Trudeau won’t say if he will waive cabinet privilege over WE Charity controversy


  1. If the sitting liberal members refuse to testify, we should freeze the bank accounts and the assets of the Trudeau Foundation!

  2. Time for a forensic audit of the Trudeau Foundation . This lizard was on the take even before he became P M .

    1. Donations skyrocketed when he became leader, then again when he became PM. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

    1. Unfortunately with the house shut down he cannot be compelled by a vote to have to testify. Not that he would tell the truth.

    2. @Not Entirely Apathetic, they are meeting every 2 weeks. If he doesn’t volunteer it will go to a vote, I can’t see any of the other parties voting for him not to go.

  3. Trudeau answers all questions with the same opening “We are in an unprecedented pandemic…”
    It doesn’t justify all the unprecedented actions he made in destroying Canada .

  4. What is talking about? He was asked about testifing about WE, and he rambles on like a campaign speech!
    Anyone who voted for this guy has rocks for brains!

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