Trudeau: There is evidence that Iran shot down plane

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the plane that crashed in Iran Wednesday morning, killing all 176 people aboard, was shot down by an Iranian missile, potentially by accident.

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    1. Typically when there’s a military alert like Iran sent out to its forces, civilion craft are grounded. Apparently the airport didn’t receive the warning or chose to ignore it.

    1. @Trout Bearwang Anyway I retract my comment, since I don’t think it contributes positively to families in grief. Point is this is the result of warfare, innocent lives are lost and all the comments here go to show that no one is considering this fact.

    1. You mean recklessly bomb countries in retaliation the American and Iranian way? No thanks. Investigate and move this to a court of law then find an appropriate penalty. No further acts of violence.

    1. Because they have an excuse to commit acts of terror again. A poor excuse, but still an excuse.

    2. @BUDDY DUDEMANBROGUY i understand that , but why iran have to kill their own citizens . ?! I heard somewhere that 15 iranian student died in this accident . Anyway RIP

    3. ali.at9 No. There were no Iranians on board, but the did massacre around 2000 protesters in their own country for continuing to shout death to America after the government stood down when their missile attack didn’t work. Iran is sick.

    1. Yes, even though sometimes the other person is at fault, the one who isn’t at fault still says sorry

    1. Timothy Yes! I bet Omar Khadr had a smile on his face when he heard about the plane getting shot down.

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