Trump Continues To Push Election Lie While Speaking At Mar-a-Lago | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump Continues To Push Election Lie While Speaking At Mar-a-Lago | Morning Joe | MSNBC


While speaking at Mar-a-Lago, former President Trump continued to perpetuate the lie that the 2020 election was stolen. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Trump Continues To Push Election Lie While Speaking At Mar-a-Lago | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. i also checked one of the states he claimed, NH !! guess what, the state found three people that voted twice in the 2020 election, they were found guilty and convicted and surprise surprise they were all republicans

    1. Read a book Allen? Because every election the Dems won, almost every Presidential election since Roosevelt (FDR) has been won with some sort of fraud. JFK? Cemeteries voted. LBJ senate race? Lots of fraud. Republicans have to figure between 100,000 to 2 million fraudulent democratic votes in modern elections to counter the cheating. Trump didn’t get enough out. That simple. Let’s see how the audits go shall we? Because Arizona is happening right now as I write, Michigan is next. Before you about your mouth off, let’s see how they go.

    2. @M VB So why don’t you start the war tough guy…….;good job at transference. DemoKKKrats are the anti Americans

    3. @Teresa S are you delusional? The only people going nuts are DemoKKKrats. Don’t you watch the news? So how many businesses owned by immigrants are YOU going to burn down tonight?

  2. This is just pathetic. He’s an embarrassment. If anyone in his family actually cared about him, they wouldn’t let him keep humiliating himself.

    1. @ynotttt and don’t forget that hyper intelligent drunk witness that Guilliani brought forward…. She saw it all, so that’s enough proof isn’t it??

    2. @Wanderin’Gamer …..This isn’t a football game…..this is a runaway train to Venezuela. You need Donald Trump back in there fast.

    3. @Eric Peanuts ……Rudy had hundreds of witnesses that didn’t get their day in court. The evidence was astonishing!

    1. @En Sabah Nur lol conspirception. I’ve actually heard that it’s a conspiracy to believe it’s a conspiracy to believe that’s a conspiracy Bwaaaaaahhhhh(inception noise)

    2. @Rachel K But disinformation and fascist takeovers haven’t. Just the fascism implied by slavery, sort of economic fascism rather than political.

  3. This is what happens when a spoiled entitled rich kid grows up without having to take accountability or responsibility for anything.

    1. @Stock Trader cool story. Trump could’ve cleared up any doubt about his taxes on his own like he repeatedly promised to do. I’d say there is more than enough evidence to that suggests Trump and his company are guilty of tax fraud. As far as kick backs go prove Trump didn’t profit off his time in any office in any way. I know you can’t. Do you break down how much Trump made by renting out rooms at Mar Lago for secret service and aids?

    2. @Tod Brown Sure Tod, killer point. So tell me, why are you here bumping up the views of this evil lefty media channel? Your comments, my comments and everything else posted here is thankfully totally irrelevant and pointless. Anyway my plants need watering…so I need to go.

    3. @Matt O Where’s the evidence? Just another smear campaign. Of course you’re saying there is plenty of evidence probably cause CNN told you so, Where is it ?? NY AG seams awful silent for the past 2 months after they were mouthing off for months on end before they got his tax returns. Prove Trump didn’t take kickbacks?? You’re joking right?? You mean you’re guilty until proven innocent?? That’s not how it works cupcake in a Democratic society that we still have so far but it look like you want to change that and do things like China. The rooms were rented out at cost so he didn’t make a profit on that but I guess CNN forgot to tell you that.

    4. @Rachel Porter at the rate this channel is losing viewers, I thought I would help out as I dont want to see one of my favorite trolling channels disappear.

    5. You do mean Joe, right? Along with TRUMP, right,
      There is no difference. Why would you say that?.. Both in same position, OBVIOUSLY

    1. @Marsh Wetland FYI Bryce has no detail info on his account and only joined recently…

    2. @Bryce Carter So Joe have no rights yet Trump have rights ? Where’s the logic ? Quit being so butthurt.

  4. In my opinion, Dominion will probably be adding him to the billion dollar lawsuit soon…as the other plaintiff’s begin to sing as they try to settle….to save their own skins. Stock up on popcorn. This is going to be fun!

    1. I think I’d rather watch the rebuilding. Trump is history and like a broken record. It’s boring.

  5. His Golfing buds claim he always CHEATED by moving his ball out of the rough and onto the fair green when he thought they weren’t looking. He could never face defeat because he’s fatally insecure about himself if not completely INSANE about it.

    1. It’s pitiful. I almost feel sorry for him. I can’t feel sorry until he gets treatment or prison time.

    2. @Howard Mulvihill My buddy and I play dominoes on a regular basis. Whenever there is a possibility I might have made a mistake writing down points, I always give him the benefit of the doubt. I’d rather lose than win without deserving it. Take care!

    1. @Tony InMO mew mew mewmew mew mew… that’s what you sound like to me… a crying little kitty cat.

    2. @Tony Smith right now he’s trying to find a way to ” RIG the system” so he can win , he knows that’s the only way, his thoughts are : Well they rigged the system to win, so can I

    3. @Kenny Shepard 2016 Hillary lost, she conceded and hid in the wood.
      2020 Trump lost, he lied to his supporters and stole money from them through the big scam fundraising. I know ur 1 of many of his victims.

    4. @Nhung Ngo do you know me personally. If you did you would know I never voted Trump. I am not a Trump supporter. I love the way Democrat’s automatically label someone as one of them. Your Democrat’s party and Republican party are the funniest thing on Planet Earth. The greatest comedy show of all time. Y’all need to stop attacking anyone who is going to disagree with your party. Can’t even ask a simple question about anything and already labeled a Trump supporter. That’s a serious problem with the Democrat’s. I am not a Republican. Both parties are going to divide the country

    5. Give the Taliban Trump to lead them. He can just lie, like he always does, about converting to Islam and bribe his way to the top. Win win. The Taliban gets a blowhard with messianic issues railing about the evils of the American government. And Trump gets to be adored as a god. What he has always craved.

      Too bad so many Innocents will have to suffer though.

  6. “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”
    – Thomas Sowell

  7. I love it. I love to see him in denial. You know it eats him up inside and had been eating him up for 6 months and will likely eat him up for the rest of his life. Lose with grace, bro. You’re only hurting yourself.

    1. I just know he has a burner you tube account and reads all of the comments. It warms my heart.

  8. He’s like one of those old time comedians who entertains the other guests at the retirement home trying to replicate his younger days.

  9. All that tells me is that something seriously ridiculous is going to happen in Arizona.. especially with HIS followers are floating around those voting locations. And cyber ninjas and cowboys with fake badges

  10. It’s amazing how quickly a poison can spread, and we will see how quickly the main body will die.

  11. Each time he does this he makes his loss even more fulfilling to those of us who like to see him suffering.

    1. @becky doesit Can you lean over a bit? I need to collect your tears for my beverage

  12. The 80’s wedding band behind him, clearly cringing at the life choices this old man is making, is really what elevates it to ‘Art’.

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