Trump sues to prevent release of his tax returns

President Donald Trump has filed suit in federal court in Washington, DC, against the House Ways and Means Committee, the New York state attorney general and the New York tax commissioner to prevent the disclosure of his tax returns.
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  1. The patriot that avoids the drafts; the genius that hides his grades; the successful business man who hides his tax returns.

    1. @vargas machuca
      Can I interest you in my new range of millinery products? All meticulously hand crafted from the finest Bacofoil and double layered to protect against all mind control signals, Human and alien alike.

    2. @Patricia Blea
      According to the bits that have been dug up, from year books etc, we know he was a dumb student, he did not pass well, in fact his pass was most likely purchased. US Ivy league=over rated in most cases.

    3. Yeah, he’s so innocent, he has to keep all witnesses from testifying and block all document requests… because you know, he doesn’t have anything to hide.

    4. @Michael Lee
      Waddya tryin’ say, they got nothin’ see nothin’, we gotta stop da doirty rats speakin’ see.

    1. Freddy Ghost …you’re a prime example of the small suggestive population of America who are unable to recognize a lie if you were choking on it or…your morals are such that you’re simply ok with having a corrupt and liar of a POTUS! You say Trump has done more to stop corruption than any other POTUS? Is that why half the Cabinet that he appointed has been fired/resigned and replaced with sycophantic “Temps” who are completely suggestive?

    2. There is not going to be any impeachment. There was no obstruction of justice. Shut up already CNN.

    3. Henry A. Escobar you apparently don’t own a tv with access to the Mueller Testimony happening as I type! There is enough to impeach Trump 10 times over! You’re basically a sycophant who are one of the guys loading the 5th avenue murder weapon! Moreover you will stand witness as to go on FOX so you can slap some backs and exclaim…”HE SHOT THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE BYSTANDERS…REAL GOOD!…MAGA! Trump 2020!” You better start thinking of changing your personal ethos because this corrupt POTUS is eventually going to jail when he loses 2020!

  2. He doesn’t want to release them because. It will show he’s putting his business interest before the american people interest.

    1. It will show that, the wealth and success he is bragging about, has long been gone, it will only show the remains of his bail out money they gave him when he went bankrupt for the 6th time, his debt has been payed off by the Zionist international mafia.. so he will be their nice little puppet. They control the USA.

  3. He also said he wouldn’t take a pay as president and he also said he wouldn’t take a day off work too much to do.. No even three years and he’s already golf 200 times.. Only the Demented trumpist gobble his ESCREMENT.

  4. Isn’t Trump a lovely person? Suing his own government so he doesn’t have to be honest with the American people.

    1. @Alix Dickson Sure but I’m not the one acting to have the moral high ground, while destroying multiple people’s in favor of Zionist Israel and the UK/USA elite.

    1. FUN FACTS
      1. There are only 2 genders
      2. Women do not have dicks and men cannot give birth
      3. democrats cannot meme

    1. It makes sense. The government cant go around showing my tax returns to anybody because I am an American. What makes you think they can do him that way. Call it what it is.

    2. @Alix Dickson Many here are waiting for you to cite a single instance of a president suing Congress. I couldn’t find any other than those involving Wussolini.

    3. @Shane Funk no one is saying that the can show it around to anyone. The law provides authority to Congress to obtain and review tax returns. Spanky wants to disregard the law as part of his attempt to seize dictatorial power.

    4. You seem really worried about his tax returns. Are you worried about mine also? I got news for you buddy. That is our business. You need not be worried about my tax returns either. How bout that.

  5. It’s just like the UK ambassador suggested; he’s incompetent, illiterate, irrational, inept, insecure and most important, in debt.

  6. MY GOD! This unbelievable…basically EVERYONE on the planet knows that the guy belongs in prison and yet they are protecting him.
    Remember these events very well. It will come and hunts you all later.

    1. So you want me to storm area 51 or the white house..? I mean.. it would not make a difference, I would be shot or worse, this is what these people are, murderers.

  7. Whether you’re a trump supporter or not, if there’s nothing to hide why hide it (🤔🤔🤔).

  8. He needs them hidden as THERE IS NOTHING TO SHOW.
    Didnt pay a dime.
    Like his faked doctors and school reports.

  9. If his supporters had a brain, they’d know Trump has been lying about his wealth for years. He tried to buy an NFL team but it turned out he didn’t have the money to do it. The NFL owners threw him out of the “billionaires” club once they figured out he’d lied about his actual wealth. And ever since he’s had a score to settle with them. Remember his ranting about boycotting the NFL??? It had nothing to do with the national anthem and Kaepernick! Trump is a roach!!!

    1. Nobody cares about his wealth only his improvements for the country all of you are fucking pathetic crybaby stfu

  10. Fred Trump was convicted of being a draft dodger in germany during WW2…Then he came to america and got busted for TAX evasion…Remind you of anyone?

    1. Fred Trump was born in the U.S. and as such had no obligation to serve in the German Army. His father Friedrich, however, emigrated to the U.S. at the age of 16 in order to avoid conscription and to make his fortune to help his impoverished mother and siblings back in Germany.

    2. @jutta joines,
      Yeah, he entered the usa illegally then went up to the Klondike and ran a brothel.
      as the saying goes ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’

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