurred a number of times in our history. And it is not normally referred to as a “coalition”. Do you like your universal healthcare? Complements of a party holding the balance of power.

    2. @DLRS Oh please, take a deep breath. This has happened many times in our history, and we still have a functioning democracy.

  12. I’m trying hard to not look at this court as an SNL skit. Everyone in there would be held in contempt of court in America. Pretty disgraceful.

  13. Very disappointed with the NDP. How dare can the NDP think they are helping Canadians. You had my vote at one time, never again.

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