Trump Allegedly Recommended Sending COVID-Infected Americans To Guantanamo

Donald Trump allegedly recommended sending infected Americans seeking to come home from overseas, in February 2020 as COVID surged, to Guantanamo Bay. Joy comments on a new book about the former president’s failed COVID-19 response in this edition of ‘The Absolute Worst.’
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    1. Notes of what was said by Trump and his aids are kept by the white house per presidential records act.

    2. @Pogo Uh huh, just like everything else presented by the leftist MSM. Such credible sourcees.😄👍

    3. @Pogo Anyone can write down a “note.” It doesn’t prove it actually happened though. Anyone can also lie and/or be biased in a situation, even said note-takers. This is a general truth regardless of what news stations you like or dislike.

    1. It so that they can completely make stuff up, mislead the public, and make blatant lies. If caught they just print a redaction a month later and say all is well.

    1. @David Perez Probably. Republicans have always been spineless when it comes to actually standing together with democrats and finding solutions to problems. But the hands of democrats are even more filthy still. I’ve been a democrat and I’ve been a republican. That’s why I am now an independent conservative. I want nothing to do with either party anymore and I hope Trump runs as a fellow independent conservative in 2024.

    2. @Zach Schaefer trump is worse than both of them 😂 Trump is in it for his gains and anything that benefits his personal self. I’ve always been a Democrat and we too have our share of devils within the party. IMO democrats try to work with Republicans giving up too much and not fighting hard enough while Republicans just vote against anything democrats try to push even when it makes sense. We just saw that with the last stimulus bill, some Republicans voted against it and later congratuled themselves in their districts when it passed. I’m honestly tired of all politicians because no matter who gets voted in, rarely does anybody put up a fight for us in the lower and middle class.

    3. @David Perez idk about that, Biden wanted to propose a huge bill and the Republicans didn’t want it so they offered a different one and Biden rejected it. The republicans have been spineless in opposing them, they give in because they’re afraid of being called racist and homophobes

    4. @Henry Anaya they turned it down saying it was too much when just a few years ago, they passed the tax cut bill that cost us 1.3 trillion. They’re afraid of being racist but then pass policies or laws that are homophobic and many call racist? Okay.

    1. @srgreeniii You again? Do tell! What threats have Republicans made? I can tell you loads Democrats have. I’ll play your game!

    2. @djpickle68 Anyone that uses the word, “boomer” will not be taken seriously. Get some life experience and come back kid.

    3. I’ve seen the ones about re-education camps and putting whole families against the wall. And they wonder why they are hemorrhaging followers.

    1. Remember when Trump sent a hospital ship to New York but Cuomo couldn’t make Trump look good or take her from him so they put people in nursing homes? Then all of the ventilators they said were needed were “missing” but when they “found” them they just threw them in the landfill?

    1. @Jigzaw Tactics um yeah… we don’t worship Biden… and we didn’t invade the capital and we are lying at ever turn about 68 failed lawsuits, based on complete bs. Lawyers for the president due in court in michigan next month for disciplinary hearings for lying to multiple judges… you are a victim of right wing propaganda.

  1. Im tired of reports say anonymous source, allegedly, and so on. You can make up anything. Dig deep and find the fact, with the source coming out to light.

    1. @j m
      Exactly ,when i hear ‘allegedly’ here i’m gonna take a guess and say that it didn’t happen. Hope you staying safe ?

    1. Yes the report is currently lodged behind a desk next to the Durham report. It will be discovered during the next office remodel scheduled for 2041

    2. @redskins17084 The FBI is fantastic at discovering the truth in detail and then keeping it in a dark place never to be seen or heard from again.

  2. Maybe get the facts first? And let’s have some real facts on Biden, like Hunter’s laptop scandal. How’s inflation? How’s the economy? Why did the Middle East start bombing again when Biden got in?

    1. Sir, sir, you’re not allowed to question Democrats. These things you question, although true, do not fit our narrative of “orange man bad”. This is a propaganda channel, no need for your true conspiracy theories.

  3. That’s almost as bad as sending the sick to old folks homes and the OG’s consequently dying. 🤡

    1. @Est1983drock I didn’t even know about Wolf. You learn more from YouTube comments than MSM everyday 🤣

    2. @Apollo Twitch Pennsylvania’s former shim Health Secretary also pulled it’s mom out of a senior care facility just before they completely locked down all senior facilities. 🤢🤡🤢

    3. ​@Est1983drock Yep, they moved their Mom into a hotel beforehand, but didn’t warn the general public. Then when confronted about it, they tried to claim they did nothing and it was just “my Mom is capable of her own decisions” lol. Such BS. Even if she did decide for herself, they still warned her ahead of time, and didn’t give anyone else the benefit of that information earlier.

  4. Ahh another one of those “allegedly” made up stories about Trump that will quietly be retracted later. Without national enquirer type Trump stories MSNBC ceases to exist.

    1. 💯… their retraction will be months later, and said under their breath, like the old cell phone commercial, momihadababyitsaboy!

  5. MSNBC and Joy are failing at smearing those who expose Critical Race Theory, so she’s got nothing left but Trump.

  6. Joy, you’re still talking about Trump? I only came here for the comments and sure enough, everyone agrees. You ….

  7. when i hear ‘allegedly’ here i’m gonna take a guess and say that it didn’t happen. but hey we’ll get a tiny retraction here in 6 months that nobody will ever see.

  8. Brah, Shannon Sharp is OBSESSED with his ex. He looks good in green though.

  9. Let me guess… an “unnamed source” made this allegation that your wrongfully portraying as fact, right?

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