1. You are easily persuaded by packaging while having no concern for content. You are too deep for me.

    1. @Letitia Walsh OOps sorry Lettia I misconstrued your statement I’m on your side 👍👍 I’ve been responding to way too many left wing degenerates this evening Time for me to switch gears Go Trump 2020 , 2024 , 2028 etc !!!

    2. @Darryl Gora HOW STUPID ARE YOU? Omg. China IS NOT CHINATOWN. You are honestly so stupid it’s laughable.

  1. That is certainly a ruthlessly efficient way to win an election: Kill Everyone! Novel re-election strategy indeed!

    1. What about all the idiots that dont wear a mask properly? What about all the “protests” in which people are physically exerting themselves raising their heart rate and rate of breathing causing them to expel larger volumes of air from thier lungs more rapidly? Pleb

  2. The reason why he won’t Weare a mask because he got Orange Cheeto residue on his face…

    1. Amanda De Wet EXACLY . But these fools are so bent of hating this President that they can’t see reason. I hope these fools get what they are wishing for because there will be no turning back it will be the end of American as the world once new it for propping thing up and our freedom . If Braiden gets in then all you lefties will end up wishing that Trump was back . So sad to sad .

    2. KING LEO THE GREAT are going for a down fall. Here to day gone tomorrow pride before a fall. 🤫

    3. Darryl Gora sorry but these people do not have a sense of sense ability in there little pea brains.

    4. @Gayle Todd I believe your president bathes in Cheeto residue his wife don’t want to touch him.. I believe Barron Trump ain’t his son.. and he always want to make out with his own daughter how sick and pathetic this guy is

    1. and thanks to Trump MILLIONS more HAVE a job too. remember the chosen one telling us that “jobs are leaving and they aint coming back? so get used to it!” Trump came in and reversed it and now MILLIONS more have a job to be SAFE in.

    1. ​@Nadine Black *suggest – cause one to think that (something) exists or is the case*

      *might – expressing a possibility based on an unfulfilled condition*

      if you don’t understand basic English, how do you expect to understand complex scientific issues?

    2. @Nadine Black That’s very untrue and was proven wrong in clinical trials. You’re using outdated evidence to prove your point.
      FDA- “Based on ongoing analysis and emerging scientific data, FDA has revoked the emergency use authorization (EUA) to use hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat COVID-19 in certain hospitalized patients when a clinical trial is unavailable or participation is not feasible. We made this determination based on recent results from a large, randomized clinical trial in hospitalized patients that found these medicines showed no benefit for decreasing the likelihood of death or speeding recovery. This outcome was consistent with other new data, including those showing the suggested dosing for these medicines are unlikely to kill or inhibit the virus that causes COVID-19.”


    3. @Septimo Rains your logic is a little shaky, but those are young people, who we were told from day one didn’t have to worry about getting sick, and certainly didn’t have to worry about dying. they can spread it just as easily as anyone else though.

      that said, if they really cared about black lives, they’d follow the guidelines set out be the CDC.

  3. It’s official, we have an idiot running our country, and he’s making more idiots with his bs

    1. America is the Laughing stuck of the world for having this giy as president its CLEAR He dont Care about You all not even His Own Voters he care about idiots!.

    2. YES, WE DID!!! but thank God he was not able to stand for a third term and Trump got in because Killary is/was and ALWAYS will be a disaster on two legs. 😉

    3. @Baba Ganush Naw they didn’t know how to create a meme, didnt have any narratives at that time and had to start stealing them from plagiarizing us. Its ok tho, we have so many and so much bigger surprises coming and once they come out for all to witness nobody can be able to undermine it all because live videos & feeds, documents and live witness’s is and will be more than enough evidence to prosecute them all world wide.
      None of these Democratic leaders will be able to walk a street again. Same will go for these media personnel You should be more open than close minded, it took me a long time to find out what the hells was going on and when I did it freaked me out. You need to think for yourself rather than keep listening to all this doom & gloom these liars spew out 20 times a day..

    1. Dont wear the masks. Masks let them now how many ppl are brainwashed and will give up their right over fake news

    2. @Peggy Levenstein Youre absolutely wrong. You are going to get ppl killed because of your ignorance

    1. @Daniel Doucet is a paid shill.
      He would not know a Marxist if one walked up and kicked him in the shins.

    1. he does not need a mask, because he DOES NOT need a mask. what idiot thinks that a virus can not get through a mask?

    1. Someone else In this thread mentioned that too. I never considered that before…😳🤯. Omg is that really OUR president?

    2. Agree, I think he has to decide on whether to wear a mask or his make up, because he can’t do both.

    1. @dicklaurantisdead leading a country is not a ball weighing contest.
      Besides I got a hundy that says trudeau has bigger than Trump.
      A second hundy says he would pants Donnie small hands and spank him in any physical encounter.
      Flaccid old men talk.
      That’s it.

    1. @Daniel Doucet he has lied to us from the beginning and He is still lying. Thousands of Americans are dying but he is oblivious and simply doesn’t care.

    1. Socialist Democrats can’t hear the warnings of Venezuela. You’re worried about Covid as you protest in the streets and spread it more. How do you plan to recover from the spread besides blaming Trump. You act as if you can hurt him personally, but you’re not hurting the US as a whole.

  4. Trumpers would all have worn masks if trumb had marketed a good looking mask “Make usa great again” and encouraged them.

    1. he IS setting an example. SHOWING and PROVING the cheap alternatives are the SOLUTION!!! you’re MSM should be celebrating he is not wearing a mask and taking “that toxic poisonous” drug. because IF the MSM is right, he’ll die. BUT what will you and the MSM say IF Trump is right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVDuMk-WZqE

    1. @Desdenova Wow, is some rudimentary sarcasm too difficult for your little mind to wrap around? Karen.

    2. @Buddy Martin Get rid of the 24 American billionaires who own more wealth than half the people on the planet. Let’s start there!

  5. Mike Pence was just called out to his face for his administration holding rallies and not following his OWN guidelines.

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