Trump agrees to budget deal, but GOP is split on it

President Donald Trump tweeted that he and Congressional leaders in both chambers have reached an agreement on a budget deal. The proposal includes a significant boost in defense spending in exchange for a significant boost in domestic spending, a raise on spending limits of $321 billion over two years, and a suspension of the debt limit until July 31, 2021.
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    1. @Andy Ortiz We were in a recession before Bush took office and 8 months after, all cause of Bill Clinton you keep blaming the Republicans when its the Democrats that keep causing recessions cause of the crazy taxes they keep adding and job killing regulations. We can’t reduce anything cause of the democrats wanna keep spending our money on other countries, handout free everything to everyone and anyone.

    2. @DroidMod also for all those regulations that killed jobs Obama also lowered unemployment to record numbers and taxes have only been raised on the upper class or so called millionaires. Yes Obama could have done more to help the middle class once we where coming out of the recession but by then McConnell and gang ran the Senate and where not interested in helping him make this a better nation for all. They where actively blocking him just to point out how infective he is. Just like they are doing to the house right now with all the bills passed that he refuses to have the Senate look at.

    3. @Andy Ortiz Raising taxes on the wealthy was a wrong choice cause 3/4 of them moved money over seas which does not get taxed. What part don’t you understand that democrats are the ones sending jobs to other countries cause their policies. Those jobs in other countries were the jobs paying taxes here, now they’re paying 0$ taxes with 0% tariffs. That’s making other countries richer with more jobs, cause those billionaires don’t need us but we need them. This then put all the stress on middle class people….

  1. Ever wonder why America always stock up on the latest weapon systems?

    It’s primarily to scare off her debt collectors😂

    1. It’s because the US are arms dealers to Saudis, Russia , China , NK and any others to get rich off of

    1. @Elijah Culper Just so you know, while Social security is an entitlement it is because the public who work pay into it so that when they reach retirement age they are entitled to the money they receive. Much like if you pay into a 401k through your workplace you become entitled to any matching funds your employer pays into after working a certain amount of time. The real place to cut expenses is in the amount of defense spending that gets paid to defense contractors and the military-industrial complex. Social Security is supposed to be separate from the budget so that the government cannot take money from there for other things but there has been money taken from the fund by politicians on both parties.

    2. MBF Sure! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

    3. Oline Wright
      It’d be great if it really worked that way, but it doesn’t. Social security works less like a 401k and more like a Ponzi scheme. The money you pay doesn’t go into an interest bearing account for you to get back later. It goes straight to the payments of the people who are currently drawing benefits. Because of poor governmental management, increased life expectancy, and the sheer volume of baby boomers there is substantially more money going out of the social security system than coming in. It’s the biggest chunk of our budget and it’s a system that isn’t even close to being solvent. Social security was a promise made to the American people by generations of politicians that was a lie. The program is a leach on our country’s finances. And the only way to balance the budget is to do things like means testing, dramatically raising the retirement age, and in some cases cutting off benefits. A person’s retirement plan should be their savings and their children. Not the government.

  2. We need to cut every politicians salary in half, increase pensions and require full public disclosures of their earnings so they can be compared to contributions whilst in office.

    1. Yes, every politician should have to disclose were they get money. Heck they should have to wear their sponsors logos on their suits.

  3. Trump: ” You should have known that I was a complete fraud and con-man when you voted for me. I literally told you that I was The King of Debt for crying out loud. So if you didn’t know that I was fraud, then the jokes on you. Don’t blame me, blame yourself.” 😆
    Make America Regret Again.😆

    1. Well, we don’t really need to have a movement against the Kenyan dictator when our Glorious MAGA Leader is in office. HAIL TRUMP!!! 🤚🤚🤚

  4. Is this really the business man the American people bargained for. i don’t think so. He’s doubled the national debt.

    1. @ nemonucliosis …Trump is projected to add as much debt as Obama if he served the equivalent time in office, the difference is that Obama took over an economy after a global financial crisis, according to Trump these are supposed to be boom times. I notice you completely ignored the part about Trump pumping obscene amounts into the Military Industrial Complex too, though I can understand you wanting to ignore that. Before you accuse me of being a Democrat or Obama support, I am not, unlike you I have identified ALL sides of politics are corrupt.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek and you completely ignored that the US bombed 7 countries under obama with the military industrial complex..But it’s okay because unlike me, you identified ALL sides as corrupt.

    3. Frederick Meens Sure! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

  5. STOP wasting money on golf fancy dinners space force and other stupid crap. Obviously this rich guy has no idea how to budget

  6. Highest national debt in history, and we call this a good economy. The average person on minimum wage is struggling like never before. Rich people doing well is not a effective economy.

    1. nemonucliosis
      I know this isn’t an effective economy If you have to work all day just to pay the bills.

    2. Happy Castle Sure! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

    3. Downright Dutch ur Moran keep voting for people who does things against your interest in the long run I hope you lose your healthcare and you get cancer so you can learn

  7. MAGA hat owners don’t care. Ask one, if you don’t believe this. They will just blame Obama.

  8. Elected government officials should work for free. Not make six figures for going to D.C. and fighting each other.

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