Juneteenth Federal Holiday Bill Heads To Biden’s Desk; 14 Republicans Vote No

Rachel Maddow reports on the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, having already passed the Senate unanimously, passing the House and heading to President Biden's desk to be signed into law. The House vote was overwhelming but not unanimous, with 14 Republicans voting against the holiday celebrating the end of slavery in the United States. 
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    1. That’s what I thought. I doubt they will vote for that one because it’d make half their voting restrictions bills pretty much useless.

    2. Considering how little a voting holiday for federal elections would cost it’s basically a no-brainer.. But tbf in all civilised countries ppl don’t have difficulty voting and they don’t have to stand in line for hours… And it’s not illegal to give an elderly woman water when she’s stading in the baking sun.

    1. @Clarke Okah lol, true which is basically the same thing. he could not even get a dark money group to get 6 republican’s to vote for the jan6th commission. A reform for healthcare that is not a repeal of the ACA? Not a chance.

    1. I wish it was possible, for these fourteen people to spend one day as a black person durning slavery, also durning the jim crow area. Afterward let’s hear their reaction.

    1. Hankakah call me what you want. I get the day off tomorrow. You get to pay for it!🤣🤣🤣🤣Along with the other 11 paid holidays every year!

  1. Great job and I applaud all the good hearted people that voted yes to make June 19 Federal Holiday the day of the end of Slavery in America.

    1. @Eh Thomas And see how far the present-day Republican Party has fallen. It’s now the party of white replacement theories, good people on both sides, Jim Crow voter suppression laws and a white supremacist narrative of American history that makes it illegal to speak of the legacy of slavery.

    2. @Tom Jones Not getting enough money is not that bad compared to working to death in harsh conditions, getting whipped to death for not picking enough cotton, getting molested by a master, only being treated as someone’s property and nothing else. Not even treated like a human being. No dignity at all.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas Many modern day Republicans can’t sleep without their Robert E Lee body pillow lol.

    1. Texans cannot keep themselves alive when it gets cold out in the 21st-century. They die by the hundreds. I think that says it all.

    2. Texas doesn’t even have electrical power or drinking water. At least Flint has water, even if it’s poisoned.

    3. Dude this was in 1863. “The problem with the quotes on internet is it’s hard to prove the authenticity of them” – Abraham Lincoln

  2. Juneteenth a federal holiday yet states fight against critical race theory being taught……what a perfect example of gaslighting.

    1. @RMPsumma CRT is literally history. Don’t act like slavery, segregation, and civil right movements doesn’t exist

    2. @Xi JipingDon’t patronize me! CRT is someone’s history, someone’s created, revisionist history, reverse racism. Period. Anyway, I was happy to rescind a six figure university bequest when they went with required CRT. Hope more follow suit.

    3. @Xi Jiping Even so why is it then teaching racism against white children read this article even if you’re pro CRT you will see some problem in it. It’s just now flipping racism. It’s ridiculous. June teenth has been adopted as a federal Holiday for all to celebrate. The other nonsense that is taking place in this country of destroying businesses ecetera should finally be put to rest by The black America activists. This now solidifies we are all-American And we should all support each other in businesses.

  3. Come on, people, these heinous folks are showing us who they are, each and every day. When are we going to believe them?

    1. Most Republican voters do believe them. They either don’t care or they agree with their racism, sexism and anti-LGTBQ ideals.

  4. This does raise a new problem for the criminal GOP syndicate: how do you explain voting for a day to remember something you deny ever happened?

  5. Let’s hope this Holiday does not turn another excuse to go shopping. But to recognize what it means. We need a good tradition to associate with the day.

  6. We can also use a 4 day work week, Monday – Thursday. Friday’s Holiday Paid for a 3 day weekend. Can we get a vote on this…

  7. Chicago just made Juneteenth into an official holiday… now, the whole country can celebrate! Thanks, Rachel. 💜

  8. 14 voters against the Bill, shouldn’t get paid time of, nor the extra day added to their weekend. I work for for UW, we’re off tomorrow for Juneteenth.

  9. Looking at that Rogues Gallery, I could almost hear Claude Rains as Renault saying “Round up the usual suspects.”

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