Trump Brags He’s Working Hard On Election Attacks (Not Covid-19) | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Brags He's Working Hard On Election Attacks (Not Covid-19) | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @John Doe Being from a country where covid is no where the issue it is in the states covid restrictions were the key, so sorry but the way the USA has dealt with covid has cost lives that didn’t need to be lost.

    2. @S D , lol, you are reversing reality and trying to force the world to follow your personal alternate reality. Even if the facts show the sky is blue and everyone else agrees the sky is blue you just want to say everyone is lying because in your world the sky is purple. Your argument exhibits brainwashing propaganda.

    3. @S D , specifically what are you talking about? That trump lost the election and you think trump can reverse that fact? It’s clearly a waste of time and effort, because Biden’s win is as natural as the earth spinning, but you tell me. what can you ever gain to declare the world rotates.around trump? Lol

    4. @Asleep Awake Well, that’s hard to narrow down. The mainstream media hates truth, hates America, and that is a fact. So, if it damages American citizens, they tend to support it, if it helps Americans, they will censor it.
      For instance, this drug ought to be worldwide news — have you even heard of it?
      Won Nobel Prize in 2015
      “I CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS”: Doctor pleads for review of data during COVID-19 Senate hearing
      Life saving corticosteroids
      The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro
      Ivermectin May Reduce Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19

      PS: Sorry about all the sciency stuff.

    1. @Bob Cirba yeah it’s probably going to be really rough time thanks to Donald Trump in the Republican party brainwashing a huge proportion of society. But hopefully no Biden party will overcome all of this garbage that Donald Trump created. The Republican party is corrupt they have been for a very very long time. The only way they win is to manipulate lie cheat and steal. I’m hoping this administration and brings forth laws carved in stone that will never allow what Donald Trump did to the country to happen again. Even the supreme Court knows how dangerous Donald Trump’s rhetoric is guess you heard he got voted down again today

    2. @Bob Cirba you’re going to joke about 280,000 people dying from covid-19? No other country in the world has lost so many people but yet you make a joke comparing it to cigarettes. What the f*** is wrong with you

    3. @Bob Cirba Yes, but those 8 million have only themselves to blame, as they chose to ignore the warnings. And while a small percentage succumbed with respiratory problems due to second hand smoke, therein lies the difference with Covid-19, as it is highly contagious, whereas smoking is the choice of the individual. Lemme tell you, I smoked for well over twenty years, had no problems, but woke one day to give it away, and went as they say “cold turkey”, no patches, no gum, just straight up flat out stopped. I consulted a doctor to ask, if over the preceding twenty five years I had suffered any kind of lung damage, and his reply was that yes, there was damage done to the fine hairs, the cilia, that line the lungs die right back. He then gave me some encouraging news, to say that after five years of not smoking, those tiny hairs do grow back and after seven years, your lungs would be as if you never smoked. That was back in 1987, and yes, it was bloody hard that first two months, but I stuck with it and, after a few more months never even looked for a smoke, and now at 79, I’m still kicking on. Gave them away when a pack of 20 cost $2.00. Now, following a bloke through the Supermarket checkout, I’m shocked to see his pack of twenty costing $35.00. And when you consider that quite a few are only receiving welfare, that pack a day for 7 days is $245.00 out of $550 fortnightly unemployment relief paid into their bank accounts, so that doesn’t leave much for rent,food, and petrol. Anyhow, stay safe…

    1. @Margaret Nicol your people are going DOWN!! democrats have lost all respect they are nothing but:

  1. Only two possibilities, Trump has had a break with reality, or, more likely, he is grifting his followers, he has already milked 200 mil + from them.

    1. @TheBase1aransas naw , drump just did a good old fashioned loss. Biden will be sworn in…. a helicopter or hall Trump and his wife malaria off to Mar-A-Lago, end of story.

    2. @Helen Rockefeller You’re welcome. If I can think of some other fake, alternative fact non-scandals to add to your list, I’ll pass them along.

    3. It’s weird how brainwashing propaganda can make a person’s sensible thinking STOP working and turn them into zombies, a herd of SHEEPLE who happily go in line to the TRUMp slaughter house offering their own hard earned dollars for his phony legal campaign. 207 millions already bagged by their man-child cult leader. What a great con artist.
      Ocean’s Eleven must be feeling jealous of this orange man-child’s talented con scheme.

  2. The SOB was depress after he lost the presidential election, he went golfing.
    Trump golf more than any president in the history of this country.

