100 Million Americans Now Fully Vaccinated | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

100 Million Americans Now Fully Vaccinated | Morning Joe | MSNBC


In a major milestone for the president's Covid-19 response, the U.S. has now vaccinated 100 million people against the coronavirus.

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100 Million Americans Now Fully Vaccinated | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I pretty sure here in utah the mormos have something to do with everyone getting them…no shot no temple, church.

    1. May every church affirm it’s pro life position by requiring vaccination for in-person church activities.

    2. looks like they are doing the right thing when it comes to vaccinations. They actually care about thier followers

    3. Yay for a pro-vaccine church! I was thrilled to see the leadership being vaccinated publicly. They are true leaders.

    1. @Make gulags Great again with all the drugs you take that’s probably how you start all conversations. 🙂

    1. @thegags Not 1 thing he said was a LIE. If YOU took the time to actually research then you and others would know.

    2. @J. Karpinski Still telling your senseless lies I see. *ZERO* deaths attributed to vaccines by CDC.

    3. @Easy Money the CDC is trying to avoid vaccine hesitancy so why would it report any deaths even when the vaccines have shown life threatening side effects. You surely can’t be naive enough to believe that with 100 million vaccinations that no one has died from being vaccinated when people die from any other vaccine. Really, this is an experimental vaccine and it’s more safe than the flu shot that has been refined for decades? It’s all starting to sound more and more like the COVID shot is just saline solution and people are experiencing a placebo effect.

    1. @Beespool In cancer, cells grow and multiply beyond normal limits. In 1910 Peyton Rous extracted material from a cancer tumor in a hen and injected it into a healthy chicken. The chicken developed cancer, and he concluded that cells from the hen’s tumor contained an infectious substance, a virus, that transmits cancer. However, the study could not be replicated in mammals and was long overlooked. When research showed that viruses can operate by affecting the genetic material of normal germ cells, interest in Peyton Rous’ discovery was reignited.

      This was taking from the internet.

    2. @Teenah Weenah You’re not getting cancerous material into your body from a covid injection. You’re freaking nuts.

    3. Beespool. A virus is nucleic acid. Cancer is a virus made of nucleic acids. Scientist create chimeric viruses from sequencing nucleic acids. The nucleic acids form proteins. The proteins cause cancerous tumors.

    4. @Moist Peanut I’ve got common sense. My common sense causes emotional pain to the vaccinated.

    5. @Teenah Weenah show me the specific article that you read. And cancer rates caused by vaccines.

    1. @Drake Fire proving what point— that you’re incapable of citing a specific article? Yea, I did that.

      I’m not ignoring anything just like I’m not going through Fortune’s entire catalog of articles. You made a statement about some obscure article without giving citation of the specific article; and least of all a quote from that article to support your assertion. The real tell is that after 2 hours, you still have failed to do so which leads everyone to believe no such article exits.

    2. @Tēōdēdē I know, it must be hard, knowing you’re wrong, and that it’s so easy to prove it.

      But everyone is going to watch you deny the existence of a link I provided right here in this comment thread.

    3. @Drake Fire there’s not a single comment posted by you that contains a link— and everyone can see that fact.

    4. @Tēōdēdē You just keep telling yourself that.

      Afterall, I don’t blame you for needing to make yourself feel better.

    5. @Tēōdēdē I have not taken the vaccine, and I feel great. I’m not concerned about latent cancer tumors, or going blind.

  2. Thank God for President Biden, if isn’t wasn’t for him winning the election trump would still be still be running a muck and Americans would still be dropping like flies.

    1. As long as it lasted anyway. no hope now for herd immunity. TOTAL LETDOWN. HE PROMISED TO KEEP US SAFE TIL HERD IMMUNITY! Even got Fauci to betray US.

    2. @Drake Fire since I’m a Libertarian, your comment is applicable to me. Also, the studies of mask efficacy has been around since at least the 60’s. How much more information does one need, and for how long does a product have to be in use, to understand it? This “no mask is needed” came from the “man”— the one you constantly turn to to lead you by the hand because you seem incapable of thinking for yourself. That man can’t even be consistent in his logic. One only needs to search on here for the compilation of his contradictions— of which there are many. This is all a case of the blind leading the blind and of course you can’t even see it.

    3. @Tēōdēdē Libertarian’s are just Republicans that want to do drugs.

      It’s also funny how you talk about studies on mask effectiveness being around since the 60’s, yet you ignore those studies anyway. Why? Because you think it’s “fearful” to wear something that works.

      But something tells me you haven’t done any such research. Because that would mean having to understand reality.

      But you keep believing whatever a Republican tells you. You’re so good at critical thinking you parrot those that admit they’re lying to you.

