Trudeau's decision-making questioned after resignation | Political fallout of Payette investigation 1

Trudeau’s decision-making questioned after resignation | Political fallout of Payette investigation


Political analyst Lori Williams breaks down the fallout of Julie Payette's resignation after a workplace harassment investigation.


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    1. I think the stability that the monarchy provides is worth the cost put into it. It provides a nice separation of state and government.

  1. In a democracy, anyone that names someone to a role, rather than that person being elected, should be held accountable for the conduct of that person in office so that they remain accountable to the citizens.

  2. Trudeau is consistent with one thing: his lack of decision-making skills. This is just another example of his ineptitude.

  3. Whoever who does the corruption , should be fined, jailed, and kicked out of the position, save money, no more this position.

  4. Haven’t we always questioned Trudeau’s decision making??? We call him Peter Pan. The boy that will never grow up.

  5. Well with a records of her domestic abuse brought to light when she was appointed how could anyone be surprised about this?

  6. This after she over spent on her office. Now we need more construction with the new one OMG. Does the spending ever end. Let’s just eliminate this position, not needed

  7. This is what happens when you don’t hire the best person for a job and let other factors cloud the selection process.

  8. “Look at how to prevent this in the future.” Yeah, don’t hire a toxic individual who’s only qualification was hitting a quota. Plenty of other women would have been far more suitable, her terrible attitude would have been known during the vetting process.

    1. hes obviously went out of his way to hide his barbados trip, we seen his jet on flight aware heading there before it was suddenly deleted, so can force one was there..

  9. Maybe we should be challenging Trudeau’s decision making based on the fact that he’s effectively criminalized being working class and driven hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Canadians into poverty and despair.

  10. THIS raises the question his judgment? The question was raised BEFORE he became PM. All liebrals need to be run out of canada. Full Stop.

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