    1. @Rebecca Soto Crooks the dummy is the dummy who thinks the orange dummy isn’t a dummy,,😂you big dummy 😂😂😂

    2. @Kimmie Belcher They are such loving Christians, aren’t they? Spewing hate while claiming Trump was chosen by God. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Rebecca Soto Crooks how delusional are you! Honestly the fact that you’re a female supporting Donald Trump I find very repulsive. A man who’s publicly admitted to grabbing women’s vagina without consent….. That’s sexual assault. A man who is cheated on all three of his wives multiple times including his current wife who was pregnant with his last son Barron. A man lacking any morals. a man who locked children in cages including toddlers and infants who were forced to sleep on concrete floors . You disgust me

  3. The GOP is no more, the Republicans need to build a new Party, cause apparently the ones in office now are all CEO’s of Trump, inc.

    1. The Republicans need to disappear completely they’ve shown their true colors the current administration the Senators the governors have all enabled Donald Trump period even now they’re continuing to enable him . Donald Trump should be charged with treason and all of those Senators should be named as co-conspirators

    2. @jozie white Luckily there were a few in key positions that were the voice of reason. There are those that try to play both sides, who know Trump is wrong but wont stand up to him and his followers. But many are just Trump syncophants who think they and Trump are the victims in this. They are so indignant about fraud when it is Trump who is trying to steal an election.

    3. @billycarson l agree with most of what you have said, but l do still have enough faith in the American people and our democratic history to see Biden as president. The rebuilding from the Trump disastrous presidency will take a very long time. America will never be the same, but we can hope the looney tunes are outnumbered and without their figurehead, will be relegated to a lesser presence.

    4. And? Record low unemployment for minorities in his first years. No more wars that the military industrial complex wants. You want status quo Biden.

  4. Voltaire — ‘Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.’

    What a GIANT LOSER !!! One term one-trick donkey .

  5. Mary Trump nailed it… his followers have tied their self-images and self esteem to this creep for four years, and now they can’t let go of the idea that’s he’s still the Chosen One because if they do so they’re lost.

    1. @Jason Landers I was paraphrasing what Mary Trump said to Lawrence O’Donnell on his program on MSNBC: “Mary Trump: Donald Has Taken The Politics Of Grievance To An Artform”
      I realize you Trump fans aren’t particularly interested in reality, but CNN has nothing to do with it. And anyway, the creepy brain-dead cultish behavior of the average Trump devotee is apparent to anyone with a functional neo-cortex.

    2. @C.A.T. You cant get off your phone or PC long enough to even know what reality is LOL. All you Biden loving fans are not intested in anything but division. Good luck though and thanks for the intelligent reply LOL

    3. @Jason Landers Always fascinating when people feel the compulsive need to “LOL” at their own imagined wit. I guess since no one else finds you amusing, it’s good you do. What’s truly funny is that you don’t see that Trump is the one who made it his primary mission all these years to tear America limb from limb, and has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. (And regarding your inane various projection about me… I don’t have any cats, I’m not a lady, I don’t eat ice cream and I only use my phone for business and to talk with friends.)

    1. Let’s see 4 years of denial and know you pretend that there is nothing to see with a ton of fraud. Don’t take my word for it, it’s ubiquitous. There is zero chance this is getting swept under the rug

    2. @Peace Dæmón we wont take your words off anything because they are meaningless coming from Trump culr followers

  6. Trump has victimized everyone in this nation. In one way or another. Some have actually died because of his lies and misleading his followers. He’s guilty of so much..He’s a ruined human being

    1. @JSM 1980 lol it’s not over till it’s over! MAGA💯💯❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    2. @Bill You g why do you like trump anyway? Hes a lying, fat, lazy, whiny brat. Hes a weak loser. Well maybe he’s everything you identify with? That’s pretty sad.

  7. Having voted Trump in 2016 was the biggest mistake!….” Make America Great again ” is just his B.S.!…

    1. No actually he stole make America great again from Ronald Reagan!! You give him to much credit!! I’m happy for you being able to admit your mistake!! Then admit it!! Kudos

    1. @Tony’s Place trump exceeded Obama’s drone strike operation since he took office. In just 2 years, trump administration bombed Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq 238 times. Obama administration in 4 years….176. You are comparing war hawks, like apples and oranges.

    2. So he’s worked harder to steal the election than help prevent thousands of Americans dying needlessly of Covid? 🤔

  8. donald : “i worked harder than ever… for no result… except an inflation in deaths by covid… but it’s ok… i’m immune… from laws” 🙁

  9. America: “Denmark sucks”caus they have free healthcare and Free edecation
    Whole of Scandinavia: Reaches for the Viking helmet and longsword – “ ah… here we go Again”

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