WATCH: Video shows brazen, daylight gunfight in the middle of a busy Ontario intersection 1

WATCH: Video shows brazen, daylight gunfight in the middle of a busy Ontario intersection


Durham police have released surveillance footage of a shooting in Ajax, Ont. that left two people injured.

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    1. @SouthmoreConlin yeah possibly, though real/long term cannabis smokers don’t buy from the government unless they’re waiting for their mail in quarter pound and don’t have weed for a day or 2.

    1. That stood out more to me than the shooting. They didn’t even run, duck or even flinch. Crazy.

    2. probably wondering if they were just filming a movie. Things like this don’t happen in real life in Canada

    1. @MostRobust Portfolio There should be a law in regards to losing your registered legal weapon.

    2. @EH PA didn’t you see the scary looking fully automatic assault rifles they were using? Oops I mean hand guns (the most common weapon for gun violence). If only there was a law. Then this obvious targeted shooting would be more illegal. That would fix everything.

  1. Trudeau’s ban on legal gun owners seems to be working. Lol…..could it be that criminals dont obey laws? Nah, no way.

  2. This is Central ajax. Beside One Plant, bestbuy, burger king and Timmy’s.
    I’m really surprised they don’t have better footage of this.

  3. You would think that someone would at least pull up there pants before entering a gun fight

  4. Don’t they know scary guns are banned? Also murder is banned too. Could Mr. Trudeau please send a sternly worded email to these young gentleman. Thank you.

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