Trump: Could It Really Happen?

Trump: Could It Really Happen? 1


America is about to pick its next president. For many voters its a choice between the unpalletable and the inconceivable. Few believed Trump would get this far but the polls are tightening. The billionaire salesman is closing the gap with Hillary Clinton. Could he become the next commander in chief?

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22 Comments on "Trump: Could It Really Happen?"

  1. Hillary is not fit for office….say no to TPP, say no to war with Russia,,
    say no to open borders, say no to tax increases, say no to Obamacare, say
    no to 4 years of a screaming old nag telling nothing but LIES……say NO
    to Hillery… Trump 2016

  2. (u – n – p – a – l – a – t – a – b – l – e)

  3. of course Trump can really happen Hillarys crooked and Bills a disgrace

  4. I care more about the Hillary Clan going to Prison than Trump becoming
    President. Let it happen, she doesn’t need your vote because That’s How
    Election Fraud Works.

  5. Damn, what some dumb asses that are even thinking of voting for Killary.
    Maybe they don’t want to be on her hit list. lol

  6. Most people are not political anoraks FACT. Most people just want a good
    lifestyle with a well paid job and safe streets. FACT. More people watch
    soaps and reality TV than current affairs FACT.

    Of course it could happen. Establishment career politics is out. Populist
    politics is in. Get used to it !

  7. It makes no difference who gets in, whoever the powers that “shouldn’t” be
    select, they will be following the same orders & reading the same new world
    order script. It’s all rigged. Votes don’t count.

  8. Yes, and Hillary definitely know secret code to press the buttons.

  9. The fact that anybody actually thinks that because the president is “in
    charge of the nuclear codes” he can start a nuclear war at his whim is such
    a moronic joke.

  10. Racist

  11. Trump will win with land slide i know 30 people never voted 24-35ages all
    for trump time to stand up for America

  12. Anatole van Baeskoy | September 25, 2016 at 5:20 PM | Reply

    Stop it Sky News. Trump is going to Stump that Shil in a few hours. CANNOT

  13. Trump does win. I visited the future

  14. The partisanship of the media is astonishing. Universally pro-Hillary and
    this ‘documentary’ is certainly no exception. This is why nobody trusts the
    dinosaur corporate media. Even down to the relentless narrative that only
    ‘uneducated white males’ could possibly vote for Trump… Cause they are
    dumb. Spare me this infantile school yard name calling.

  15. I want to know what America needs to be saved from?

  16. Sky News tried their best to be objective but failed miserably. That’s
    about best as much as we can expect with these liberal cucks.

  17. this station should be telling the truth about Hillary the deceiver.

  18. Anti trump liberal bullshit reporter,sold her soul for a belief in leftist
    ideology and doing what corporate media asks of her..foreshame

  19. Überfat Kraych | September 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM | Reply

    WW3: Could It Really Happen?

  20. Whatever the result, it will be shocking.

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