Rep. Omar calls audience member’s question ‘appalling’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) pushed back on an audience member's "appalling" question about female genital mutilation at the Muslim Caucus Education Collective's 2019 Conference.
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  1. If I was to live and be a priminister of any country I would pay her big money to come in and fix it for us.that is a powerful leadership in her .

    1. COWBOYS fan1980 I don’t like trump but they ask him they same questions all the time and we (dems) get mad when he doesn’t answer all the time

    2. We call that deflection.. people will continue to ask her until she gives a definitive yes / no answer

    3. @Dorian Shades of gray and we will never get a true answer from her..She follows the religion of Islam therefore she follows The Quran which states they are allowed to lie by deception – also known as ‘taqiyya’, to further their agenda (agenda being world domination of Islam to be the only religion)they are commanded to oust the infidel ( Jewish, Christians)and secure all land for their god allah

  2. Being intelligent has its drawbacks. You are only being understood by a certain percentage of the population. The rest will construe your words to suit their prejudices.

  3. I’m not gonna lie, I love that she makes me laugh with her sarcasm. She’s able to make her point through sarcasm.

    1. explain exactly what she is right about and can you quote the exact time date and example of when she ever did condemn terrorism and Islamic extremism?

  4. She has a point. There are three Muslims In Congress and ten Mormons….sorry, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. None of the latter have been asked to condemn plural marriage, the total lack of women in ecclesiastical office, or any of the other beliefs the general public may find abhorrent. Did I forget to mention the fact they didn’t let African Americans into leadership until after Orrin Hatch was first elected to the Senate.

    Oh and don’t get me started on the Roman Catholics in Congress, (163 of them) who never get asked to daily condemn the historical abuse of children by some in their priesthood.

    If I was made to constantly defend a group of people associated with me, I’d get sick of it too.

    1. Omar actually voted in favor of FGM in 2016 it’s on the record in the Minnesota House of Representatives , it made National news.

      Now she is deflecting and playing the poor me card like she always does… Would you like me to show you a link to prove what I said?

    1. davids11131113 no she didn’t. How many catholic politicians are constantly asked to condemn child rapes in the Catholic Church? She already addressed these things and they constantly ask her over and over again.

    2. @George H FGM keeps happening over and over again. Maybe when we protect children from this atrocity the questions about child protection will also stop.

    3. She’s an American congresswoman who was elected fairly by her constituents, unlike someone who got help from the Russians and on top of that lost the popular vote, so it’s due time for all u trumptards to get use to her now.

      And for those of u who are accusing her of being anti-semite, the topic nor the video was about jews, so go take ur victim card and cry a river somewhere else.

    4. @Abdirahman K It was a good question. Too bad the sucky media didn’t use this as an opportunity to educate the public about how this continues to happen to girls. Changing the focus to Omar’s hurt feelings is pretty scummy behavior from mainstream media. They don’t care about children drinking lead or FGM, apparently.

    5. Fleur Bandito so is priest raping little kids. But do you see people constantly ask catholic law maker this all the time? Fgm is already illegal just like child rape buddy so that is whole lot of bullshit!

    1. @InfernodeYou call Trump supporters racist, but why are Democrats paying black people to raise their kids in single parent house holds just so they can get more votes? It’s not racism causing fatherless households, it’s your party. The party of the KKK.

    2. @A that stuff ur saying is only cool at a trump rally…real world and real human beings have no respect for that stupid, racist, stereotypical bs…u get the donkey of the day..

  5. What a great response!!! That is how to punish hypocrites who ask stupid questions. Great job, Rep Omar.

    1. @Fleur Bandito Also why has the msm ignored the child trafficking and pedophiles that Trump is removing.
      They are pretty quite on the Epstein case.
      Ignoring the border crisis,and keeping the true facts hidden from their viewers was sick.
      Children in cages ffs,they were safer there than being sold by the cartel for sex or a free pass into America.
      What went on in Epstein’s underground pagan chambers,
      CNN tell the people what is going on,we get it you hate Trump,but there is other news out there

  6. Wow. Much respect. She handled that question very well and let there be no doubt that she fully.opposses FGM.

    1. Why is she not antimuslim male?So much hatred to white men who don,t treat white women as bad as muslim men treat muslim women even making them walk 10 feet behind them.

    2. She didn’t answer the question. She complained about having to answer it, then she didnt. You guys are so slow. Maybe its that ole islam inbreeding. No wonder you hate dogs, they are much smarter than you.

    3. @Cal Salamanca
      She has denounced them more than enough.
      She shouldn’t have to address the same issue *every* *fucking* *time* someone brings it up, especially when they ask such questions with ulterior motives.

    4. @Cal Salamanca really?more mindless name calling..
      Get back to us when you grow up.
      Stop acting like your on the schoolyard

  7. BTW, I said nothing about religions, criminals, or racism. Putting words in my mouth?
    Well, we can all see where you are coming from. Bathsheba happens to be a Hebrew

  8. Ilhan l love you, ilhan didn’t say anything anti Semitic at all, she just opposed right wing apartheid administration of Israel, that’s all

    1. LoL intelligent?? My five-year-old niece is a hundred times smarter and could speak way better English than this Somali Witch

    1. She is a congresswoman. If she didn’t want the scrutiny, she should have never run for office.

    2. @family lowe I believe she thought no one would discover her legitimate name,her father must be panicking now.
      If in fact he did flee Somalia from the law,after his involvement in murder and drugs ,he might get sent back.
      There are so many twists and turns in the Omar/Elmi background it is hard to keep track.
      I will wait and see what Tom Fitton uncovers,

    3. @fran bran My biggest issue is that MSM and YouTube is pushing the narratives from the online sude, while CNN and MSNBC work the other, TV audience.

      These people are evil, but they will be judged. Justice will come eventually.

    1. @Ian Alan Yes I do I would like also everybody in the world every religion every contry has peace

    2. @abdoul aziz sembene I appreciate your wishing peace to all. The United States department of State has deemed Hamas to be a terrorist organization. Perhaps you are not American but Omar is an American congresswoman that supports terrorists. As do you obviously.

  9. This is the same climate that wanted Black people to “denounce Farrakhan” in the 1980s. That type of rhetoric is very selective!

  10. I can’t wait till this congresswomen is voted out

    So polerizing,and whats worse, what a anti semitic B***

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