Sources: Trump irritated ahead of Mueller testimony

President Donald Trump has spent the last several days on the phone and in conversation with aides and allies discussing special counsel Robert Mueller's upcoming testimony, CNN has learned. Instead of anxiety, the President has expressed irritation at having to watch the man who has shadowed his presidency sit down before two congressional committees on July 24.
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  1. So the DOJ obstructs justice in order to try and prove that the president didnt?
    Edit: idk guys it sounds like at least witness tampering to me

    1. J Groovy@ Except the Russians met, one was working for fusion GPS and the other had worked on special sensitive cases for the US State Department…both working for the Democrats at the time.

    2. @Ardiva Chambers Please stand and place your right hand over your heart. Begin: I pledge disloyalty to the democrats passed out on the streets in San Francisco; and to the needles and bags of crap junkies leave behind, one sanctuary city, under the DNC, without dignity and respect for all.

    3. @J Groovy – Why is the burden on me? You are the one who said there is no deep state. So, go ahead. Tell us how you know that.


    1. @Skip Player I strongly doubt he’s a leftists. Most leftists, including me, don’t really care about the Mueller report.

    1. Why would we be afraid of the fact that the report found no solid or direct evidence of a crime.

    1. All his Trumpanzee cult members will thumb it down too. Only decent American patriots like to watch real news.

  2. Mueller has done the work has the facts and needs to say it tomorrow. trump will immediately go out and tell his base dont believe what u see and hear, they will not even care what happens

    1. We believe the Mueller report. It says no crime of collusion, and no evidence of obstruction either way!!

    2. @Aaron Weiser The mueller report does NOT say their was no evidence of obstruction. Quite the opposite. Over 1,000 fed prosecuters,including hundreds of republicans,have come foward to say the would prosecute anyone else with these charges. See the difference now between your demented fantasy world and actual reality?

    3. @Guy Randolf if it’s so DAMMING , then why isn’t he impeached?? The answer is because the report is a dud!!

  3. Trump admitted to obstruction of justice on national tv when he told Lester Holt that he fired Comey because he wouldn’t end the Russia investigation. So after the not so stable genius admitted to obstruction of justice, Trump’s minister of propaganda, Sarah Sanders, later tried to protect Trump from obstruction allegations by telling a blatant lie. During a press briefing, she offered a different rationale for Comey’s firing. She said that “countless members of the FBI” had contacted her to say they had lost confidence in Comey, the implication being that Trump was merely acting in response to the wishes of FBI rank-and-file when he decided to fire him.😂😄

    We now know from the Mueller report, that when the time came for Sanders to be interviewed under oath by investigators working for the special counsel, her story suddenly changed. She told the special counsel’s team that her comment about FBI agents contacting her to express concerns about Comey was actually a “slip of the tongue” that was not based on anything.

    We now know that Trump tried to get Sessions and McGahn to do a repeat of Nixon’s Saturday night massacre, and fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. McGahn even threatened to quit because he said that Trump was trying to get him to do some Krazy 💩.

  4. Trump should be. He cover is getting thin. Better win in 2020 or you will be in a cell with the rest of your cabinet.

    1. @Christopher Edwards
      oh, so, you watch Fox News, huh? tsk tsk…..stick to MSNBC….waaayyy funnier. Maddow is hilarious!!! especially with the sound off!!

      anyway, i dont have to read the report, Chris.
      since you read it all i have to do is ask you the following questions ——

      1. did Mueller indict Trump for any crimes? no.
      2. is it a prosecutor’s job to exonerate anyone? no.
      3. was Mueller influenced not to indict by DoJ regulations? no.
      4, are we innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? yes.
      5. therefore Trump is not guilty of anything. bottom line.

      now, i’m just a HS kid but i have an open mind & if there is something i’m missing, if there is some other outcome you expect, lemme know, i am willing to be educated.

      also, & i mean no offense, since polls show that most normal people couldn’t care less about this bullsh&t at this point, you must be one of the few butt hurt lefties still trying to win the 2016 election. am i right?

    2. Jenn smith but of course I watch Fox for r entertainment. News I seek on reputable channels.

    3. Hingle Mckringleberry most, over the last two years, have forgotten congresses actual job of oversight. Mueller’s testimony is simply to inform those who rely on news what is really in the report. For those who don’t or cant read, the testimony become Important in forming the public discourse. The investigation is over. The processing has only begun.

    4. @Jenn smith So why are you trying to stop Mueller? What’s Trump afraid of?
      Those two questions show how full of crap all you trolls are.

    1. Ummm trump does claim innocence. But you watch propaganda news with edit sound bites so you wouldn’t know.

    2. projeckt2501 Sure! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

  5. Does anyone else think Trump sounds like an older version of Tony Soprano? “They got nothin’”!

    1. @Mr Jones he’s so impotent he became the president & created best economy in history, lowest unemployment 4 blacks, Hispanics & women in history, record high stock market, negotiating peace between North & south Korea & first president in 70 yrs to step into NK. Sooooo impotent lol.

    1. @Puppy power Far better than being a Racist, Treasonous, Republican. It’s sad that we’ve come to a point in History when Nazi’s are in higher standing than Republicans. SMH

    1. Not Kellyann she out in media fighting the for crooked President 45 Melina need to put him in her lap tonight

  6. Trump pretending he won’t be watching. He’ll be glued to the screen with his phone logged in to Twitter.

    1. Yeah he’ll probably start the war tomorrow right maybe drop a nuclear bomb on Iran that wouldn’t even surprised me I would not even be surprised

    2. Garrett wigums I bet just as Mueller is sworn in there’ll be a false flag alert in an attempt to steal the news coverage with a “breaking news” about some staged event (most likely orchestrated and conducted by Israel to help their puppet trump. Then the following day some air strikes or something to keep the news away from any aftermath of Mueller and shift the news conversation to the trump’ed up crisis. To make Mueller’s testimony old and irrelevant news

    3. The Republicans, now trumpublicans, don’t need to be distracted. They all know trump is a corrupt criminal. Otherwise they wouldn’t fight so hard together with trump to obstruct justice and fight so hard to hide every evidence that proves trump’s alleged innocence.They just don’t care trump is a corrupt criminal and want him to stay at any cost. For their own benefit.

    1. Bar has already asked Mueller if he, Barrr, has taken liberty. Mueller has said there was no evidence to charge Trump. Also, the Dems have given the evidence to charge Trump, but NO ONE has taken the supposed bait. I guess I’ll read pages 18 and 80 or 82 again. Stil, Mueller and others who have readers the whole report have case against Trump. Otherwise, the Dems could have brought charges long ago.

    2. Lord, preside over Mueller’s testimony.. Paralyze those who try to distort the truth. Bring the truth to light and expose the darkness

    3. Sumora Sure! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

    1. You know…ANY time a person types the word “libtard”, I can immediately tell that their family tree has no branches. 🤦🏾

    2. @Danny P your entire arguement summed up: “People like you cannot even understand our current president.”

      Perhaps because he lives in a different reality than most of us.

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