‘Truly, madly, deeply false’: Keilar fact-checks Ron Johnson’s vaccine claims

CNN's Briana Keilar and John Berman fact-check Republican Sen. Ron Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine misinformation which he spread under the guise of "just asking the questions," on a right-wing radio show.
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    1. @The Tweatles Are you referring to the country where merely 10% of the households now hold 70% of the wealth and the streets are overflowing with weapons??? Most of the population are absolute morons and that, by the way, is why it is so easy to economically exploit your “class”.

    2. Why bother, he is an IDIOT…No one listens to Ron Johnson….or even cares about him…The People wrote him off, in the Ukraine scandal….

    3. @Becky Johnson My whole family received the Maderna Vaccine, weeks ago…We are all living, breathing, and looking forward to a long life….My Mother is 85, and going strong..

    4. @dan dansen there’s meds to treat covid persons so they don’t vent or die.
      Ivermectin.zinc.vit d and another med I can’t pronounce. They work very well even for the very sick But they’re results are being blocked on msn.

    1. We already have a Foxitis vaccine. It’s known as parental controls. All you have to do is set up a PIN and block Fox cable news peopaganda channels.

    2. @Andrew Mitchell if there was a wall there would be far less illegal immigrants. I’m not sure why I needed to explain that to you.

    3. @Andrew Mitchell also the leaked photos from during both the Obama Administration and the Biden Administration show border facilities in far worse conditions than under Trump.

    4. @lawrence freitas yes there is a mess at the border and we know this because of the leaked photos which have been universally acknowledged as genuine. Unfortunately you’re brainwashed by fake news propaganda who don’t want to talk about it. Your hero Kamala has done absolutely nothing so far despite being given the job over a month ago. The Biden presidency is a monumental disaster.

  1. If IQs suddenly jumped up 25 points nationwide or if schools started teaching critical thinking early on, that entire party would go extinct.

    1. @Go Caps based on your writing, you are not a native born American , if you are an American at all. Or perhaps a bot. In any case, please try and write in a more coherent way so that your comments should less like gibberish.

    2. @mark balmer Economic trends do not develop overnight. Most economists and Wall Street denizens regard it as a positive that the most recent COVID relief bill put money in the pockets of so many Americans, for they believe–particularly with states reopening–that said money will find it’s way back into the economy through consumer spending.

      Your problem lies in large part in seeing things atomistically and not holistic. You are missing the gestalt, the fact that things seen in isolation yield a deceiving picture. Instead the whole/gestalt constitutes more than each part seen separately, in isolation from the others, but all the parts interrelated and affecting each other gives you the true reality.

      So hesitation about returning to work–which affects job numbers, one metric that you have fixated upon–is driven, in part, by anti-vaxxer fear-mongering, the heretofore rather unpredictable nature of this highly mutable virus, the collapse of long standing habits and schedules, the “comfort” of being safe in one’s own home while receiving money from the government, and the continuing attacks–courtesy of types such as Tucker Carlson–upon the pronouncements of renown and wholly trustworthy health experts.

      Thus, the picture, and outlook, does not bow to a simplistic reading. There are too many moving parts. And your rush to judgment is, thus, premature.


    3. mark balmer Those look a lot like Fox talking points, so not much use, eh? Especially that part about democrats growing up without fathers. 69% of republicans had abusive fathers, 30% had alcoholic mothers that drank copiously while they were pregnant. There more facts.

    1. @Nick Lawson I agree with you. At the same time, I have this idea of “never give up”. I’ve not only seen people become rehabilated (in terms of their thinking/thought processes), I’ve done it, myself. It’s some of the toughest work that anyone might accomplish, but I’m living proof that it is possible.

    1. @tubruton As usual CNN hasn’t provided ANY evidence towards Gaetz, but you leftists run with it. That’s how propaganda works….

  2. Surely it’s time that Senators and Congressmen must undergo a psychiatric test to see if they are mentally sound!!!

    1. Go Caps Say, have you noticed that the North Pole has wandered further east than every, more quickly than ever? Effects of climate change. Melting glaciers throw off the balance of the earth! Whichever shape you believe it is.

  3. there is only two possibilities: 1) he doesn’t understand what he is talking about and then he should not be a politician 2) he does it on purpose and then he also should not be a politician and rather go to jail

    1. @Jonas P those countries have very smart people and most likely don’t have corrupt politicians who force people into nursing homes for their political agenda.

    2. @Wazemo LOL, your post is proof? LOL

      Somewhere out there, there are a couple of trees working really hard to replace the oxygen you’re consuming. Now go & apologize to them.

    3. @Wazemo If seatbelts are so important for surviving a car crash, why is it that some people will survive without one when so many people die wearing them?

      The truth is if seatbelts were suddenly required to be worn starting now, and not 30 years ago the people on your side would have this same stupid argument against seatbelts.

      If you’re not smart enough to figure out how masks prevent airborne infections, I don’t have the time to spend educating you. And if you don’t wear a mask, and you get an infection I honestly hope that there won’t be a hospital bed if you need it and that they have it for someone else that did wear a mask out and got infected from a family member. Nothing personal.

    4. @Wazemo BS. I have lived in 2 of them and have travelled through them all, I would agree with Singapore, not the rest. Nursing homes? Japan has the most aged population in all of the world and more people in nursing homes than any other country. OK, let’s go to Australia, their Covid response was first rate, they have been Covid free for over 6 months, whenever there is a rare case, they do a mini lockdown and have a mask mandate for control. Now I know Australia’s politicians aren’t that great, most of them are fairly poor examples! Masks worked there in conjunction with other measures.

    5. @Jonas P LOL. Please don’t try to educate the moronic classes. They’ll just try to get on boats and paddle over here. We’ve got enough nutters of our own! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. “Does Senator Johnson just not understand how science works? Just asking a question”. I love how you ended the segment!

    1. Lol Bill Gates said live on Ted Talk vaccines will be used in conjunction with healthcare treatments to depopulate earth to nearly zero. But yea you smart

    2. @Somebody Said Something I hope, as does Bill Gates, that all these idiots get their vaccinations.

    3. I would then ask Keilar: “Are you aware of the corruption and criminal activity and billion dollar fines of these vaccine companies?”

    4. Somebody Said Something I don’t think he said that. But the healthier a population gets, the more chance the population has to get educated. Educated people don’t have as many children. We’ve nearly reached the population tipping point as it is. By 2050, there won’t be enough fresh, clean water for everyone. Or for watering those extensive agribusiness fields. If climate change isn’t slowed drastically, there won’t be anywhere to plant those fields.

    5. @Love is the most powerful force in the Universe – And she would ask you, “What that hell does that have to do with how science works?”

  5. We need to quit worrying about saving this party and the followers from themselves. I got my shots. If the virus mutates, they will make another shot. Eventually these folks will just die off.

    1. Right there with you! I’m so sick of hearing about stupid people saying and believing stupid things. You can’t help people that don’t listen to reason. Let ’em be idiots and suffer the consequences.

    2. It’s good that CNN counters these rabid claims. Maybe it will save some people from getting sick and possibly dying. Must get the truth out there.

  6. *Ron Johnson: “Duh, Keliar do you think I am a Doctor, so I do not know how science works!”* 😂

  7. The one and only prejudice that I grew up with was”stupid people”. My Mom was relentless. I’ve fought it over the years but these people make it so difficult.

  8. Where else can you go to work and behave like this and not get fired. Our system is beyond repair. Thanks Newt, Mitch, Donny, ect.

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