What role will Queen Elizabeth play after Payette's resignation? 1

What role will Queen Elizabeth play after Payette’s resignation?


CTV's Royal Commentator Richard Berthelsen explains the role Queen Elizabeth will play after Gov. Gen. Julie Payette's resignation.


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  1. i doubt queen elizabeth would ask for a neutral investigator ! she likely would not like what she would discover ! this is not the canada the queen used to know anymore

  2. clearly the guy with the glass does not know what he is talking about ! we do not talk about a part time news reporter here or a drug addict offering to wash your windshield ! you should learn your place !she did not win her reputation . she was not randomly chosen to go up there! its ok not to know what to say . do not say anything then

  3. All that position does is cost taxpayers money and Frankly there would be very little Canadian that cares what the Queen would say

  4. I find it interesting that both of prince Phillip’s sisters were married to high ranking SS officers ., why weren’t we taught that in school ?

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