Trump accuser fires back at attorney during cross examination

E. Jean Carroll returned to the stand in her civil battery and defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, with the columnist telling the jury about her experience with him in a New York department store in the face of cross-examination from Trump's attorney. CNN's Paula Reid reports, and Former Manhattan Chief Assistant District Attorney Karen Friedman Agnifilo weighs in. #CNN #News


  1. *He sure ain’t experienced on TV…Trying to physically snatch a piece of Paper out of Ari Melber hands live on Air is not a good look kids*

    1. But Ari kept his cool, as always. That was an embarrassing moment for “Mr.” 🌮🍍. He looked foolish trying to grab Ari’s notes during that interview. He was definitely defensive and couldn’t abide Ari’s perfect questioning and cool demeanor. Tacopina [🌮🍍] is disgraceful and hard on the eyes… it’s hard to unsee him. 🤢🤮

    1. “So i learned about roaches and i learned about kids jumping on my lap. And i love kids jumping on my lap” -Biden

  2. That old bootleg Attorney most likely lost the case demonizing Ms. Jean – Carrol on the witness stand. That can be a very tricky thing for a male Lawyer cross examining a female rape victim.

    1. The cases I read about in the newspaper usually have a woman lawyer for a male attacker. Trump seems to have difficulty finding lawyers who would risk never being paid.

    2. @sports fan

      She reported the incident shortly after it happened. Trump has been protected from his crimes for decades.

    1. ​@Bob Bobbington
      Yer so obviously Guilty of the same perverted behavior that you don’t need to advertise it. 😅

  3. Much to noone surprise screaming is generally the last thing that you thinking of. I myself personally froze I couldn’t move I couldn’t speak I barely could breath

    1. I was raped many years ago, and I didn’t make a sound. I was worried that he’d definitely kill me if I screamed.

    2. @sports fan Or it might be that in 2019, New York state passed a law extending the statute of limitation on charging someone with rape from 5 years, meaning that he could be held accountable.

    3. @sports fan She told several friends about it after it happened. She wanted to forget about the horrible thing and move on. She can write about it anytime she feels like it. She didn’t feel like it until she was decades removed from it. She wasn’t planning to take legal action. It was when Trump defamed her that she filed a defamation suit. You do not seem to know much about the facts in this case or anything about rape victims.

  4. I’m surprised Trump lawyer didn’t ask what she wearing to make him abuse her …
    I wish people would understand most of the sexual abuse cases don’t take place in a dark alley,late at night and none around to call for help
    She stayed silent cause she was either in panic,or just to save her life.
    She spoke up when he became super famous,that’s for sure! Seeing him all over the news brings it all back.

    1. There’s a big difference if the assailant is an acquaintance or someone you look up to, as against when the assailant is a complete stranger. The reaction for the first one would be of shock, confusion and freezing (and possibly years of coping and hesitation) while for the second it would be straightforward fight, call for help, and immediate reporting. Clearly this case is the first type.

    2. @Gary Rumain She did, but DT evaded having his DNA sample taken until it was too late to matter. If he was innocent, he could have proven that by giving a sample when he was asked to.

    1. I didn’t scream either. I was definitely in shock. I wasn’t raped though, just groped in public. You really don’t know how you’ll react until you’re in that situation. And you don’t realize how you’ve reacted until you’re out of that situation and have had some time to process what happened. I’m sorry you were raped and I hope you’ve been able to process and heal.

  5. Until you’re in that situation, you’ll never know how you’ll react. Not every victim screams. Some are paralyzed with fear, or trying to grasp what is actually happening, or have 1000 thoughts suddenly racing through their mind and they don’t know what to do…so they do nothing.

    1. In her case, instinctively she just bolted out of that sudden unforeseen violent rape trap, fled for safety.

    2. @Dream Weaver great, that is also a good motivator to finally be brave enough to seek acknowledgement and accountability.

    3. @Dream Weaver It is ONLY your opinion that she is lying!
      It is not factual evidence. Sorry to put your firework out but you don’t know for a fact that she is lying.

