Trump releases video after being impeached again 1

Trump releases video after being impeached again


In a pre-recorded statement released by the White House, President Donald Trump called for calm but stopped short of conceding the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden or saying the election was conducted fairly. CNN cannot verify when the White House video was recorded.
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  1. Blah blah blah they yelled at me blah blah blah please don’t prosecute me blah blah blah I mean none of what I say but hope it is just enough to satisfy the sycophants blah blah blah grab my putter blah blah blah

    1. Omg. I am still laughing so hard, great comment, brilliantly described Trump to a Tee (pun intended)

    1. Exactly. I think this is the ONLY speech I’ve ever heard from him where hes not bragging about something he allegedly did. He didnt write it of course., which is fine. It was just not believable. He doesn’t believe one word he said. I bet his cult thinks ANTIFA was standing off camera with a gun to his head making him read it.

  2. Surprisingly he knows how to pronounce and enunciate these words that someone else wrote for him that his brain couldn’t produce.

  3. I feel like someone is holding a gun on him off screen…saying threw gritted teeth, now read it,read every bit of it

    1. Trump already gave the leaders of his supporters a heads up. Trump: They making me record this tremendous video, I don’t mean a beautiful covid vaccine word of it! Stand by…..beautifully!

    2. His mommy was on TV saying he is refusing to eat because he only eats organic food.

      He needs to start getting used to dried up baloney sandwiches on stale bread.

  4. Twitter and the PGA have kicked him out and NOW he’s sorry just like the kid only apologises when you take their PlayStation away…

    1. Why would he be sorry .. it’s not Trump supporters who have been responsible for terrorizing civilians, burning their buildings, and murdering kids.
      The world knows which side marched on civilians and which side marched again gov, and the censoring won’t help)

  5. Why didn’t he say these things at that lie of the “Save the Steal” rally(?). Oh that’s right, he hadn’t been impeached yet.

    1. How does this fool go from loving them and caring for then to this fake , pathetic teleprompter…. desperation sure is ugly.

  6. Sounds more like he’s pleading to have his Twitter again. And threw all of his supporters that went to the capital under the bus.

  7. He didn’t talk this way before the insurrection. “Stand back stand by”
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

  8. My man said “rancor.” Lol he didn’t write this. Even so, where was this energy before? Where has it BEEN??

  9. Does he think that everyone forgot how he told his mob supporters after the attack that he “loved them and that they’re special”???

  10. That’s the most presidential thing he’s ever said, but about a week too late… Actually, 4 years too late.

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