Trump Defends Cognitive Exam: Questions ‘Get Very Hard’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. He ordered attorney Michael Cohen to threaten all of his alma maters if his academic records were leaked. Who among us has ever threatened a school about our grades?

    1. Which shows trump’s and Cohen’s knowledge of law. Schools can not release students information

    2. @Fletcher Christian Thank you for posting trump’s script! It is more revealing than anything that somebody else could say about him!

    3. @Monsieur LaFlamme Ha ! Ha ! Ha !
      Only 5 letters, funny but very precise…!

    4. @Fletcher Christian yeah absolutely right.

      The death rate of other nations makes it absolutely clear that the EU also failed in fighting this virus

  2. Trump thinks the Montreal Cognitive Assessment is a hard test – because, it’s the only one he’s ever had to take all by himself.

    1. Gamer Wits
      “can you see/identify the elephant…” this is where we are with this colossal orange pervert. 🥱

    1. ​@D. M Cognitive evaluation is a part of the Medicare annual wellness visit. Both my father and my aunt have had the test and they are both still sharp as a tack.

    2. @The Insane Shecklador
      That is good news about your family.
      I am 70 , my mother 99 so far we have not been asked to take them .
      I will probably be asked before she is ! Ha .

    3. @D. M I did some quick googling and it says cognitive evaluation is a requirement for the Medicare annual checkup since 2011 but it appears the physician can choose to administer the standardized tests or use their own process to evaluate the patient. I guess it depends on each individual doctor. My father has said his current doc really likes blood tests and has given him more than any other previous doctor. Maybe he just loves being extra thorough?

    4. @The Insane Shecklador
      It may partially depend on a doctor’s patient load , or history with any given patient. We live in rural area , with old school type family docs.
      A medical professional in a urban area may have far too many patients to allow for a more covert assessment . In those areas everyone may get one along with a colonoscopy just for convenience.

  3. ‘I have the greatest cognatives, no one has better cognatives than I do. The doctors have never seen anything like it. Believe me’.

    1. You sound like that very, very smart guy everyone talks about, a very stable genius, such a tremendous genius, the greatest of all, you know, it’s the greatest. To everyone surprise, he knew how he was the most incredible genius that ever existed but only inside his big, big brain, such a genius nobody would believe it.

    2. @r. ridderbusch
      I guess you’re brainwashed off of democratic corporate beast system fake news cuz i can back up everything I say

  4. I took the same test after I had multiple grande mal seizures. This isn’t a test you’re supposed to brag about. Why they keep administering this test to Trump is the operative question.

    1. @Mainely The question is WHY did they feel the need to administer the test to Trump? in the middle of the night?
      Probably found Trump wandering the halls…lol.

    2. I’ll tell you why he is taking this test.
      He is loosing focus and attention by the day.
      He works only 20hrs a week and has a 60% schedule time of “Executive Time” or “Me time”.
      Still it is too much to keep him in touch with reality and he isn’t productive.
      The dude is “loosing interest” in the Covid crisis 😲
      I think his relatives whom see him every day in the WH are worried – maybe some key US Security Officials too.

    3. @mangalores-x_x he couldn’t sit through a real iq test, it’s too many questions, and by question 5 he’d have eaten all the crayons already.

  5. …no wonder he’s proud of himself… it’s the only test he’s actually ever taken besides a STD test…

    1. Dale Jaresh
      “can you see/identify the elephant…” this is where we are with this colossal orange pervert. 🥱

  6. This is your president. The leader of your country. Please don’t ever wonder why the international community sees America as a complete joke.

    1. @Gina Hill
      The United States is now laying the groundwork to blame the greatest failure in the history of their corrupt political system, on a sudden mental ‘illness’ in the final days of Trumps presidency.
      The hypocrisy is eye-watering. The dishonesty staggering. They elected a moron. They knew he was a moron. 38% of Americans still think he’s doing a good job.
      They are quite mad.

  7. “I answered all those questions .. I know about a,b,c’s, more than anybody, not a lot of people know that .. I go pee-pee on the potty like a big boy!” ~ DJT.

    1. @Nevyn of OZ 1973 i dont know about you…but one flush does it for me…WTF is he putting in the toilet bowl ??

    2. @TurnMeOn DeadmanXXXTenticlas But the orange reality TV clown IS fit for office?….Get real 🤣

    3. @Blunted206 would you rather an american clown run the show or a half paralyzed evil alzheimers type of dude who probably drinks the blood of his own children when they go to sleep? No wonder why he looks so young? My man is hired from the elite 😬😔

    4. @claire bigelow big macs, whoppers, buckets of chicken, taco bowls & when eating healthy, filet-o-fish sandwiches.

      He’s jabba the hutt on a toilet.
      It’s actually impressive 5 or 6 flushes is all it takes.

  8. Lmfao! As of any doctor would say “Nobody just did what you did” when doing a cognitive test! My six year old can ace a cognitive test!

    1. @sunrize601 they are both fruits, they both grow on trees, they are both food, they are both nutritious, they both should be peeled when eaten.

      I just proved I’m fit for office. CIA hire me you have a new star on the rise. I bet Joe biden will forget he is the president of the united states unless somebody reminds him of it. He’s just isnt fit for the 2020 presidential election. I told FBI, CNN “Joe is just not fit for office.”

    2. @TurnMeOn DeadmanXXXTenticlas Put those results up and challenge Trump to a cognitive test off. Shoot, people might write your name in in droves. Register your name in every state that requires it. You could be our new president, forget Donald Trump and Micky Mouse

    3. A doctor would say that to someone who did poorly and couldn’t really understand what was happening, “you did just great, Donald. The best, ever! Now, why don’t you work on your puzzle while the adults talk & then we’ll get you some pudding.”

    1. @Uncle Ed Some of America’s best Presidents had Wives who completed their sentences, Ronald Reagan would be a prime example, they was so **in tune** with each other they completed each other’s sentences. and I think Ronald Reagan was one of the top 5 best Presidents ever ! soooo it’s not a bad thing to have a Wife that speaks up, not all Wives are..ummm doormats..ornaments, and such

    2. @Uncle Ed … trump’s challenge will be to drink water WITHOUT assistance and walk down a ramp WITH assistance…

    3. He already did but u watch democratic corporate beast system fake news proving you’re a brainwashed embarrassment

  9. Examiner: Sir, 2+2 is 4, not “a large cheeseburger with extra fries.”
    Trump: You’re fake news!!!!
    Trump supporters: Guhhh…I knew them heathens were lying to us about math. Schools are run by the devil.

    1. Hehehehehee
      “I can see an elephant…” this is where we are with this colossal orange pervert. 🥱

    1. @Uncle Ed Yep ! Can’t wait. Maybe then we can have some leadership, for a change.

      This welfare state exclusively for the 1℅ isn’t working out too well for the MAJORITY of us.

  10. Wow, c’mon, nobody shoud have to listen anymore, hes a frkn embarrassment to the human race !!

    1. Evangelia Hernandez the good news is they made the hats red so we can see the idiots coming from far away🤣

    2. barry clarke

      “I can see an elephant…” this is where we are with this colossal orange pervert. 🥱

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