‘Significant day’ in Canadian history: Lisa LaFlamme reacts to Payette's resignation 1

‘Significant day’ in Canadian history: Lisa LaFlamme reacts to Payette’s resignation


CTV News Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme discusses whether Gov. Gen. Payette was properly vetted for the role.

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    1. @Marina Gallant So were and are the Conservatives Brian was the last Conservative I had any respect for that had any sticking power

    1. Are you stupid? Trudeau cant fire her, only ask for her resignation OR ask the Queen to dismiss her, which would be very unprecedented and unlikely

    2. @Joseph Smith well being rude isn’t the way to interact is it? Obviously she took the resignation road. I’m sure he said it’s ok you’ll get a great pension.

    3. They usually ask for your resignation. You are still fired. Just allows you to go out with a little dignity.

  1. Stop singing her praise. Her bullying behaviour indicates she is not a leader or accomplished and amazing. She is a bully that rose well above her level of competency.

    1. @Alberto Silva The position acts a counter weight to parliament if and when parliament act not in accordance with the wishes or care of the nation. The role should not be filled by appointment from the Prime Minister but perhaps by the Senate.

    1. @Mascotal A Governor General is an Apolitical appointed position. They are not Politicians since they are not elected.

    1. as she should – evidence that prolonged exposure to cosmic rays in space can do some very strange things to a person

  2. This took way to long, she should 1) have never been hired, but since she was 2) she ought to have been fired as soon as humanly possible. This just shows how dangerous the Canadian bureaucratic inertia truly is.

  3. She may have been and engineer and astronaut but it doesn’t mean she’s not a psychopathic POS. The Govt. should have vetted her better. She had a bad record of abuse in previous appointments.

  4. Why talk positive about her, when she failed as a boss and leader and to see you come praise her on national TV shows that your speaking in her favour for future gains.u failed as a journalist, she shouldn’t have been given the option to resign. He should have fired her, because we would have gotten fired if we acted in the manner she behaved.

  5. I’m curious how she treated her fellow astronauts? I know zero about this beyond the headlines but have thought her obvious orneryness must have served her well as a petit French woman in the space world filled with Alpha males from around the world.

  6. “significantly boring and without consequence day in Canadian history” Just fire her and briefly mention it, no need it to make into a 24 hrs news cycle

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