What vetting process did Payette go through? | LaFlamme on resignation 1

What vetting process did Payette go through? | LaFlamme on resignation


CTV News Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme discusses whether Gov. Gen. Payette was properly vetted for the role.

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  1. Abolish the position. Stop wasting our money on a person who effectively does nothing in the lap of luxury to maintain colonial nostalgia.

    1. We need an official spot we can put the rich and corrupt in. Otherwise they’ll start pulling a stunt like Trudeau with bought elections

    1. No thanks. I want the PMO to have a lot less power, not a lot more. An unqualified bully in a ceremonial position is bad enough, but we’ve seen recently what an unqualified bully in a presidential position can do to a country.

    2. @David Bennett it would have less power with an elected President with the power then being divided since the President would be elected

    3. @David Bennett an elected president would be given much more power because the post would be an elected one this less ceremonial

  2. There is no denying that Payette was a bad appointment now. Don’t think that it’ll amount to anything. Trudeau’s government has survived worst.

  3. Why is it so hard for them to hire an emotionally intelligent individual???? She does not deserve to be called a *leader*

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