Trump administration secretly obtained CNN reporter's phone and email records 1

Trump administration secretly obtained CNN reporter’s phone and email records


The Trump administration secretly sought and obtained the 2017 phone and email records of a CNN correspondent, the latest instance where federal prosecutors have taken aggressive steps targeting journalists in leak investigations.
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  1. “They’re saying bad things about me. They must be punished.” -The Narcisistic Orange Potato

  2. If you didn’t know, here is another confirmation that your emails, your messages and your texts are not a secret……
    When they encourage you to save your info and photo in the cloud, you need to realize that they are asking to give it to them.

  3. Barbara Starr was not the subject of their investigation but they looked into her emails

  4. The DOJ was trying to catch the leaker in the pentagon that was communicating with this reporter.

    1. @potatochobit I dont know the info about this just wondering if whistleblowers shouldn’t be prosecuted for whatever the reason may be.

    2. @Tristan Cummings No the one he was whistling about was threatening national security, so in that case he’s a hero.

    1. @Natalie Mickolajak At least they weren’t racist. The current administrations hates Blacks, Whites, and Jews. Can’t forget that so many of the racists are emboldened to the point of not hiding it anymore. Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago says only Black & Brown journalists matter to her.

  5. Karma is such a Garland! Bet you wish he was on the bench now! Slimy administration from the top ALL THE WAY to the insurrectionist! They all deserve to be in jail!

  6. Proof they don’t need to inject chips in our arms because they already can get your info if they want it

    1. Don’t you know? The oxygen you breathe already has a pre-programmed kill program. If you hear/read the wrong phrase, your insides with liquify! You must plug up everything!

    2. @CharlyDeamen dude be careful.. someone might think you’re serious and kill themselves xD

    3. @prod. MORPHINE I’m operating on a strictly FOXian basis. No reasonable individual can take my comment seriously.

    1. @thor odin dude just let people celebrate that Drumpf Orange Hitler Straight White Man Bad is out of office ww3s gonna come up and nobody will gaf what politics u follow

    1. You say that until you realize the NSA is probably able to tell if you ate corn for dinner last night

  7. Everyone should check out and listen to this gentleman that goes by Behizy here on YouTube I appreciate all he does

    1. That would be nice. He was probably one of the worst AGs in modern history. Did nothing to protect the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

  8. This is what happens when the NSA starts claiming that they’re fighting the “war on terror”

    1. Yeah but they name it something warm and fuzzy like the patriot act. Sadly both parties have terrible records in this regard.

  9. If you have a phone, your privacy has been violated illegally!!! They don’t care. The government thinks they own you!! And these people, in the government don’t care about your rights. We need to find out who all of these people are that are getting all up in our private lives and buisness and bring this to an end!

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