Trump Allies Attack Biden's Performance At Summit With Putin 1

Trump Allies Attack Biden’s Performance At Summit With Putin


Before the president had even returned to U.S. soil, Trump's former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was among those loyal to the twice impeached former president blasting Biden over his Geneva summit with Vladimir Putin. Eugene Robinson and Mike Murphy join to discuss.
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  1. Trump folks? Lol we’re more focused on how NOT TO OFFEND someone than basic fundamental education in the US. Biden and Harris both leading the WOKE train 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. “I’ll take your questions. And as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m gonna call on.” – President Biden

    1. So you’re saying trump didn’t favor talking to OAN or Fox News? Just stop. They all do it, that’s part of the game.

    2. @Robyn Nordstrom The white house asks the people they’re gonna call on what questions they’re gonna ask in advance, it’s totally scripted. Trump’s press briefings were never like that.

  3. If one of my friends stopped talking for 5 seconds in the middle of a conversation I would have 91 dialed waiting to see if I need to hit the last 1.

  4. The summit meeting with Russia was somber rules were laid out agreed or disagreed face the consequences good or bad your choice.

  5. Putin looked confused President Biden didn’t call him strong and powerful or side with Russia against America in front of the world. Probably didn’t like being told there’s no more ignoring Russian bounties.

  6. The embarresing submissive and cringeworthy way Trump behaved during his meeting with Putin in 2019 was a disgrace. One can only assume that Putin has some very damaging info on the traitor Trump.

  7. Republicans were hoping that Biden would publicly side with Putin over our intelligence services, sputter sentence fragments about servers, not bring a US translator, and eat the notes of the conversation.

  8. Isn’t Mark Meadows the guy with the Italian satellite voter fraud theory? Yes, we best pay attention to these muppets

    1. Is that why Biden supported Russia pipeline but shut ours down to raise gas prices here, you’re very stupid.

    1. @Koragh Typically, people don’t openly mock and laugh those they fear-especially on camera. If they feared IMPOTUS, they would have been worried about retaliation. If Boris Johnson is laughing at you, NO ONE’S scared of you.

    2. @Kirk Hardison nope just facts. See the thing is that just because you don’t like reality doesn’t mean you can change it by whining. Facts will never care about your feelings

    3. @Kirk Hardison Nope. Trump was by far the most laughed aat president in the world. Hes the biggest beta male there is

  9. Mark meadows should have been a loudmouth when he was asked to cooperate in an attempt to turn the elections for Trump.

  10. As if we didnt see Helsinki w our own eyes… or read the Mueller report… or Senate subcommittee on Intel report 5… etc… Trump did noghong but serve Putin… Trump was a weak, failure of a POTUS.

  11. But they stood silence when the traitor in chief betrayed the people in.our NSA who risk their lives to protect his a$$ and the nation by believing Putin and not them.

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