Trump Booed By Supporters After Recommending Vaccines 1

Trump Booed By Supporters After Recommending Vaccines


At his most recent political event, this time in Alabama which has some of the nation's lowest vaccine rates, the former president got some boos and jeers when he recommended his supporters should get the Covid vaccine. We discuss that with Eugene Robinson and A.B. Stoddard.
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  1. They cheer when he brags about creating a vaccine, but gets booed when he tells them to take it…

    It doesn’t make sense…

    1. @Cid Sapient No sunshine, there are global news services that report NEWS!
      What of part of that can’t you grasp?
      Do you seriously think they don’t report the idiocy of what is going on there? Easy to see you haven’t travelled much.

    2. @Cid Sapient I should have said 40,000 detained, but there over were 10,000 actual arrests made with convictions. Yes the majority were released , from 40,000 to 14,000. How many released from the capitol riots? Zero, because there were not enough police there.

    3. @Cid Sapient BTW, I understand the issues with crime Minneapolis is gong through as I have plenty of friends there. I think to blame it on BLM is a bit rich as the violence appears to be spread over all corners of the population makeup. I am not quite sure how that is related to this topic at hand on the reaction of Trump supporters at his rally TBH.

  2. I’m sure some will relent due to the “pain” of remaining unvaccinated, sadly when some antivaxers believe and are invested in those conspiracy theories (makes you magnetic, messes with your DNA, screws your immune system) it will become a matter of “principal” and fear and they never will.

    1. @solkev6084 3rd physical , 4th physical…..preventative healthcare is a radical idea in a country that bankrupts you if you get too sick…

    2. Yet you still need to wear a mask and have boosters. Also, name one conspiracy theory of theirs that relates to this plandemic that hasn’t come true yet. Passports, mandates, all of it these so-called conspiracy theorists say was coming and wow it is.

    1. @Cowboy Curtis They don’t understand that kind of intellect and can’t differentiate themselves from eachother because they are in a cult themselves. You are only allowed to like what they like and if you dont, you are basically committing adultery.

    2. @Cassandra Rose sounds like vote blue no matter who cultism both sides are guilty of blindly following people that aren’t out for the people’s interest

  3. Omg but you’ve been saying this is a cult for so long how come they aren’t listening to their dear leader. I need Rachel to make sense of all this

    1. @Tom Smith You have read Das Kapital? No? Didn’t think so. You also have not read the US Constitution. Or any 20th century Chinese history. I’m pretty sure you have the Great Leap Forward confused with the Cultural Revolution. Two totally different things. Communism has nothing to do with skin color. You are parroting misinformed, or just lying, right wing loonies. Cancel culture is nothing more than a trump monkey buzzword.

    1. @Cid Sapient and Trump lost to that how does it feel to support a man who lost to a man with no cognitive function ? Then again you PROBALLY don’t realize the more you try to put the winner down you make the loser look worse….common sense you obviously don’t have any

    2. If he genuinely said that then he shouldn’t have done, because it’s not true. But whereas Trump would have said it because he’s physically unable to tell the truth, I’ve little doubt Biden just got it wrong.

    3. @Bridget F The people who arhe catching the disease are overwhelmingly those who didn’t get the vaccine.

    4. @MR. M Please give the source for that statement. Biden to the vaccine long ago, so did Harris, but because you’re incapable of telling the truth you have to misrepresent everything.

  4. ” maybe the threat of not being able to work, go to school or lead anything like a normal life will do the trick.” Im for the vaccine but this sounds like Nazi Germany to me. Trump was supposedly a cult leader but look they don’t agree with what he said

    1. How is it like Nazi Germany?
      Who exactly is being rounded up and killed?
      At what point were the Nazi’s fighting against a pandemic?
      Do you think that Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists are allies of Trump and the “right”?

  5. The battle call to get vaccinated should be: Polio. Small Pox. In all likelihood, most of these anti vaccination folks have been vaccinated against Small Pox, and Polio. It was a requirement for Enrollment In School for all children. Now both diseases have been eliminated.

  6. I love the Trump Alabama rally to show hyprocrisy – Trump “get the vaccine it works, I got it “, the attendees “booooo”, then later, the Trump attendees “naw he did not mean it” – or ” we just misunderstood”, but “clearly Trump said get the vaccine”, then “nope, “Trump was just kidding”, and ” I am sticking to my story even though I’m not sure what it is right now!!” !!!!

  7. There goes the MAGAts, I must follow for I am their leader. Not Alexandre Ledru-Rollin, but me.. giving survival advice to MAGAt leaders.

  8. Remember to get vaccinated or a vaccinated person might get sick from the virus they got vaccinated against because you’re not vaccinated.
    Sounds legit.

    1. Modern medicine isn’t a miracle cure. Vaccines significantly increase the chance of someone surviving the virus and even reducing the spread but it’s not 100% guaranteed. That’s why we need everyone’s participation.

    2. @MR. M That exact situation is happening right now, except it’s the people who refused to be vaccinated.

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