'Trump a clear and present danger': Pelosi makes impeachment official 1

‘Trump a clear and present danger’: Pelosi makes impeachment official


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks for the first time following the historic House vote to impeach President Donald Trump for the second time, and signs the article of "incitement of insurrection."
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    1. @Daryl Patton it wasn’t thrown out. The Republicans wouldn’t allow witnesses, or evidence in the senate “trial”. Do you know why? Answer: because he was/is guilty

    2. @Maloy Audy are you high? Don’t you remember all of the separation and riots, burning of towns by angry mobs? All the media has and all we’ve seen with trump is made up fables.

  1. 197 cowards…. Forever you’ll regret that if he does something crazy these next few days. You’ve MADE your bed, NOW LIE IN IT.

    1. Why don’t you stop listening to the media and do 15 min of research and you would see all the good he has done. Or is there too many big words for you?

    1. @JJ The Ronin Vaccine within a small time frame. we all know biden would have kept the country locked down and most likely no vaccine. remember he was saying it was a pipe dream when trump said it will be done very soon.

    1. @Mason Blanchard we could absolutely say the exact same about the democrats with the whole blm and antifa riots,fires,and taking over whole cities but why condemn the whole party because of a few idiots…you can’t and won’t change our down home values maybe yall should be more willing to accept

    2. @All American Perhaps if there was more listening….on BOTH sides, we wouldn’t see this much chaos and anarchy. Instead, we are so self-centered, we don’t care about our fellow man (or woman). We place more blame as opposed to how can I provide more empathy than sympathy, more acceptance than tolerance.

  2. “The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.” -Thomas Jefferson

    1. Incorrect! It will be President Donald J. Trump for 4 MORE YEARS! The storm is almost here.. and they are not ready for it. You sleep while we fight for you.

    2. To be fair, out of all the different ways that one can consider someone to be president, Trump was only the president as a technicality by way of the obsolete outdated and archaic electoral college. He wasn’t the president by any other metric (especially the one that matters most: the actual vote).

    1. He has definitely been acting a fool, and running rampant. He does not know how to control himself! Inciting such such chaos, and expect nothing to come of it, because they have allowed him to act a fool all year long.

  3. Trump after this: “One ONE gets impeached more than me guys, believe me! No one has won more impeachments than me” (hand gestures here)

    1. Oh he’ll have many more attempts of impeachment from the leftist because he will serve 4 more years due to the fact that BIDEN is getting impeached his very first day!

  4. He tried to kill her and now she’s impeaching him for the second time. Poor donnie never gets his way these days.

    1. @MyLady22 I’m not from this country, but even I know that to be impeached, you have to have done something unprecedented and bad. Since biden hasn’t taken office yet and hasn’t doen anything yet ,the thing you’re saying doesn’t make sense. You sound stupid to me .

    2. Hey if you guys weren’t so ignorant then maybe you guys can look it up yourself. He’s a criminal and oh yes he’s done a lot of unprecedented stuff.

  5. “It was a fantastic impeachment , like no impeachment we have seen before “ – Donald Trump

  6. 197 people sooooo caught up in keeping a TITLE and being liked that they almost died, and they still want admit the truth or do the right thing. You can’t serve 2 masters!

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