    4. @Drake Fire I don’t of drugs nor do I have desire to.

      Says the person that ignores the disclaimer that accompanies masks that says, “Does not protect against COVID-19”. But you probably think your cloth t-shirt mask works, too. As for those studies, they also show that masks don’t stop viruses and why Fauci originally said there’s no point in healthy people wearing them. His original position was the right one and his position only changed when he was told his original position hurt the narrative.

      You’re so scared of individual thought that’s why you parrot the same thing all those that are wearing mask say. You don’t value independence because if you did, you wouldn’t be condemning a party (Libertarian) that is based on protecting independence and individual rights. Heck, in another comment on this video you condemned me for standing up for my rights. So if your rights are trampled, you deserve it.

    5. @Tēōdēdē Aw, the poor little thing doesn’t understand that your rights end were another’s start. Sorry, but there are more people in the world that get rights than just you.

      But alas, that’s what you get for expecting consistency from a person who trusts those that outright admit they’re lying.

      But oh, you don’t like that masks protect others from you spreading the virus. Maybe if you read those studies, or what Fauci was saying, instead of thinking you know better than the experts.

      But that just goes to show how ideologically you’re opposed to basic empathy and critical thinking.

      No wonder you ignore sources whenever they are given.

  3. Connecticut just scrapped the religious exemption for vaccines. Now people who don’t want the shot have to provide valid medical reasons to get a medical exemption.

    1. @Drake Fire since I’m not advocating for everyone to be vaccinated, then your point isn’t relevant.

      No one has any obligation to act in the interest of another when it comes to communicable diseases. If you fear contacting a virus then it is solely up to you to protect yourself.

    2. @Tēōdēdē Yet you whine about “people taking away your rights”.

      Most of us didn’t fall off the truck yesterday. Most of us can read through the lines of your drivel.

    3. @Drake Fire no one is whining. I’m acknowledging I have rights and expressing my rights won’t be violated to satisfy someone’s irrational fears. Also, the fact that you’re dismissive of people having their right of choice about what is put in their body trampled shows you have no regard for the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

      So next time you decide to comment, do so from off your high horse. Your right to a false sense of security doesn’t trump my right of choice.

    4. @Tēōdēdē Expect you aren’t. You have no problem violating the right for others to live happy, healthy lives, because you’re too selfish to consider attempting to put other’s first.

    5. That’s really sad. Scientist do not know the unknown intermediate animal host, but people can be forced to take the vaccine. If I’m forced to take the vaccine, I will just commit suicide.

  4. There won’t be any herd immunity. Stop covering the cost of treatment for those that refuse to get vaccinated.

    1. So over a year now this Wuhan FEAR has been spreading. First, NO MASK, then mask. No double mask, then double mask are twice as good. Why is it then, the people like ME and pretty much everyone I know, do not wear mask, haven’t and attended various yearly parties, NOT DEAD?

    1. Stupid people with not a single issue who got the shot, are the morons and need to go.

    2. Don’t congratulate us just yet. We still have a lot of ugliness to get rid of. America, vote! VOTE! We need these GQP gone!

  5. Trump promised to have 100 million people vaccinated by the end of December last year. This is just one of several examples showing you that every single thing out that guys mouth was a complete lie.

    1. Well to be fair. Unlike the idiots that won’t wear the masks, the people that don’t believe in vaccines are only endangering themselves. Well I mean I guess technically they are keeping the virus going by giving it a breeding ground so endangering both anti-vaccine people and those that can’t get the vaccine (kids, people with medical conditions, pregnant women etc). But it’s your body your choice. If you want the pandemic to continue and put yourself and a portion of the population at risk then that is 100% your choice and don’t let anyone tell you any different. I mean it’s not a live virus your getting jabbed with I know. It’s a simulation to get your body ready in case the real virus hits you. And when you get it it’s like a tiny tiny baby bee sensation on your arm and I mean nobody wants that. My two year old almost cried once from getting a vaccine. And your immune response to the simulation can give you a flu like feeling for like maybe 24-48 hrs. Tired, sniffly, the sweats. It’s like a miniature version of an actual flu and you don’t want that buddy. No sir. You tell em to keep the vaccine that’s free and has been safely administered to hundreds of millions of people. You hold out indefinitely.

    2. @David O Donohoe Why should I trust vaccines, made by pharmaceutical companies, that created products that caused damage to myself. That on 2 seperate lawsuits, J&J and Pfizer I’m on. They are also exempted by government from from damages and liability from lawsuits with the vaccines. Why should I trust them when 2 vaccines already caused harm to people and I’m currently winning against a settlement for both companies?

      My rule of thumb, never trust companies that criminally hurt you.

      Btw the vaccine isn’t free, it was paid by our taxes.

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