How To Protect Yourself As The Covid Pandemic Gets Worse | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

How To Protect Yourself As The Covid Pandemic Gets Worse | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. All these whining Trumpy snowflakes refusing to wear masks are keeping us from getting back to normal more quickly.

    1. @Serialist that is why they are vaccinating the vulnerable first. Then eventually they’ll make it available to the rest that want it. That way it will eventually die out hopefully.

    2. @Wisconsin Man viruses mutate. Various strains. This is likely a first step. Why has the world become unable to rationalize?…

    3. @S Miller The ever so popular words of fakestream and their minions. Likely, Chance, Possibly, Might, Could Be. When the CDC says NO mask, then flips yet also says mask do NOT STOP a virus. Then says do a lock down for 2 weeks, then says, lockdowns are bad. Then says presume COVID as the cause of death regardless of other circumstances, if they test positive. Where was all this panic in 2018 during Flu season? Hospitals were over ran with patients. the FLU is contagious yet no mask mandates, no shutdowns, no media reporting cases and deaths daily.

    4. @Serialist He’s right, universal masking and full disclosure of data by all governments early on could have prevented what will be millions of deaths caused by COVID.

  2. How much did it cost to tax-payers for 278 visits to golf course which Trump took since inauguration?

    141 millions!

    1. @lexa harpell Did you say do some research? Seriously? Trump does NOT charge full rates. That has been debunked several times. I wonder how it is that $142 Million “going” into his own pocket yet Forbes shows his wealth dropped almost 1 BILLION DOLLARS. I still can’t figure out how Obama went to NO OWNED golf courses. Flew to Hawaii ever year for 2 weeks and played golf yet somehow it’s MORE for Trump to go to his OWN courses.

  3. Most of the orange jerk supporters are low mentality. They do not understand between pandemic and what is political.

    1. @Doug Lowe I wonder where the PANIC was in 2018 when the Flu was causing havoc on hospitals? Overflowing with patients. They had to set up tents in cities to treat patients. I don’t recall MASK being asked or told to be worn to SAVE LIVES.

    2. Good news is.. I saw yesterday that it makes you have erectile dysfunction so we don’t have to worry about The POtuS cult members breeding! 😉

  4. DO NOT let the Republicans who fuelled this virus with herd immunity do-nothing policies say ‘Who knew?’ The four Canadian Maritime Provinces have a population of 2,436,000 persons, they have 2,350 cases TOTAL with 76 deaths. N.Dakota, S. Dakota, Wyoming + Laredo TX have 2,436,000 persons, they have 240,000 cases total & 2,900 dead. It could have been different.

  5. The craziest thing about this pandemic is the US has continued to do nothing without leadership for 10 months.
    WHO simple 3 point plan: Social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.
    US Covid = 290,474+ Taiwan = 7 (x41,496) New Zealand = 25 (x11,619) China = 4,634 (x62).
    Warp speed? 62 times more Covid deaths than China. Trump is to blame but Americans allow it to continue?

    1. What a suprise look who was at Leadership. Remember your statement as you choose to be 2024 President if that fool gets nominated in again

    Trump’s Warp speed and Herd immunity has taken 10 months to remain Earth’s worst example in a pandemic.
    The world feels safer knowing MAGAT America are insular patriots, unlikely to travel overseas to spread stupidity.
    On the bright side… without a vaccine… Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam and China have had NO Covid fatality in over 3 months.

  7. Love this guy,don’t travel. That’s how you stop the spread. Then choke it off locally. Return to your homes, and rebuild from there, a community you have control in and of. Flee from greed,that sacrifices your lives.

    1. Hmmm wonder where YOU PEOPLE were during the Riots? Oh that’s right, it was for a good cause huh? Hahaha

  8. America took a major step towards defeating the pandemic when they voted Trump out of office. But like the worst virus, it seems to be hanging on.

  9. You heard the man, people. Let’s avoid travel and keep up with the safety guidelines. Pfizer’s vaccine is underway in the UK and that is a good start but a vaccine against COVID-9 alone is not enough to help end this pandemic; in order to do this we must play our part by preventing further spread of the coronavirus by following safety guideline. I know it’s Christmas but the only present I want most this year is for a safe and effective vaccine and for this pandemic to end. Until that time comes we must be completely patient and prevent any further spread of COVID-19.

    1. Kind of laughing, refused to show up to a meeting with other health experts, Tues 8 2020 in morning. Why we as a nation need to hear results good or bad. Relying on truth. Will this be the cure all. We understand safety issues. We know beginin of virus.

  10. I take all the precautions and wear a mask, stay home except for work, where I am distanced from all others. I tested Covid free… but did have the worst flu in at least 13 years! LOL

    1. I developed bacterial meningitis in May, was so sick I thought I was going to die! I didn’t know if it was Covid-19 because I couldn’t get tested until 2 months later, and bloodwork showed I had this nasty bacteria that has the potential of causing flesh-eating disease (it’s the one that almost killed journalist Bob Woodruff).
      I’m really glad I always wore a good mask, distanced, and washed my hands so I didn’t infect an elderly or immuno-compromised person with that crud.
      A diabetic friend from childhood died from this bacteria a few years ago, and she died in pieces, starting with both feet amputated, then her legs, thankfully she passed after her arm was amputated. I don’t think she or her family could endure any more suffering.
      What if I had been one of these who didn’t take precautions? I wouldn’t want another’s suffering and/or death on my conscience.

    2. @Lazy I Ranch Glad you made it through alright. When I got tested I could not understand how I would have gotten it. Now I just wonder how I got the flu. My family has been lucky and no Covid and no death of friend I am aware of.

  11. Guy speaking enjoy your vacation in Summer, taking mine xmas. So your saying you didn’t vacation. Not buying your story

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