  6. Essentially what we are left with is that not only did E. Jean Carrol make the accusation and see the case through to trial, but also subjected herself to the cross examination by taking the stand herself. Any Spanky humping halfwits want to weigh in on why their Mango Messiah, who denies the entire meeting ever even took place at all, isn’t up to that same scrutiny? I wonder why that could be? It’s almost as if Spanky, after a few rounds of friendly witness prep, wasn’t ‘man’ enough (or disciplined enough) to hold up under cross. So was he told by his attorney’s to run and hide because he would only hurt their case? Or was it only after he found out that pleading the fifth several hundred times in front of a jury that can infer that as a negative against you?
    I mean…’d think someone with such a huge ah brain and only the best words, who is always the smartest person in the room and is always the most transparent and honest to have ever walked the face of the Earth would show up and make short work of any sort of allegation like this right? That is……unless….he knows all that bravado is bs AND he is terrified that his halfwit minions might start to clue into that fact.

  7. KFA is the best at breaking down the legal process in a digestible and stimulating way. I love her analysis here and especially on Meidas Touch with Popok…so good!

  8. I kept still and very quiet, afraid out of my mind. It was a surreal experience! How dare they make her screaming or not an issue 😡

    1. Christine Charles – agree that not all rape victims scream or fight back. Many times they freeze or dis-associate from their bodies. Even if she may have consented to kissing she still had the right to not want a full sexual encounter.

    2. Sure… and it was so surreal that she forgot about it for decades and just remembered about it now. People like her only doing this to tarnish some guys reputation…😂

    3. ​​@BeHuman yes she was so disassociated by it that she forgot about it for decades… she just snapped back few year back and remembered about it, sure…😂😂. Yeah or she’s a liar out for her 50 mins of fame..

  9. 10/10/80. Yeah, I remember the date, it’s an easy one to remember. I was 15. A virgin. He was 33. I was 4’10”, 99lbs. He was 6’3″, 190lbs. Nope, I didn’t scream, but there was no one to hear me if I had. I remember everything. But what I remember the most, is sitting in a room full of men, the grand jury, getting accused of ‘asking for it’ (like, WTAF!), of ‘wearing suggestive clothes’, (blue jeans, an oversized turtleneck sweater, scuffed tennis shoes, a backpack with my clarinet in it, over my shoulder, after school – a real sexual she cat for sure!) accused of lying, (there was LOTS of evidence, out there in the middle of the forest, the sheriffs found it all) , of repeatedly being told, by this room full of men, that they somehow thought I had caused this to happen. No, I wasn’t freaking out. No, I wasn’t having any PTSD. I wasn’t weeping. So what? I was PISSED OFF. Not just at the man that raped me, but at the men accusing ME, at 15 yr old girl. A TINY, bookish, shy, 15 yr old girl…. of causing that man to rape me!!!
    Yeah, there IS a reason that women don’t report it when they’ve been raped. I was one of the lucky ones, that was able to turn my fear into rage, pretty much from the moment it happened, up until today. No, I don’t carry it around with me, but the rage at what was done to me always comes back a bit, when I think about that day. No nightmares, which is lucky, as so very, very many women are not, and I weep for my sisters out there, that have been thru this type of assault.
    But yeah, there is definitely a reason women don’t report being raped, and Tacopina’s assault on E Jean Carroll is an example of why. Rape is one of the only crimes where the victim is revictimized, over and over, by a system that has allowed it, for centuries.

    1. So well said Elizabeth. I’m So Sorry for the loss of your innocence and the disgusting let down by Grown Men of bad faith.
      You’re a survivor and a warrior who uses her words and experience for the benefit of us all. ❤

    2. So very sorry that this happened to you and at such a young age. Sending light and love your way. ❤

  10. Trauma screws with your mind. Im not surprised she doesn’t remember the exact date. I was traumatized many times and i cant remember dates months or even the year.

  11. I hope they bring in an expert to explain how victims react in situations like these. It’s so important that people understand that there are not two, but four responses (four F’s).
    Fight, flight, freeze, and fawn.
    Some fight, sure, if they can. Some try to run away or otherwise escape, so that’s flight. But others have an immediate freeze response, where they do nothing at all. Sometimes they will dissociate during the event, or even black out. Lastly, the fawn response, wherein you appease your attacker in the hopes it won’t be as bad if you just do as they want – AND THIS IS COMMON!

    Rape and assault victims already feel plenty of shame about what happened to them because of how they are spoken to or about in this victim blaming culture. The fact is they did whatever they could or could think of to survive, mentally and physically.

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