1. CRAIG B you stole my phrase oomph Satan trump loompha is Antichrist Bill Barr you gave me a good laugh thank You we have the same thoughts 💭

    1. Timmy Robinson when the National Health Service started in the U.K. Immediately after the Second World War,when we were totally broke our doctors fought against it,it took time to bed in but all doctors trained since have accepted it.
      We still have private hospitals for those who want to avoid the waiting lists for non urgent treatment.
      Cancer refural patients must be seen within three weeks,and ALL treatment is free.at the point of delivery.Obviously we pay through our taxes,but the poor and retired are not taxed and even receive free medicines.
      Why The USA refuses to have Medicare for all is a mystery to everyone in Europe,Canada,Australia Scandinavia and beyond.
      You have been lied to by you health industry who want to keep profiting from illness.

    2. ​@Truth 90 what’s the cost of healthcare when you don’t have insurance? Just curious, not from America and trying to understand why everyone against ”

    3. @Jesse Denton that’s why other sane countries who have single payer systems, cap the amount insurance can make and charge, and never ever privatize hospitals. It seems USA is one big “Conflict of Interest” .. for profit hospitals, for profit prisons, lobbyists, gee, what could go wrong with that. USA way to fixated on money.

    1. @atlsarmond I forced myself to watch the entire speech, was truly struck by the number of bored looks on the faces,
      presumably in response to the almost complete lack of meaningful substance and even sheer stupidity he offered.

  1. At first i thought Trump was evil.
    Then I thought he might actually have dementia.
    Nailed it the first time.

    1. Vicki Messner Satan trump is murder he has killed 125,000+ Americans are dead and there dying from left and right at massive amount he is saving statutes not life’s he has failed Americans and the world he protects all his Autocrat he praises himself everyday I am the only that say vote me me I will make sure that they take gun away I’m the only one that has so much for the black and brown communities than the other President I will repeal and replace Obama Care I make sure that people that have compromised conditions I will make sure again I am the only that has done more then any other President me me me this now it is time to take America back from Satan trump vote vote vote 🗳

    2. @Irene Beltran expect is to pass 200,000 soon, as a lot of states are on a huge upswing. trump wants to gaslight the existence of the virus by eliminating testing. if he accomplishes that, he will deny people are dying from the virus. he may even try to sign an executive order to stop the medical field to diagnose anyone with COVID19

  2. This is the time for SOCIALIZED MEDICINE!
    Look at Europe’s numbers and look at ours.
    🇺🇸Trump for prison 2021!🇺🇸

    1. Trump hate his country, he is a Corona Murder, he is a South State Rassist, sponsert by daddies pocket, a liar and a fake.
      He is damaging and make America poor again.
      Corrupt and selfish,
      Selected by kkk, nazis, and cowboys with revolver.
      I m from Germany, we are doing very well with Corona and a small number of Corona deaths.
      Because we are the world best country, for many reasons.
      No police, who killing black people, health care for everybody by our government, prisons with human behaviors, less crime, no weapons on the streets, no gangs, a little bit of Mafia, but not that much as Trumps criminals.

    2. @Norris Freund there have been racist murders committed by the police in Germany but the numbers aren’t even comparable

    1. I’d prefer trump to be jailed at Guantanamo, and have him convicted as a traitor, and the get the punishment that comes with that charge. I’d like to see a military court try him, as he is the commander in chief of the military. (for now)

    2. @Marco Tonta Just put him in a jail that’s majority minority people. The ones he’s discriminated against the most. Leave it to them to decide his fate.

    3. @Dientera – The Raging Gentleman oh good idea, didn’t think about that. thanks, i’ll dream of that tonite.

    1. hugh jorgan : Who handed President Obama a pile of crap and disorder to sift through and fix in the first place, another Republican president. Although that president was not nearly as bad and overt with his dealings as the current Resident in the White House! But, in all of the back tracking some people are doing, the fact that he was a horribly incompetent president that handed off a pile of crap to President Obama isn’t acknowledged. And now we have the worst president in history who doesn’t appear to give a damn about the average American, but who will do any and everything to please American rivals! The “Tik Tok Teens” have the right idea, the looney in chief needs to be stopped!

    2. @hugh jorgan you’re grasping at straws, which is more than anyone can say for donny. He’s finished, kaput, terminal, gone like last week’s wages.

    3. Mickey E It’s a trip how you can’t like a person of color without being a racist we all know who the real races are

    1. the ACA has been screwing most of us for going on a decade now. We told you when it was passed that it wasn’t solvent and it would not reduce Healthcare cost. Just wait and see is what we wrre told. Well here we are still waiting.

    2. Trump is trying to do a NERO when he is gone make sure nothing will be left of America.and barr will make sure EVERYTHING is destroyed.

    3. yes, he even see’s his base as his enemies, he was complaining how all they do is take from him, and do not praise him enough. he’s turning on them and all the american people, he will try and do as much damage as he can now. i would even expect him to launch some nukes to trigger a third world war before he is forced out of office.

    4. Yeah, Kio. He really is.
      He really doesn’t like people. All people.
      Not everybody sees it.
      But he really is.

    1. @Eli Rtf because we don’t have a Democratic president at the moment. Do you have any other whataboutism?

  3. Remember when Hitler shot himself in the foot repeatedly as World War two turned against him? I see so many similarities with Trump’s self-destructive behaviour today. Sadly, the victim of this lunacy is America, itself.

    1. Check out Charles Manson’s story, he and drump share multiple crazy personality disorders. Jim Jones too.

  4. “He is a most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of not one good quality.”
    Shakespeare. ‘As You Like It’ Act 3, scene 6.

  5. He is so evil. He actually enjoys making people’s lives worse. He’s a psychopath and a malignant narcissist!

    1. Marco Tonta
      He became president to save America ..
      Save America from the party of Jim Crow.. the party of Robert Byrd..
      The part of the confederates… the party of the ka ka ka …
      You know that they just legalised discrimination in California?
      You know that Chicago’s murder rate is higher than Afghanistan?
      You know that all the racist policies are a product of the Democrats?
      You know that more republicans voted for the civil rights act than the democrats?
      You know that Democrats fought a civil war to make sure slavery stayed?
      And if the past is the past and we need to move on, then stop trying to tear down statues.. and if the past is important and things need to be torn down for it.. then don’t cry when someone brings up George flyd crimal record … you and your party of death and hypocrisy are the psychopaths.. the narcissists.. the racists.. you and your party are complete garbage. Always were.. always will be..

    2. He is a product of America. Karma for the way president Obama was treated. Americans with their hate and racism manifested Donald trump.

    3. @Thrill Me the parties ideologies have switched completely…making your whole rant null and void…

  6. Now that he knows he isn’t going to win he is gonna put his wrath on all of America. He has never cared about the people that voted for him and they need to realize that!

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