Trump Could End Up Back On Your Social Media Feeds This Week | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Trump Could End Up Back On Your Social Media Feeds This Week | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


The Facebook Oversight Board is set to announce its decision on wether former President Trump can reactivate his Facebook account on Wednesday morning, it announced Monday.

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Trump Could End Up Back On Your Social Media Feeds This Week | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @The Hermit I can only hope, BUT I am convinced it has a few “pocket pardons” hidden up it’s sleeve. rrepublipukes are STILL flocking to Florida to grovel at it’s feet and kiss it’s ring.

  1. If he does get back on, any FB ad that is on his site needs to be boycotted and vilified!

    1. Imagine letting Hitler on social media and claiming “we have to let him on because he represents conservatism!” FB even having to consider this option is INSANE.

    2. @A. Stri I already did about a year ago. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

    1. I’ve already deleted my fb account they’re only good for fake/violent information

    2. @B. T. thankfully I don’t get emotional. Haha. Im indifferent when it comes to social media.

    3. @Muddy Water Lmfaoooo Tim Who? That guy was never heard of until he was thrown into the forefront. I like to call him “Token Tim”.

    4. @Angelaina Marie Agree. My son is forbidden from opening a Facebook account. Its a very toxic environment, but quite liberating when you’re off it. I dont use any social media, except for Youtube.

    1. @biden laptop Biden laptop you mean the one that never was? If there was don’t you think instead of a insurrection that would of been played already. Please how stupid are u people

    2. Vacation and civility will be over if that swamp mouth is allowed to spew toiletries over the internet. Well Americans bought the ticket. The fault is our own

    3. @TheTRUTHmatters! You are right, I shouldn’t feed the trolls. To my defense, I am french and a few weeks ago, one of those animals commented the news of the former french president going to jail (Nicolas Sarkozy) saying that nobody should be surprised by the corruption of a lefty. Sarkozy has named and presided the right party in France (Les Républicains), try to tell him he is a lefty, he’ll have you executed. So at this point, I had to settle the truth and unfortunately, got sucked into feeding trolls. I am slowly recovering, give me some time.
      I don’t know what RDN stands for

  2. The media must ignore his craziness if this happens. The massive coverage of his Tweets, etc was a big reason his lies spread so widely and effectively.

    1. @Wisconsin Man
      1) that he won the election (he didn’t)
      2) that he is a self made “businessman” (his daddy made him)

      3) that his buddy Tsar Vlad the Intriguer didn’t interfere in elections for him (he did)
      4) that this country isn’t racist (it is)
      5) that he is the “greatest” president since Washington (he isn’t)

    2. @Wisconsin Man Saying that he won the election after many recounts and court cases . The man is obviously unfit to be president and a buffoon but alot of you support him because of ignorance and hate.

  3. They allow him back onto social media, they’re contributing to spreading his lies, KEEP HIM OFF!!!!

    1. @HopefulBlue first of all, I’m a conservative that dumped the republican party once they got in bed with Russia and became turncoats. That’s the definition of patriotism! You stand with your country, not some group within. Secondly, I don’t Facebook, that place is for Russian disinformation campaigns and right-wing nuthouse conspiracy theories. Rise above, you’re embarrassing yourself!

  4. Please don’t let him back in the room. It’s been so nice and peaceful since he got the boot. I’ve really been enjoying not having to care what the orange dumpling thinks.

    1. @Lunar Wuffy you supporting restrictions on the first amendment makes you an anti-American

    2. @Matt 88 Who said I support restrictions on the first amendment? Trump being deplatformed isn’t a first amendment issue because it’s not the government infringing his rights in any way.

    3. @Matt 88 So, you don’t realize the first amendment applies to the government. Not a privately owned and operated business right?

      If anything, the law Florida is pushing for IS a violation of the first amendment.

    4. things haven’t changed since that happened, it’s definitely not nice and peaceful. I wonder why

  5. For the love of all that is good, don’t let that clown back on.
    The sad part is it wouldn’t matter if news outlets IGNORED his BS, but they can’t resist spreading his outrageous crap. If only they would grow up it wouldn’t matter

    1. You expect Conservative media to ignore his lies? His lies get them ratings and donations!

  6. How is this going to happen? This man has committed TREASON!!Why is he allowed to do and say what he wants with no consequences?

    1. With 10’s of millions of rabid followers he would bring a lot of ad revenue to Facebook.

    2. @Eman Gman “Disinformation team” member <1 week account > You just can’t make this up

    3. @Verruca Some rich old white guys are genuinely decent, but that’s not my point.

      People with money and influence can usually use it to get out of the legal ramifications for their actions. Since the majority of the rich 1% is white, and Boomers, you can see how the stereotype formed.

  7. If they let him back on…well, as Bart Simpson once said, “I didn’t think it was physically possible, but this sucks and blows at the same time”

    1. Exactly. Why should he be exempt for following the user agreement that everyone else has to abide by? He’s not president anymore, so they don’t even have the excuse that his account would be used for official policy announcements, etc.

    2. @N 827 still waiting for that Kraken. Oh, right. Sidney flat-out admitted that it was all a lie. And yet here you are insisting that the lie is true. Pathetic sheep.

    3. @dark14life racist cheating Joe and “only way to DC was on my knees” racist cheating Harris fan

  8. If they let him in again, just stop using social media yourself. It has worked wonders for my mental health.

    1. Thank God Almighty the puppets are finally caught Arizonia is getting the real counts. Media lies .. Put your muzzle on you big DUMMIES!! Lmao. Democrats are the most dumb people on this planet

    2. Stop using your thinking you big dummy lmao Biden lost we all know he in NO way got 30 million votes never mind 80+. Million your deceived and your muzzle is making your thinking even more stupid

    3. @Lionel. Champagne David Bahaha. I bet your Daddy will be sitting in front of his TV for a long time. Like no one has ever seen before pouting.

    4. @Lionel. Champagne David What do you mean puppets. He is the one that convinced you clowns to commit federal crimes. Why aren’t you in jail? Did you disobey your Daddy? Shame on you. Now you cant be a real boy.

  9. So when he immediately starts trying to overthrow our government again, and he will, I suppose the social media companies will be shocked that he didn’t learn his lesson? O M F G are you kidding me?!!!

  10. I’ve been so less stressed by his forced silence. It’s been like a breath of fresh air. I cringe when I hear his voice.

    1. Why would him being allowed to post on FB change that though. You don’t have to click the video if you don’t want to hear his voice

    2. @Casey wasey *Shoots your boombox and chases you away with a loaded gun for trespassing*

  11. I mean if Facebook lets him back on, there should be a Global get together/petition and millions of us should close our accounts. its become one big toxic swamp anyway.


    2. I only keep my Facebook account so I can use Messenger to chat with my friends. I haven’t really used it in 2 years. I was being punished for telling the truth while Facebook let the crazies spread nonsense conspiracy theories and outright hate and racism with little to no consequences. I was sick and tired of being suspended for the truth.

    3. @Komenisai why don’t you have a phone… or email or an mail address and other ways to keep in touch? Don’t make silly excuses

  12. If they let him back on social media, Biden needs to pass the bill lifting protections on social media companies getting sued. I think it’s bill 236.

    1. Why, was it the social media site that said something bad? Why not sue the person causing the original problem

    2. @Random Internet User No. The social media site didn’t say something bad – they DID something bad. i.e. they promoted and supported the “advertising” of racism, lies, mis-information and calls to violence put out by the person causing the original problem. THAT is wrong, dangerous – and causes huge unrest in the nation generally. At least that’s the way I see it.

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