Should Ottawa regulate internet giants? “Nobody has the perfect solution,” says expert | TREND LINE Rachel Aiello and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos are back with another episode of Trend Line.

On today's episode Rachel and Nik discuss how military misconduct and Canada鈥檚 vaccine rollout have intersected, and how it ranks as an issue of concern for Canadians.

And, as the world starts to reopen, how do Canadians feel about the strength of Canada's economy?

After the break Elizabeth Dubois, a digital media and political communications professor from the University of Ottawa, joins the chat to discuss the Liberal government's Bill C-10 and other online regulation aims. How will these policies affect our lives online and will they achieve what the government intends?

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A note for our listeners: Nik Nanos is an honourary captain in the Royal Canadian Navy.

During the discussion, the video streaming service Crave is mentioned. Crave is owned by Bell Media, which also owns CTV News.

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  1. YES! The internet “giants” have become far, FAR too greedy and are ripping Canadians off. We pay some of the highest rates in the world and our internet still sucks in much of Canada.

    1. That has nothing to do with Google or FB or Twitter. Your internet costs are local services from Rogers or Bell or TELUS etc…

    2. Thats the CRTC and your ISP(Rodgers, Telus) you’re labeling as “internet giants”. Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc aren’t the ones determining your internet and telcom bills. Please try to actually understand the situation if you’re going to have such a strong opinion on it.

  2. Like they regulate cell phone data price, or how about Tv & cable. when is $200 a month for tv and Internet fair for anyone, except the four family’s 馃槙馃槕 who own : Rogers, Bell, Shaw, and Telus.

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  3. Sure I think Canadians can trust a phsycopathic dope addict and a convicted criminal to make the proper choices on any issue. Only in Canada eh !

  4. For a long time, Canadians have been okay with censoring those with whom they disagree.
    Now suffer the seeds that you have sown.
    Those who lost their freedoms because of you will not come to your aid.
    *_[Laughs in beer and popcorn]_*

  5. Nobody has the perfect solution????
    This should be a straight NO!! It shouldn鈥檛 even be a question.

  6. The last thing we need is the most inept and corrupt government Canada has ever seen pushing though this kind of legislation.

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